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A Lie Can Run a Marathon Before the Truth Can Put Its Running Shoes on: (“Truther” Consequences)

The news cycle in this coun­try is dom­i­nat­ed by cov­er­age of the Boston bomb­ings. This is pre­dictable. So is the ten­den­cy toward sim­plis­tic and/or one-dimen­sion­al analy­sis. Gen­er­al­ly, we’re hear­ing: It was the “gov­ern­ment,” “home-grown domes­tic (i.e. right-wing, Aryan types) ter­ror­ists,” or “Islam­ic ter­ror­ists.” As this post indi­cates, the divi­sions among these are not near­ly so sim­ple.

The Company they Keep: Mearsheimer, Walt and “The Socialism of Fools”

Co-author of a con­tro­ver­sial book on the Israel Lob­by, John Mearsheimer has run pro­fes­sion­al inter­fer­ence for a wild-eyed anti-Semi­te and Hitler apol­o­gist named Gilad Atz­mon. Atz­mon’s views would make Goebbels blush. In addi­tion to endors­ing Mearsheimer’s sup­port for Atz­mon, Stephen Walt has con­tributed to a pub­li­ca­tion open­ly affil­i­at­ed with Hamas and giv­ing access to medieval anti-Semi­tes of Atz­mon’s ilk.

Divine Laissez Faire: Comparing the Theocratic Free Market Philosophies of the Muslim Brotherhood and The Family

“Free Mar­ket” prin­ci­ples are man­i­fest­ing behind fun­da­men­tal­ist reli­gious cov­er. The Chris­t­ian fun­da­men­tal­ist group The Fam­i­ly wields pro­found influ­ence in Wash­ing­ton, behind an ide­ol­o­gy that sees lais­sez-faire eco­nom­ics as “God’s will.” The Mus­lim Broth­er­hood’s Islamism also views free-mar­ket prin­ci­ples as “Divine” in ori­gin. UPDATED ON 6/17/2013.

Saudi Terrorism Link to Killing of Colorado’s Chief of Corrections?

The assas­si­na­tion of the head of the Col­orado Cor­rec­tions Depart­ment has raised ques­tions. One pos­si­ble motive might be Tom Clements’ recent denial of a peti­tion by Homaid­an al-Tur­ki, a Sau­di nation­al con­vict­ed on sex­u­al abuse charges and sus­pect­ed of involve­ment in ter­ror­ism. Al-Tur­ki enjoys the sup­port of the Sau­di gov­ern­ment and pop­u­lace, as well as the State Depart­ment.

Update on “Turkish Taffy”

Crush­ing polit­i­cal and jour­nal­is­tic oppo­si­tion, the Erdo­gan gov­ern­ment is inex­tri­ca­bly linked with the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood. Man­i­fest­ing an Islamist agen­da, the regime uses the Fetul­lah Gulen cult and tracks back to the Al-Taqwa milieu of World War II fas­cists, ter­ror­ists.

“Austerity” Equals Fascism, Part I: The Republicans are Nazis

Descend­ed from political/economic inter­ests that sup­port­ed Hitler, tried to over­throw Franklin Roo­sevelt and did kill JFK, the GOP man­i­fests the her­itage of decades of covert oper­a­tions that brought Third Reich vet­er­ans into the Amer­i­can polit­i­cal main­stream. The upcom­ing elec­tion may deter­mine the fate of our civ­i­liza­tion.

August, 2001: Israeli Intelligence Officers Travel to Washington to Warn of Impending “Large Scale” Bin Laden Terror Attacks

Israeli intel­li­gence warned the CIA of impend­ing “large scale” attacks by Bin Laden net­work. Two offi­cers were sent to Wash­ing­ton in August, 2001 to warn U.S. Is this part of the rea­son Truthers, neo-Nazis, Saud­is, Bushies and oth­ers blame the attacks on Mossad?

Martin Bormann’s [Alleged] Relative Cheryl Bormann Defending a Guantanamo Terror Suspect

Alleged rel­a­tive of Mar­tin Bor­mann defend­ing accused 9/11 ter­ror­ist Walid bin Attash. Pow­er behind Hitler, Mar­tin Bor­mann per­pet­u­at­ed Third Reich under­ground after war, using tril­lions in Nazi cap­i­tal to fur­ther Nazi goals.

Is Attorney General Eric Holder a Ringer for Karl Rove?

Attor­ney Gen­er­al Eric Hold­er’s for­mer law firm Cov­ing­ton & Burl­ing close to Karl Rove. Firm boast­ed that they active­ly with­held Rove’s e‑mails request­ed to inves­ti­gate the fed­er­al attor­ney fir­ing scan­dal.

Can the Muslim Brotherhood and Ptech Sabotage U.S. Electronic Defense Systems?

U.S. high-tech weapons sys­tems can be under­mined with inte­grat­ed cir­cuits equipped with “kill switch­es.” Could Mus­lim-Broth­er­hood-dom­i­nat­ed Ptech use such instru­men­tal­i­ties?