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FTR #886 What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “The Earth Island Boogie?,” Part 3: Geopolitical Quicksand

Analyzing the possibility that American use of Muslim Brotherhood Islamists as proxy warriors and armed heralds of corporatist free-market economic values might backfire on the United States, we look at the development of ISIS, the curious Turkish about-face on the Fetullah Gulen organization and fallout from the so-called “Arab Spring.” Beginning with discussion of a “doomsday” contingency plan concocted by al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein to back each other up militarily in the event either or both were overthrown by the U.S., we examine the prominent role of former members of Saddam’s officer corps in administering ISIS. ISIS and al-Qaeda are holding forth in Libya, which is serving as a base for spreading their operations into Africa. Like the bloody Syrian civil war, the overthrow of Khadafy (which set the stage for the Islamist presence in Libya) is an outgrowth of the so-called “Arab Spring”–one of the “conga-line ops” we highlighted in FTR #885. Much of the program highlights the operations of the Fetullah Gulen organization in Turkey. Alleged to be a CIA front organization and Islamic extremist in nature, the Gulen organization was formerly an ally of Tayyip Erdogan. Now, it is among his most bitter opponents. Program Highlights Include: review of Hitler’s view that Islamists were a crucial Third Reich ally; review of a critical meeting in Switzerland at which prominent Euro-fascists and al-Taqwa director Ahmed Huber met; speculation that the Swiss “Euro-fascist” summit may have helped generate the intelligence disinformation that helped lure the Bush administration into the ill-advised Iraq war; “ex” CIA officer Graham Fuller’s ridicule of the allegation that the Gulen organization is a CIA front organization; the close connections between Erdogan’s AKP Party, Germany and the EU.

Another Picture worth a Thousand Words

Baathist supporters of Bashar Assad use fascist salute. Baath party draws on fascist traditions.

George W. Bush Was Contemplating Invading Iraq in 1999

Comment: Among the disclosures in the brilliant recent book Family of Secrets by Russ Baker are statements by Bush family associate and author Mickey Herskowitz that Bush felt that starting a war was key to being a successful leader, and that W was contemplating invading Iraq in 1999. Bush clearly felt that a successful posture […]

Repost: FTR #531 Interview with Lucy Komisar about Offshore

Insurance giant AIG’s prolific use of offshore scams, captive reinsurance, illegal gambits and operations, aided by high-level gov’t officials and legislators.

FTR #589 Interview with Lucy Komisar About the BCCI

Investigative journalist Lucy Komisar’s chapter on BCCI in a new book “A Game as Old as Empire.”

FTR #575 Interview with Robert Parry

This interview with Robert Parry explores symbiosis between the administration of George W. Bush and Al Qaeda, in addition to highlighting the relationship between the GOP, the Bush family and the Unification Church.

FTR #574 Interview with Daniel Hopsicker – Victor Kozeny’s Last Stan

Activities of 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta in Florida; Russian drug smuggling networks; Edgar Valles Diaz and Igor Rabaev.

FTR #562 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Think that “it can’t happen here?” It HAS happened here.

FTR #560 Economics 9/11

The Muslim Brotherhood’s free market ideology is at one with that of the trans-national corporations and allied political interests. Those economic principles failed miserably in Iraq, having been instituted in that unfortunate country by Grover Norquist. Osama bin Laden’s actions dovetail significantly with the goals of the GOP, Bush administration and Muslim-Brotherhood allied economic and national elements.

FTR #556 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

The Al-Taqwa milieu revealed by the Operation Green Quest raids links to 9/11, the GOP and Bush administration, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Underground Reich. Neworks linked to the JFK assassination are explored.