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What’s 20 Trillion Dollars Between Friends? McGraw-Hill and Petroleum Price Fixing (Now THIS Is a Scandal!)

The biased American news media–ANYTHING but liberal–continue to obsess on the so-called scandals that are enmeshing Obama’s administration (as we predicted would happen from the day of his election.) The American fourth estate has managed to overlook an apparent $20 trillion oil price rip-off facilitated by a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill, owned by a family that have been political allies of the Bushes for generations.

Strange Twist in the Clements Murder Case

The chief suspect in the murder of Colorado Corrections chief Tom Clements was affiliated with white-supremacist prison gangs, according to authorities. Now comes the news that the suspect’s father was close friends with and a campaign contributor to, the governor of Colorado.

Saudi Terrorism Link to Killing of Colorado’s Chief of Corrections?

The assassination of the head of the Colorado Corrections Department has raised questions. One possible motive might be Tom Clements’ recent denial of a petition by Homaidan al-Turki, a Saudi national convicted on sexual abuse charges and suspected of involvement in terrorism. Al-Turki enjoys the support of the Saudi government and populace, as well as the State Department.

Muslim Brotherhood/Islamist Coup Attempt in Bangladesh

Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood behind recent coup attempt in Bangladesh.

Update on Prince Alwaleed, Muslim Brotherhood’s Tech Investor

Muslim Brotherhood associate Prince Alwaleed heavily invested in Twitter, which changed policies afterward.

Good Ol’ Saudi Arabia . . .

Saudi security forces touting the progress they have made in combating “black magic.” Saudi security forces are TRAINED in how to combat it! Do we need allies like THAT?!

Leaking in Persian Gulf: “WikiPeak” Oil?

Alleged State Department memo–disclosed by the Nazi-linked WikiLeaks network–gives credence to the “Peak Oil” gambit. Peak Oil itself demonstrates Nazi influence.

FTR #731 Interview with John Loftus about “America’s Nazi Secret”

Conspiratorial process on a massive scale produced fascism, World War II; economically empowered by the Webb-Pomerene Act, the backers of the Axis collaborated with Wall Street’s Robber Barons before, during and after the war. State and Justice Departments complicit.

FTR #723 Doin’ the Earth Island Boogie

Are GOP/oil industry/Muslim Brotherhood elements undermining Obama’s foreign policy vis a vis Russia? Are these same jihadist elements stirring unrest in Russia and Central Asia? Are they working with the Turkish government?

CIA, Military Connections of Prominent “9/11 Mosque” Backer

Comment: Go figure! R. Leslie Deak, one of the seminal and most important backers of the “9/11 Mosque” project, has numerous ties to the intelligence community and defense establishment–CIA [apparently] in particular. As discussed in FTR #721, the State Department and CIA continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic fascist organization that looms large […]