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Bush, Bin Laden Families Linked To Funding of Ground Zero Mosque

Com­ment: Con­ser­v­a­tive com­men­ta­tor Pamela Geller has researched the fund­ing appa­ra­tus behind the con­tro­ver­sial “Ground Zero Mosque” project in New York City–the build­ing of a Mosque and Islamic activ­i­ties cen­ter two blocks from the site of the World Trade Cen­ter. It turns out that the fam­ily and milieu of Abdul­lah Alireza are involved with the institutions [...]

FTR #717 Interview with Dave Gaubatz about “Muslim Mafia”

NOT a civil rights orga­ni­za­tion, CAIR is actu­ally a front for the fas­cist Mus­lim Broth­er­hood and ter­ror off­shoots al-Qaeda, Hamas, Pales­tin­ian Islamic Jihad. It has pen­e­trated law enforce­ment, news media, intel­li­gence agencies.

FTR #716 Interview (#6) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Decades of Bush fam­ily intrigue cul­mi­nates in Dubya’s eight year deba­cle; dis­as­ters over­tak­ing the US are the inevitable out­growth of Bush’s cor­po­ratist phi­los­o­phy and cor­rupt admin­is­tra­tive practice.

FTR #715 Interview (#5) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Poppy Bush tabbed by Ger­ald Ford to head CIA as Kennedy assas­si­na­tion inves­ti­ga­tions pro­ceed; Dick Cheney, Don­ald Rums­feld, Karl Rove and Paul Wol­fowitz launch their careers cour­tesy of Poppy and Ger­ald Ford in same time period.

Family of Secrets

The Bush Dynasty, the Pow­er­ful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influ­ence Means for America

“Family of Secrets”: A VERY Important New Book

Com­ment: Jour­nal­ist Russ Baker has writ­ten a land­mark vol­ume about the deep polit­i­cal his­tory of the Bush fam­ily, George H.W. (“Poppy”) Bush in par­tic­u­lar. Fam­ily of Secrets (Blooms­bury Press [SC]; Copy­right 2009 by Russ Baker) is a must for seri­ous stu­dents of the real­i­ties of con­tem­po­rary power struc­ture. Painstak­ingly trac­ing evi­den­tiary trib­u­taries  run­ning through decades [...]

FTR #704 Interview with John Loftus

Early 20th cen­tury Rob­ber Barons embraced total­i­tar­ian sys­tems; “Good for Busi­ness”; fas­cism, the Axis pow­ers, World War II, and 9/11 result from this; Obama gov­ern­ing from the cen­ter and tak­ing heat for it.

Saudis Funding Islamofascism in Balkans

Com­ment: This is to be seen against the back­ground of the revival of the Han­jar (13th Waf­fen SS) Divi­sion in Bosnia, the growth of the Nazi Bosniak Union in that same state, and the res­ur­rec­tion of fas­cist fight­ing for­ma­tions in Kosovo. “Saudis Fund Balkan Mus­lims Spread­ing Hate of the West” by Bojan Pancevski; timeson­line; 3/28/2010. [...]

Murdoch and News Corp Aligning with Muslim Brotherhood

Com­ment: The busi­ness deals between Prince Alwaleed and News Corp con­tinue to pro­lif­er­ate. Grup­pen­fuhrer Mur­doch has bought a sig­nif­i­cant stake in Saudi media group Rotana, con­trolled by Mus­lim Broth­er­hood fel­low trav­eler Prince Alwaleed. (Alwaleed does fund rais­ers for the Brotherhood’s Pales­tin­ian branch, Hamas, and has con­tributed money to the Coun­cil on American-Islamic Rela­tions [CAIR], which [...]

Prince Alwaleed and Fox News

Joe Trento, author of “Pre­lude to Ter­ror” weighs in on Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s sway over Grup­pen­fuhrer Murdoch’s jour­nal­is­tic empire.