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FTR #533 The Florida-Argentine Connection: Another Helluva Conspiracy Theory

Recorded November 13, 2005 Listen: MP3  Side 1  Side 2 REALAUDIO Introduction: In this broadcast, we examine some important and revealing connections of Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris to figures associated with an episode in Argentina’s “dirty war” of the 1970’s and the cover-up of the AMIA bombing of 1994. In addition, the program delineates the […]

FTR #530 Alfa Males: One Helluva Conspiracy Theory

Mohamed Atta’s European associates have track records stretching to organized crime on several continents, as well as the Underground Reich. This program highlights a series of fellowships which appear to be the MBA program for the Bormann network.

FTR #529 Nazi Roots and Fascist Flowers

Fascist elements originating in the period prior to, during and after the Second World War evolved and branched out during the Cold War. The fascism they manifested is blossoming in a number of different ways and places.

FTR #506 The Road to Lugano, Part II

Peak Oil controversy and the cartel agreements behind synthetic fuel.

FTR #477 The Congress-Bundestag Program and 9/11

Recorded September 26, 2004 REALAUDIO NB: This stream contains both FTR #s 477 and 478 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broadcast. This program takes a longer look at the German milieu to which 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta belonged. In addition to the fact that Atta’s predominantly German set of associations apparently followed him […]

FTR #476 More on the Schmitzes, the Underground Reich and 9/11

REALAUDIO Complementing information presented in FTR#469, the program details the career of Joseph E. Schmitz—a very formidable individual who is Inspector General of the Department of Defense. A member of the Schmitz family discussed in FTR#469, Joseph E. Schmitz is in a vitally important position in the Pentagon and is in a very sensitive position […]

FTR #469 The Schmitzes: Republican Family Values

The life, times, and offspring of former Representative John G. Schmitz.

FTR #313 Update on Germany

ECHELON system and the NSA/GCHQ facility at Menwith Hill; Tory MP charges Germany using Euro to wage economic war.

FTR #292 Power Corrupts

Manufactured energy crises in California and the U.S., and the political and monetary gain of Bush family associates.

FTR #179 Resurgent Fascism in Switzerland and Austria

As the 1990s draw to a close, elections in two central European countries gives evidence that fascism is alive, well and gaining in the EU.