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“Austerity” Equals Fascism, Part I: The Republicans are Nazis

Descended from political/economic interests that supported Hitler, tried to overthrow Franklin Roosevelt and did kill JFK, the GOP manifests the heritage of decades of covert operations that brought Third Reich veterans into the American political mainstream. The upcoming election may determine the fate of our civilization.

Sister hopes for answers from Chile

Man vanished during Pinochet regime; woman asking Schwarzenegger for help by Matthew Malinowski Chronicle Foreign Service Santiago, Chile — When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger meets President Michele Bachelet today in Sacramento, the two leaders are expected to discuss trade and energy issues. But the sister of the lone American citizen still missing from the days of […]

The extortion of California: The wrath of Bush and the Texas power cabal

by Larry Chin California teeters on the brink of darkness. The state is threatened with daily power blackouts. Natural gas may be cut off in the coming weeks. With a predicted hot and dry summer approaching, state politicians are scrambling for eleventh hour remedies. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the consortium of Texas power […]