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Collateralized “Death” Obligations?

Both JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank are, or have been the focal points of ongoing investigations into their operations. Now, two execs, one former and one active, have allegedly committed suicide. The mortality rate among London based banking executives has been particularly high in recent years. We wonder if the high mortality rate, the ongoing capital troubles and legal investigations plaguing the firms may be related to these deaths. Are we looking at collateralized “death” obligations?

FTR #760 Bit[coin]burg–The Rebels Without a Clue

In this program, we examine a clandestine, online currency called bitcoin. Bitcoin has been hatched from the same libertarian, Ludwig von Mises milieu to which Eddie “get rid of social security, bring back the gold standard” Snowden adheres. Although the currency has usually been attributed to one Satoshi Nakomoto, an article in Fastcompany.com hypothesizes that the actual developers of bitcoin were Charles Bry, Neal J. King (who officially denies any involvement) and Vladimir Oksman. All three work for a German firm called Lantiq, evolved from Siemens A.G. Germany is the only nation that recognizes bitcoin.

Bit[coin]burg II

“Techno-libertarians” view bitcoin as a possible alternative to the dollar as a reserve currency, manifesting an anti-government orientation. It has been subject to all of the same ills as regular currencies. Libertarian-fascist Peter Thiel is a backer of bitcoin.

Single Mystery Investor Triggered Collapse of Key Bank of America Fund: Identity to Remain Secret

A single investor–whose identity will remain secret–played a key role in the Wall Street Crash of 2008 by withdrawing $20 billion from a Bank of America fund. Who was this investor? Why are they not being identified?

FTR #651 The Engineer Has Wrecked The Train

Identifying the causes of the current financial disaster is as important as pursuing the malefactors behind the decisive actions.

FTR #650 Analyzing the Causes of the Crash –
Interview with Lucy Komisar

Investment industry corrupt to its foundations, in regular collusion with U.S. regulatory officials.

FTR #641 Were We Controlled? (Part II), The Collapse of Bear Stearns

Disturbing analysis of the apparent sabotage of investment bank Bear Stearns by corporate elements associated with the global Nazi money machine.

FTR #327 Were We Controlled?

Suspicious stock market action in the days preceding September 11, 2001.