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“Sovereign Citizen” Accused of Setting Huge Southern California Wildfire

Many of the perpetrators of mayhem in our society have been followers of right-wing/fascist ideologies, a fact that has not received due notice. In FTR #1011, we noted that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was a “Sovereign Citizen” and Dimitrios Pagourtzis (the accused Sante Fe, Texas school shooter) was influenced by online fascist ideology. Accused Parkland High School shooter Nikolas Cruz was also influenced by Nazi ideology, as were Columbine shooters Harris and Klebold. Damon Pashilk–accused of setting the 2016 Clayton fire–was also influenced by Nazi ideology. (One of his Facebook posts is pictured at right.) In FTR #1016, we learned that Jarrod Ramos, accused of a mass gunfire-killing at an Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper, was a follower of the neo-Confederate movement. Now we learn that the ironically-named Forrest Gordon Clark–accused of setting the Holy Fire in Southern California–is (like Paddock) a sovereign citizen. With California suffering the effects of drought and with the Golden State in Trump’s political crosshairs, we should be prepared for more “leaderless resistance” wildfire terrorism from fascists.

Extremism in the Defense of Stupidity is a Vice, Part 3: The Bundy Brigade’s Doomed Manifest Destiny

Ammon Bundy’s standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters is proving to be as zany, dangerous, and generally harmful to the public good as we might expect at this point given the nature of the Bundy family’s foray into politics and policy-making in recent years. The Committee of Safety was set up last month, and is formed by individuals closely affiliated with Bundy who support citizen grand juries that can put on trial public officials for treason and implement the death penalty. And the Pacific Patriots Network just decided they were going to protect both the government and Bundy Brigade from each other. With guns at the gates of the refuge headquarters. And other vets are declaring fraud, feds, and folks about to freak out have filled the whole operation. And Ammon Bundy continues to demand he’ll leave..but only after all his demands were met. Sheriff Ward has had a rough month.