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FTR #820 Interview with Ed Haslam about Ebola and the New Edition of “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”

Revis­it­ing the hero­ic Ed Haslam, we high­light new points of infor­ma­tion from his book “Dr. Mary’s Mon­key,” as well as set­ting forth infor­ma­tion about Ebo­la, indi­cat­ing that the offi­cial ver­sion of the evo­lu­tion of that dead­ly dis­ease is bad­ly skewed. Key points of infor­ma­tion in Ed’s new edi­tion include the J. Edgar Hoover’s order to pre­clude FBI involve­ment in the inves­ti­ga­tion of Dr. Mary Sher­man’s mur­der; Mey­er Lan­sky aide Chauncey Holt’s links to Lee Har­vey Oswald, the CIA and Oper­a­tion Mon­goose (the Agen­cy’s anti-Cas­tro effort); Stan­ley Stumpf’s pos­si­ble role in mov­ing Dr. Mary Sher­man’s body; the War­ren Com­mis­sion’s omis­sion of Oswald’s signed time cards from the Reil­ly Cof­fee Com­pa­ny; Vic­to­ria and Owen Hawes’ account of Oswald’s vis­its to a neigh­bor of Dr. Mary Sher­man and the pos­si­ble dis­pos­al of bio-waste in the neigh­bor’s toi­let; crime scene pho­tos of Dr. Mary Sher­man’d corpse that dis­prove the offi­cial ver­sion of her killing; the CIA’s com­plete redac­tion of “Crown Jew­el #1”–the Agen­cy’s activ­i­ties between the late 1950’s and 1964.

FTR #694 The Perfect War Machine

Dead­ly, can­cer-caus­ing virus SV40 decom­mis­sions cel­lu­lar mech­a­nisms that pre­vent can­cer, acti­vates mech­a­nisms pro­duc­ing uncon­trolled cell growth, scram­bles the nuclei of infect­ed cells, caus­es adja­cent cells to become malig­nant.

The Virus and the Vaccine

The true sto­ry of a can­cer-caus­ing mon­key virus, by Deb­bie Bookchin and Jim Schu­mach­er.

FTR #644 Interview with Ed Haslam About Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Haslam’s inves­ti­ga­tions into JFK assas­si­na­tion, CIA cov­er-up, and iatro­genic (man-made) epi­demics.

FTR #597 Interview with Ed Haslam about Dr. Mary’s Monkey

AIDS as bio­log­i­cal weapon; Dr Alton Ochsner, Dr Mary Sher­man; polio vac­cine SV40 con­t­a­m­i­nant; covert oper­a­tions against Cas­tro; JFK assas­si­na­tion.

Simian virus in polio shots tied to cancer

Two stud­ies sup­port wide­ly dis­put­ed the­o­ry by William Carlsen­San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle Sci­en­tists have found traces of a mon­key virus that con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed the polio vac­cine in the 1950s in a com­mon form of high­ly malig­nant human can­cer that has mys­te­ri­ous­ly dou­bled in inci­dence over the past 30 years. Two stud­ies, pub­lished yes­ter­day in the British jour­nal […]

FTR #308 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Like Rea­gan and Bush I, W’s admin­is­tra­tion main­tains sur­pris­ing­ly cozy rela­tions with ter­ror­ist ele­ments.

FTR #316 Update on the Politics of SV40

A con­t­a­m­i­nant in the orig­i­nal polio vac­cine, the SV40 appears to be the cause of a soft-tis­sue can­cer epi­dem­ic.

New documents show the monkey virus is present in more recent polio vaccine

by William Carlsen­San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle A mon­key virus linked to human can­cers may have con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed the oral polio vac­cine for years after the U.S. gov­ern­ment ordered man­u­fac­tur­ers to remove it, accord­ing to drug com­pa­ny doc­u­ments obtained by The Chron­i­cle. The Chron­i­cle report­ed last week that the simi­an virus SV40 had con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed ear­ly polio vac­cine giv­en […]

FTR #269 WAY Too Much Monkey Business

Alarm­ing devel­op­ments in bio-tech­nol­o­gy, med­i­cine and bio-weapons.