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FTR #220 Miscellaneous Stories and Updates

Use of genetically engineered adenoviruses for “gene therapy” to introduce DNA into cells in order to correct genetic defects.

FTR #212 Update on Serpent’s Walk

Listen: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 Updating FTR-90, this program discusses, among other things, the biological warfare scenario presented in the novel Serpent’s Walk. The book centers on a Nazi takeover of the United States by the descendants of the SS. Having “gone underground” at the end of World War II and amassed an […]

FTR #199 The Politics of SV40

Michele Carbone on polio vaccine contaminant SV40’s role on mesothelioma.

FTR #198 Interview with Ed Haslam on an Atlantic Monthly Article About SV40

Listen: Side 1 | Side 2 Beginning with a synoptic account of the basic points of Ed Haslam’s book Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory (Wordsworth Press, copyright 1995), this program sets forth information about the highly oncogenic monkey virus SV40, supplementing Ed’s original work on the subject. […]

FTR #144 Miscellaneous Stories and Updates

Analysis of growing trade friction between the United States and the European Union.

FTR #140 Update on Health and Scientific Matters

Listen: One segment This program updates a number of stories in the health and science fields. Beginning with discussion of a bill introduced in the California legislature to permit physician assisted suicide, the broadcast presents analysis by author Wesley J. Smith of flaws in reportage about the Oregon euthanasia law (Prop. 16.) The alleged success […]

FTR #62 Ed Haslam Update

Skewed press coverage of the contamination of the polio vaccine with a cancer-causing monkey virus and resultant soft-tissue cancer epidemic.

FTR #19 Interview with Ed Haslam

Connections between JFK assassination, medical research, and cancer epidemic that is sweeping the U.S., viral contamination of the polio vaccine. Research may also have led to the accidental or deliberate creation of AIDS.

Cancer Warfare

National Cancer Institute and the Fort Detrick Link Richard Hatch Covert Action Information Bulletin Number 39 (Winter 1991-92) Those who would increase the potency of biological weapons must search for improved methods o f mass production of organisms, factors which will enhance the virulence, ways to prolong the storage life of living agents, ways to […]