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Al Qaeda, the Underground Reich and Proxy War

In numerous programs, we have discussed the Underground Reich’s use of Al Qaeda and other Muslim Brotherhood and Arab allies as proxy warriors against the United States. We have also spoken of Osama bin Laden’s goal of undermining the U.S. economy through his terror program. We can see Ayman al-Zawahiri’s proposed strategy of advising Muslims to invest in currencies other than the dollar and advising them not to purchase American goods as both a strategy to undermine the United States, per se, and in terms of a long term strategy of helping to elevate Germany economically.

I Told You So: Update on the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” The “Hacktober Surprise” and the Destabilization of Lee Harvey Obama

As forecast in the For The Record series dealing with WikiLeaks and morphing into the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” the GOP is tarring Barack Obama with the “soft on terrorism” brush–casting him as the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Attacking the Obama administration for not having prevented the lethal attack on the Libyan embassy, the GOP is explicitly comparing Obama’s actions with Carter’s behavior during the Iranian hostage crisis. The available evidence suggests that the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring” is a covert operation–the outgrowth of a George Bush State Department reassessment and rapprochement with the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as an approach made to the Egyptian April 6 movement during the closing days of Dubya’s second term.

The bloody irrationality of political violence returns to Italy…?

Senseless violence for ambiguous causes has once again reared its ugly head in Italy.