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“. . . They Shall Reap the Whirlwind”, Part 2: Is Germany Using Environmental Modification Technology Against the United States? (One Helluva Conspiracy Theory)

Munich Reinsurance forecasts significant increases in the frequency and severity of natural disasters in North America. We’ve examined the European (read “German”) Space Agency’s 2001 project to use microwave technology to alter tornadoes, seen by critics as likely to make the storms more destructive. As we we surmised, the head of the project is indeed the creator of HAARP.

More (alleged) Confirmation of Environmental Warfare Capabilities of HAARP, Similar Systems

Project HAARP weather modification and earthquake-generating capabilities endorsed by “fringe” physicists.

Scary Thoughts about Fukishima, Haitian Earthquakes

Atmosphere above Japan heated rapidly before huge earthquake. Might HAARP been in some way involved?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Russia Can Use Environmental Weapons of Mass Destruction

Russian fascist Vladimir Zhirinovsky alleges that Russia has HAARP-like technology, threatens use of same.

Repost: FTR #69 Even MORE Fun With Science: Earthquake Weaponry

United States and USSR researched the manipulation of natural disasters, including earthquakes, as weapons of mass destruction.

FTR #272 ” . . .They Shall Reap the Whirlwind”

Environmental modification for military purposes

FTR #156 That’s Right! Still More Fun with Science

Considerable evidence that AIDS is a man-made disease, is so widespread in third world countries that it threatens to undermine the military structures.

FTR #128 Interview V with Dr. Nick Begich

Listen: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 This program concludes a series of interviews with Dr. Nick Begich, the author (along with Jeane Manning) of Angels Don’t Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology (soft-cover edition, Earthpulse Press, copyright 1995.) Termed “a revolution in military affairs,” this technology offers a number of different and, in […]

FTR #101 Interview IV with Dr. Nick Begich

Project HAARP, a high tech, multipurpose weapons system that has been termed “A Revolution in Military Affairs.”

FTR #79 Interview III with Nick Begich

An RMA or “Revolution in Military Affairs”, project HAARP has capabilities that are both amazing and terrifying.