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FTR #437 Counter-Culture Fascism

” . . . fascism has traditionally turned to alienated and leftist elements in order to recruit street soldiers. . . .”

FTR #399 The Serpent’s Diaries

Neo-Nazi “novels,” ‘Serpent’s Walk’ and ‘The Turner Diaries,’ as blueprints and manifestos, predicting triumphant return of the Third Reich, destruction of the U.S.

FTR #398 More on the Virtual State & Manipulation of Political Polarities

Recent historical trends under the influence of a “virtual state,” the Underground Reich.

FTR #339: Walking the Snake, Part 4

‘Serpent’s Walk’ novel about Nazi takeover of the U.S. in the 21st century, and recent events involving racist and White Supremacist organizations.

FTR #102 Connecting the Dots

The “trans-Atlantic Industrial and Financial Axis,” instrumental in developing and sustaining fascism in the 20th Century.