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FTR #748 Update on the Rewriting of World War II History

Estonian celebration of the Nazi invasion of World War II as ‘liberation’ and in Belgium, too, the past is being rewritten.

FTR #609 Update on Germany

Recorded September 2, 2007 MP3: 30-Minute Segment REALAUDIO NB: This stream contains both FTR #608 and FTR #609 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broadcast. Updating Mr. Emory’s long-running coverage of matters German, this broadcast begins by examining the severity of the international financial crisis for German financial institutions. The situation is so perilous […]

FTR #568 The Life and Times of Hasan Cengic

This program highlights political and historical continuity between Muslim Waffen SS formations of the past and present(!), as well as relationships between Al Qaeda, Balkan Islamic fascists and the political descendants of those Third Reich combatants.

AFA 17-21: Who Shot the Pope?

A major intelligence-related controversy of the late Cold War, the shooting of Pope John Paul II in 1981 was widely and mistakenly blamed on the Soviet Union.

FTR #456 Compendium on Nazi and Fascist Connections to 9/11

Documentation of Nazi and fascist connections to 9/11.

FTR #414 Islam Under the Swastika & its Implications for Today

Historical background of contemporary Islamofascism, collaboration between Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and key elements of the Islamic world.

FTR #293 Retrospective on the Balkan Wars

The role of Germany and “The Underground Reich” in the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

FTR #184 Update on the Balkans Wars

Listen: Side 1 | Side 2 This program provides information supplemental to that presented in previous broadcasts on the Balkans conflicts. Beginning with a characteristically excellent article by Diana Johnstone, the discussion highlights aspects of the re-emergence of fascism in Croatia. Displaying an open nostalgia for Hitler and the murderous Ustashe collaborationist regime of Ante […]

FTR #154 German Geopolitics and the Balkan War

The profound role played by Germany in the breakup of Yugoslavia and the resulting precipitation of hostilities.

FTR #149 More Background to the Conflict in Kosovo – Yugoslavia

The terrorism exercised by the Albanians against the Serbs led to the rise of Slobodan Milosevich, who gained power by promising to wield a firm hand.