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Occupy Wall Street–With “Islamanomics”?!

In past posts, we have noted the ideological underpinnings of Adbusters magazine, which appers to be the genesis point of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Editor Kalle Lasn’s suggestion that the world’s poor and disenfranchised turn to Islamic economic and social theory and practice is priceless, and frankly typical of the poor quality of the thinking he manifests. The World Bank–which Lasn criticizes–is overtly sympathetic to the corporatist models upon which the Muslim Brotherhood’s economic theories are predicated.

McCain Carries on an Old GOP Tradition, Working with Nazis

During the recent political turmoil in the Ukraine, U.S. Senator John McCain repeatedly networked with Oleh Tyahnybok, head of the Swoboda party (pictured with McCain at right). Swoboda is directly descended from the OUN/B, a Ukrainian fascist organization allied with the German general staff in World War II. Swoboda recently organized a celebration of the birthday of Stephan Bandera, the founder of the OUN/B.

Germany’s Ongoing Nazi Cover-Up

German intelligence destroys file on Nazi terrorists the day before it was to be turned over to prosecutors. Previous reportage indicated that German domestic intelligence may have helped to finance the group through paid informants.

Nazi Ghosts of the OUN/B Haunt Soccer in the Ukraine

Ukraine moving to commemorate WWII massacres of Polish civilians by Ukrainian fascists from OUN/B. Poland is protesting this historical revisionism. OUN/B head Stepahan Bandera and Roman Stukhevych (who lead the extermination of the Lvov Ghetto during World War II) were named heroes of Ukraine..

German Neo-Nazis Embracing Third Reich’s “Green” Policies

German neo-Nazis going green. Third Reich had a similar orientation. Might the “eco-fascists” of the contemporary German political scene be able to attract the young or naive to their political agenda?

Nazi-Linked Pied Piper Ron Paul: All Roads Lead to Romney

Nazi Pied Piper Ron Paul a running-dog for GOP nominee Mitt Romney; May prove to be a right-wing Ralph Nader in 2012 election, by running as independent with backing of elements behind Arab Spring!

Drang Nach Osten (Push to the East) or: “What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by ‘The Underground Reich?’ ”

German government rewriting history of World War II, repudiating Yalta and Potsdam agreements, seeking control of Eastern Europe.

FTR #748 Update on the Rewriting of World War II History

Estonian celebration of the Nazi invasion of World War II as ‘liberation’ and in Belgium, too, the past is being rewritten.

Der Spiegel Advances Third Reich, Pan-Germanist “Ostpolitik”

Prestigious “Der Spiegel” advancing Nazi territorial gambit pursued by the government of the “new” Germany. Spiegel advocates a new Nuremburg trial to investigate crimes against Fifth Columnists who aided Hitler.

More German Historical Revisionism from the Vertriebene Groups

Comment: Adding to the momentum generated by Erika Steinbach, the German minister overseeing the vertriebene groups, people and institutions involved with those organizations have continued to intimate that Poland and Britain bear responsibility for starting the Second World War. Under the control of the postwar SS underground, the vertriebene groups embody the link between Germany’s […]