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FTR #589 Interview with Lucy Komisar About the BCCI

Investigative journalist Lucy Komisar’s chapter on BCCI in a new book “A Game as Old as Empire.”

FTR #583 Update on Islamic Fascism

Islamic fascism and its links with fascists from Europe and America and relationships going back to the Third Reich are highlighted in this program.

FTR #553 The First Refuge of a Scoundrel, Part II

Links between fascism and wartime Japanese Zen Buddhism.

FTR #541 Leaks

Opposition to Bush’s surveillance programs comes from veteran intelligence officers, some of whom are upset by the Bush administration’s “cooking” of intelligence on Iraq. Other opposition comes from Grover Norquist, among others.

FTR #530 Alfa Males: One Helluva Conspiracy Theory

Mohamed Atta’s European associates have track records stretching to organized crime on several continents, as well as the Underground Reich. This program highlights a series of fellowships which appear to be the MBA program for the Bormann network.

The Guns of November G-3: Vietnam & Watergate

The Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal were shaped by Kennedy’s death.

FTR #523 Catching Up With Daniel Hopsicker

Recorded August 21, 2005 REALAUDIO Bringing up to date the heroic work of Daniel Hopsicker, this program sets forth more attempts to discredit Hopsicker’s heroic investigation in Florida, as well as information that corroborates Hopsicker’s research into 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta’s activities there. In addition, the broadcast updates Daniel’s on-the -ground work in the Sunshine […]

FTR #505 Misc Articles & Updates

BMG-SONY merger; FBI agent Mike German infiltrated White Supremacists connected to Islamists.

FTR #503 The Death of Barry Seal

Contra-related cocaine smuggler Barry Seal was murdered in February of 1986 because he was threatening to squeal on his handlers

Miscellaneous Archive Shows M31—M62

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