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Update on “Clausewitzian Health Care”: A Nazi Heads Greek Health Ministry (EUthanasia)

With the country’s poverty-driven health care approximating a lethal, slow-motion eugenics program, Greece’s “Clausewitzian Economics” figures to accelerate with the appointment of Makis Voridis, a doctrinaire Nazi, to administer the Greek Health Ministry. As the German-dominated EMU and EU “bring the hammer down” on the European economy and citizenry, it is grimly fascinating to watch this hands-on application of Von Clausewitz’s theoretical principles.

Romano Prodi Calls for a “Latin Front” to Oppose German Domination of Europe

The U.S. Department of the Treasury, Paul Krugman and a growing chorus of European voices are noting Germany’s economic policies as being brutally restrictive toward other European countries and the world as a whole. Now, former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi has issued a call for a “Latin Front” to openly oppose German policy.

Snowden’s Ride, Part 10: The Beginning of World War III?

The latest developments in L’Affaire Snowden are alarming, and predictable. We speculated that BND would decouple from NSA’s spying program. That has now happened. We predicted that Eddie the Friendly Spook’s psy-op would lead to profound damage to U.S. internet business and the economy. That appears to be developing. The regulation of the Internet may be going in the direction that Russia and China have endorsed, lending depth to our understanding of Snowden’s travel to both countries–nations that are less than conducive to internet freedom. IMPORTANT UPDATES ON 8/3/2013, 8/14/2013..

Telling It like It Is: VERY Powerful, Accurate Words from Former Moody’s Vice-Chairman about German “Clausewitzian” Economic Policy toward Europe

For those who consider our analysis to be extreme and manifesting hyperbole, we present a devastating critique of German EMU policy vis a vis the peripheral economies of the eurozone. Discussing Cyprus as exemplary of German methodology and intent, Christopher T. Mahoney–a former Vice Chairman of Moody’s–couches his critique in altogether unambiguous language.

“Clausewitzian” Health Care: Austeritywitz in Greece

We continue our coverage of the reality of “austerity” in Greece, mandated by the German-dominated EU. With German banks having precipitated the Eurozone crisis, the postscript is classic “war by other means,” as prescribed by Prussian military theoretician Carl von Clausewitz. The German-dominated Troika installed the fascist LAOS party in Greece, with no input from the citizens of that country–the cradle of democracy. Having assumed control of Greece’s health care system, German profit-driven institutions are instituting draconian measures, resulting in–among other things–A 40% INCREASE IN INFANT MORTALITY!

Wars and Postwars: Germany, The First World War, and the EMU

We’ve spoken often of the pan-German economic plans of Friedrich List, as well as their realization under the Third Reich, in both its above-ground and underground manifestations. We have not discussed the First World War (the centennial of which is approaching), in which German imperialists were firm in their aim of utilizing the post-war to realize their aims of a European economic union, dominated by Germany and used to further their hegemonic goals.

How Austerity Kills (The Continuation of War by Other Means, Part 2)

In past posts, we’ve analyzed the “austerity” being imposed by Germany on the poorer countries of Europe against the background of the theories of Prussian military theoretician Carl von Clausewitz. A recent op-ed piece in the New York Times illustrates this analysis very clearly.

Merkel: France is Europe’s “Biggest Problem Child” (Not with a Bang but a Whimper, Part 2)

Previously, we have noted how the eurozone crisis is precipitating a stunning, unprecedented dissolution of national sovereignty. With socialist Francois Hollande having called for more “stimulus” in response to the continent’s austerity-driven, German-mandated depression, the French leader is in the crosshairs.

“Too Big to Fail” (Uber Alles): The EMU and German Economic Imperialism

Pre-conceived German economic policies are bearing long-desired fruit. Unable to find work due to German-dictated “austerity,” skilled workers from Greece and Spain are providing “labor battalions” for Germany. The devastating effects of that same “austerity” is making industrial concerns in Greece and Spain ripe for German corporate takeover.

Von Clausewitz and the Politics of Debt: German War Reparations Owed Greece Re-Emerges as “Time Bomb”

Greece’s economic problems have been exacerbated by Germany’s failure to compensate Greece for damage done during the occupation of World War II. Elements within the Greek government have compiled a report documenting the extent of the war compensation owed Greece. Germany itself is the greatest debt transgressor of all. Its wartime policy is inextricably linked with its current political/economic posturing.