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FTR #503 The Death of Barry Seal

Contra-related cocaine smuggler Barry Seal was murdered in February of 1986 because he was threatening to squeal on his handlers

AFA 38: The Terror Connection, Pt. 3

Realizing The Fourth Reich

The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh

by Gore Vidal VANITY FAIR Toward the end of the last century but one, Richard Wagner made a visit to the southern Italian town of Ravello, where he was shown the gardens of the thousand-year-old Villa Rufolo. “Maestro,” asked the head gardener, “do not these fantastic gardens ‘neath yonder azure sky that blends in such […]

FTR #243 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Death of Carlos Ghigliotti, an infrafred expert involved in a wrongful-death lawsuit against the U.S. government; Rev. Moon; AIDS as bioweapon.

FTR #174 The Fire This Time: The Georges Bush and The Waco Inferno

Listen: Side 1 | Side 2 In the late summer of 1999 the devastating siege and destruction of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas became a potential issue in the 1999 presidential race. A number of issues came to light that put renewed pressure on Attorney General Janet Reno concerning the Justice Department’s behavior […]

L-8 The Destabilization of the Clinton Administration

Intelligence-connected elements in the Clinton scandals overlap the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate scandals.

L-3 The Militia Movement: Enemy or Pawn of the State?

Explores the possibility that the militia movement may be a tool or extension of the government.

FTR #26 Sons of the Gestapo

Listen now: Side 1 | Side 2 | Side 3 This series focuses on events in and around the sabotaging of an Amtrak train in Arizona in October of 1995. The wreck killed several passengers, injured many more and has gone unsolved. A note found at the site of the wreck took credit for it […]