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Interview #10 with Jim DiEugenio about "JFK Revisited"


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“Polit­i­cal language…is designed to make lies sound truth­ful and mur­der respectable, and to give an appear­ance of solid­i­ty to pure wind.”

— George Orwell, 1946

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This broad­cast con­tin­ues our vis­its with Jim DiEugenio–author of Des­tiny Betrayed and JFK Revis­it­ed–select­ed by Oliv­er Stone to write the screen­play for his lat­est doc­u­men­tary.

Jim begins by relat­ing Oliv­er Stone’s address to the Cannes Film Fes­ti­val, fol­low­ing the screen­ing of JFK Revis­it­ed.

Not­ing the evi­den­tiary archives assem­bled and cre­den­tialed by the ARRB, he not­ed that “con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry” has become “con­spir­a­cy fact.”

Record­ed on Vet­er­ans’ Day of 2022, we not­ed Oliv­er Stone’s own ser­vice as a dec­o­rat­ed com­bat infantry­man in Viet­nam, and recapped how JFK was with­draw­ing the U.S. from Viet­nam when he was killed.

As we tran­si­tion into analy­sis of the bal­lis­tic and medical/forensic evi­dence, a telling quote frames the dis­cus­sion of CE399 (the “Mag­ic Bul­let”) and the sit­u­a­tion in Park­land Hos­pi­tal on 11/22/1963:

JFK Revis­it­ed: Through the Look­ing Glass by Jim DiEu­ge­nio; Sky­horse Pub­lish­ing [HC]; Copy­right 2022 by Jim DiEu­ge­nio; Intro­duc­tion Copy­right 2022 by Oliv­er Stone; ISBN 978–1‑5107–7287‑8; p. 225.

. . . . [Josi­ah] Thomp­son gave an impor­tant speech at the 2003 Duquesne Uni­ver­si­ty JFK Assas­si­na­tion Con­fer­ence. He revealed that, in a 1993 inter­view, O.P. Wright’s widow—who also worked at Park­land Hospital—said that more than one nurse had approached her I the twen­ty-four hours after the assas­si­na­tion because they had found bul­lets on gur­neys. . . .

We enter the dis­cus­sion about CE399–the “Mag­ic Bullet”–with anoth­er nod to Vet­er­ans Day: sev­er­al of JFK’s assis­tants rid­ing in the lim­ou­sine behind his were World War II vet­er­ans and stat­ed that there was gun­fire from the side and front of JFK’s lim­ou­sine, as well as from behind.

The bulk of the pro­gram con­sists of analy­sis of the Mag­ic Bul­let hypoth­e­sis and CE399.

Key Points of Dis­cus­sion and Analy­sis Include: The three car­tridge cas­es found in the “sniper’s nest” in the Texas School Book Depos­i­to­ry, help­ing lim­it the War­ren Com­mis­sion to say­ing there were only three shots; WWII bat­tle sur­geon Jim Dolce fired bul­lets into the wrists of cadav­ers; none of the bul­lets were pris­tine, as was CE399; FBI agents Sib­ert and O’Neill tes­ti­fied that JFK’s head did not look the way the War­ren Com­mis­sion said it did; CE399 was not found on John Con­nal­ly’s stretch­er; O.P. Wright stat­ed that the bul­let he dis­cov­ered was NOT CE399, a point that will be tak­en up at greater length in our next inter­view; The lack of cop­per residue on JFK’s throat wound; the lack of cop­per residue on the curb where a bul­let struck and wound­ed bystander James Teague.




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