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Harvest Time, Part 3: The Oswald Institute of Virology, Part 3


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“A nation of sheep will beget a gov­ern­ment of wolves.”–Edward R. Mur­row

Har­vest­ing the lethal polit­i­cal crop risen from seeds plant­ed before, dur­ing and in the imme­di­ate after­math of World War II, this pro­gram sets forth the dynam­ics under­ly­ing the Covid-19 oper­a­tion.

Note that the Pen­ta­gon fund­ing of bat-borne coro­n­avirus research–through the WIV among oth­er institutions–took place against the back­ground of the full-court press against Chi­na, dis­cussed in numer­ous pro­grams and posts.

Cou­pled with the fact that once the genome of such a virus is pub­lished, it can be syn­the­sized and/or mod­i­fied at will using con­tem­po­rary tech­nol­o­gy, this fund­ing is sug­ges­tive of the exis­tence of a covert bio-op to cre­ate and dis­sem­ni­ate such virus­es and blame Chi­na for the result­ing pan­dem­ic.

In numer­ous pro­grams and posts, we have pre­sent­ed dis­turb­ing evi­dence that SARS CoV‑2 may well be a man-made virus, and that the Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy was set up to take the fall for its cre­ation.

(We have termed that insti­tu­tion “The Oswald Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy,”–set up to take the fall for the cre­ation of the virus rather like the way Lee Har­vey Oswald was “paint­ed red” in order to set up “the Com­mu­nists” to take the fall for the assas­si­na­tion of JFK.)

Before set­ting forth the Pen­ta­gon, State Depart­ment and [prob­a­ble] CIA fund­ing for the research into bat-borne coro­n­avirus­es at the Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy, it is fun­da­men­tal to an under­stand­ing of the real­iza­tion of the Covid “op” to grasp the state of the art in genet­ic engi­neer­ing of microor­gan­isms.

As detailed in a very impor­tant arti­cle from The Guardian: “ . . . Advances in the area mean that sci­en­tists now have the capa­bil­i­ty to recre­ate dan­ger­ous virus­es from scratch; make harm­ful bac­te­ria more dead­ly; and mod­i­fy com­mon microbes so that they churn out lethal tox­ins once they enter the body. . . In the report, the sci­en­tists describe how syn­thet­ic biol­o­gy, which gives researchers pre­ci­sion tools to manip­u­late liv­ing organ­isms, ‘enhances and expands’ oppor­tu­ni­ties to cre­ate bioweapons. . . . Today, the genet­ic code of almost any mam­malian virus can be found online and syn­the­sised. ‘The tech­nol­o­gy to do this is avail­able now,’ said [Michael] Impe­ri­ale. “It requires some exper­tise, but it’s some­thing that’s rel­a­tive­ly easy to do, and that is why it tops the list. . . .”

Also fun­da­men­tal to an under­stand­ing of the Covid “op” is the dev­as­tat­ing nature of bat-borne virus­es when intro­duced into the human body.

A lengthy excerpt of an arti­cle we will exam­ine at greater length is impor­tant to con­sid­er in this con­text: “. . . . A Google Schol­ar search pro­duced two papers Shi has pub­lished that lists DTRA as a fun­der.

To see how the first paper, ‘Com­par­a­tive Analy­sis of Bat Genomes Pro­vides Insight into the Evo­lu­tion of Flight and Immu­ni­ty,’ is rel­e­vant to bio­log­i­cal weapon­ry, it helps to under­stand the military’s inter­est in bat immu­ni­ty.

As Boston Uni­ver­si­ty micro­bi­ol­o­gist Thomas Kepler explained to the Wash­ing­ton Post in 2018, the bat’s unique approach to viral infec­tion explains why virus­es that trans­fer from bats to humans are so severe.

This was the sub­ject of a paper, ‘The Egypt­ian Rousette Genome Reveals Unex­pect­ed Fea­tures of Bat Antivi­ral Immu­ni­ty,’ that he pub­lished with mil­i­tary sci­en­tists and DTRA fund­ing.

‘A virus that has co-evolved with the bat’s antivi­ral sys­tem is com­plete­ly out of its ele­ment in the human,’ Kepler said. ‘That’s why it is so dead­ly — the human immune sys­tem is over­whelmed by the inflam­ma­to­ry response.’

The bat immune sys­tem responds very dif­fer­ent­ly from ours to viral infec­tion. Instead of attack­ing and killing an infect­ed cell, which leads to a cas­cade of inflam­ma­to­ry respons­es, the bat immune sys­tem can starve the virus by turn­ing down cel­lu­lar metab­o­lism.

The bat ori­gin of SARS-CoV­‑2 may explain the cytokine storms that are has­ten­ing some COVID-19 deaths. Accord­ing to Web­MD:

‘Cer­tain kinds of cytokines trig­ger cell death. When you have many cells doing this at the same time, a lot of tis­sue can die. In COVID-19, that tis­sue is most­ly in the lung. As the tis­sue breaks down, the walls of the lungs’ tiny air sacs become leaky and fill with flu­id, caus­ing pneu­mo­nia and starv­ing the blood of oxy­gen.’

Kepler says the mil­i­tary is using its exper­i­ments on bat immu­ni­ty to ‘devel­op drugs that damp­en down inflam­ma­tion and arrest the virus by depriv­ing it of what it needs to grow rather than try­ing to kill it out­right.’ But, it clear­ly has anoth­er objec­tive, as well: to make virus­es more dead­ly by ‘pas­sag­ing’ them through bats. . . .”

A recent arti­cle in the lib­er­al New York Mag­a­zine dis­cuss­es the Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy and gain-of-func­tion exper­i­ments per­formed under the joint aus­pices of that insti­tu­tion and the Pen­ta­gon-fund­ed Eco­Health Alliance of Peter Daszak. Daszak is advised by David Franz, the for­mer com­man­der of Ft. Det­rick.

Fund­ed by USAID (a State Depart­ment sub­sidiary that serves as a cov­er for CIA covert oper­a­tions), that pro­gram saw Chi­nese researchers part­ner with, among oth­ers, Ralph Bar­ic.

In the detailed analy­sis pre­sent­ed by Nichol­son Bak­er in the arti­cle, no men­tion is made of the Pen­ta­gon fund­ing of Eco­Health Alliance, nor the dis­turb­ing infor­ma­tion about DARPA’s research into bat-borne coro­n­avirus­es detailed in the con­sum­mate­ly impor­tant arti­cle by Whit­ney Webb.

The Bak­er piece does con­clude with an oblique nod to the ease with which virus­es can be syn­the­sized and holds open the pos­si­bil­i­ty that Fort Det­rick or any oth­er place could have been the locus of syn­the­sis.

“. . . . SARS‑2 seems almost per­fect­ly cal­i­brat­ed to grab and ran­sack our breath­ing cells and choke the life out of them. ‘By the time SARS-CoV­‑2 was first detect­ed in late 2019, it was already pre-adapt­ed to human trans­mis­sion,’ Ali­na Chan and her co-authors have writ­ten, where­as SARS, when it first appeared in 2003, under­went ‘numer­ous adap­tive muta­tions’ before set­tling down. Per­haps viral nature hit a bull’s‑eye of air­borne infec­tiv­i­ty, with almost no muta­tion­al drift, no peri­od of accom­mo­da­tion and adjust­ment, or per­haps some lab work­er some­where, inspired by Baric’s work with human air­way tis­sue, took a spike pro­tein that was spe­cial­ly groomed to col­o­nize and thrive deep in the cil­i­at­ed, mucos­al tun­nels of our inner core and cloned it onto some exist­ing viral bat back­bone. It could have hap­pened in Wuhan, but — because any­one can now ‘print out’ a ful­ly infec­tious clone of any sequenced dis­ease — it could also have hap­pened at Fort Det­rick, or in Texas, or in Italy, or in Rot­ter­dam, or in Wis­con­sin, or in some oth­er citadel of coro­n­avi­ral inquiry. . . .”

The analy­sis begins with excerpt­ing of a thought-pro­vok­ing and dis­turb­ing arti­cle about DARPA research into bat-borne dis­eases, includ­ing some caused by coronaviruses–is set forth here. 

As read­ers digest this infor­ma­tion, remem­ber that DARPA can bring to bear the twined tech­nolo­gies arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence and super-com­put­ers. It has the state of the art with respect to both. Com­bined with gene edit­ing, that tech­no­log­i­cal pair­ing offers the pos­si­bil­i­ty of tru­ly hor­ri­fy­ing syn­thet­ic virus­es.

In FTR #‘s 1157, 1158 and 1159, we high­light­ed very dis­turb­ing con­nec­tions between Peter Daszak and his Eco­Health Alliance and the Pen­ta­gon and USAID, a State Depart­ment sub­sidiary that serves as a fre­quent cov­er for CIA.

The Eco­Health Alliance–financed by USAID–partnered with the Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy and Dr. Ralph Bar­ic of the Uni­ver­si­ty of North Car­oli­na at Chapel Hill to research bat-borne coro­n­avirus­es. A “chimeric” virus was cre­at­ed by Bar­ic under this pro­gram in 2015, and Bar­ic was sub­se­quent­ly select­ed to cre­ate the SARS Cov‑2 virus from scratch.

A new arti­cle adds fur­ther depth to the alarm­ing con­nec­tions of Daszak, the Eco­Health Alliance and Jef­frey Sachs. (As dis­cussed in a num­ber of pro­grams, includ­ing the above-men­tioned FTR #‘s 1157, 1158 and 1159, Sachs presided over the Har­vard Insti­tute of Inter­na­tion­al Devel­op­ment, a US-fund­ed orga­ni­za­tion that advised Boris Yeltsin’s dis­as­trous eco­nom­ic pol­i­cy in Rus­sia.)

Many in Rus­sia view Sachs as “an emis­sary either of Satan or the CIA.” Recent polit­i­cal incar­na­tions have him as a mem­ber of the [Bernie] Sanders Insti­tute and an advi­sor to AOC.

A bril­liant, insight­ful arti­cle by Sam Hus­sei­ni on Inde­pen­dent Sci­ence News pro­vides crit­i­cal depth to our pre­vi­ous cov­er­age of Cit­i­zen Daszak.

Hus­sei­ni notes that:

  1.  The Pen­ta­gon and USAID (a State Depart­ment sub­sidiary that has fre­quent­ly front­ed for CIA) are the largest fun­ders of Eco­Health Alliance, which obscures this fact: “ . . . . Daszak’s Eco­Health Alliance obscures its Pen­ta­gon fund­ing. . . . Only buried under their ‘Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy,’ under a sec­tion titled ‘Eco­Health Alliance Pol­i­cy Regard­ing Con­flict of Inter­est in Research,’ does the Eco­Health Alliance con­cede it is the ‘recip­i­ent of var­i­ous grant awards from fed­er­al agen­cies includ­ing . . . . the US Agency for Inter­na­tion­al Devel­op­ment and the Depart­ment of Defense.’ . . . Even this list­ing is decep­tive. It obscures that its two largest fun­ders are the Pen­ta­gon and the State Depart­ment (USAID) . . . . These two sources thus total over $103 mil­lion. . . .”
  2. One of the prin­ci­pal advis­ers to Eco­Health Alliance is David Franz: ” . . . . The mil­i­tary links of the Eco­Health Alliance are not lim­it­ed to mon­ey and mind­set. One note­wor­thy ‘pol­i­cy advi­sor’ to the Eco­Health Alliance is David Franz. Franz is for­mer com­man­der of Fort Det­rick, which is the prin­ci­pal U.S. gov­ern­ment biowarfare/biodefense facil­i­ty. . . .”
  3. Peter Daszak has high regards for Don­ald Rums­feld, whom he enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly quotes. (Rums­feld was Chair­man of the Board of Gilead Sci­ences for many years, leav­ing that posi­tion to become Sec­re­tary of Defense for George W. Bush. Rums­feld made mil­lions on his sale of Gilead stock, which soared in val­ue fol­low­ing the Pen­tagon’s pur­chase of Gilead­’s Tam­i­flu to com­bat a feared break­out of H5N1 influen­za. Gildead Sci­ences makes remde­sivir, which was being test­ed on rhe­sus macaques at the U.S. Army’s Med­ical Research Insti­tute of Infec­tious Dis­eases at Fort Det­rick in the spring of 2019. The USAAMRIID was shut down by the CDC in ear­ly August of 2019, in part for the improp­er dis­pos­al of waste from “non-human pri­mates” infect­ed with a “select agent” which has not been dis­closed for nation­al secu­ri­ty rea­sons.) ” . . . . ‘It’s an awe­some quote! And yes, it’s Don­ald Rums­feld, Jeff, and I know he’s a Repub­li­can, but — what a genius!’ . . .”
  4. The close asso­ci­a­tion of Jef­frey Sachs and Daszak: ” . . . . In Sep­tem­ber, Sachs’ com­mis­sion [on the Lancet–D.E.] named Daszak to head up its com­mit­tee on the pandemic’s ori­gins. Daszak is also on the WHO’s com­mit­tee to inves­ti­gate the pandemic’s ori­gin. He is the only indi­vid­ual on both com­mit­tees. . . .”

Cen­tered pri­mar­i­ly on the work of respect­ed Chi­nese sci­en­tist Shi Zhengli and her gain-of-func­tion exper­i­ments on bat-borne coro­n­avirus­es, anoth­er impor­tant arti­cle points out that her work is inex­tri­ca­bly-linked with the Pen­ta­gon, USAID-fund­ed Eco­health Alliance.

Although Ms. Baden-May­er’s arti­cle uncrit­i­cal­ly presents mate­r­i­al from dubi­ous sources such as The Nation­al Review, it does not shirk on cov­er­age of the impor­tance of Dasza­k’s orga­ni­za­tion and the many mil­i­tary and nation­al secu­ri­ty links to the work at the WIV per­formed by Shi Zhengli and her col­leagues.

NB: A major–albeit under­stand­able– flaw in Ms. Baden-May­er’s research is the fact that nei­ther she, nor many of the peo­ple she quotes, takes stock of the fact that ANY VIRUS CAN BE SYNTHESIZED OR ALTERED IN A LABORATORY USING CONTEMPORARY TECHNOLOGY!

Key Points of Dis­cus­sion and Analy­sis Include: 

  1. A Nation­al Insti­tute of Health query of the work at WIV, the ques­tions in which were pre­sent­ed to Dasza­k’s Eco­Health Alliance! ” . . . . The let­ter with these demands didn’t go to Shi or WIV, it went to Eco­Health Alliance, a U.S.-based non-prof­it fund­ed by the U.S. gov­ern­ment, includ­ing [pri­mar­i­ly] the U.S. mil­i­tary, to sup­port sci­en­tists work­ing in 30 coun­tries. Eco­Health Alliance is list­ed as a fund­ing source on some of Shi’s most con­tro­ver­sial papers. And Eco­Health Alliance sci­en­tists, includ­ing its pres­i­dent Peter Daszak, often co-author, with Shi, pub­lished papers. . . .”
  2. Review of the oper­a­tional rela­tion­ship between Dasza­k’s orga­ni­za­tion, and Shi Zhengli’s coop­er­a­tion with Ralph Bar­ic: ” . . . . Shi’s most infa­mous Eco­Health Alliance-fund­ed paper is, ‘A SARS-Like Clus­ter of Cir­cu­lat­ing Bat Coro­n­avirus­es Shows Poten­tial for Human Emer­gence.’ In this con­tro­ver­sial gain-of-func­tion research col­lab­o­ra­tion with U.S. sci­en­tist Ralph Bar­ic of the Uni­ver­si­ty of North Car­oli­na at Chapel Hill, Shi and Bar­ic used genet­ic engi­neer­ing and syn­thet­ic biol­o­gy to weaponize a bat coro­n­avirus, max­i­miz­ing its poten­tial human infec­tiv­i­ty. . . .”
  3. Review of the USAID fund­ing of the Eco­Health Alliance/Shi/Baric col­lab­o­ra­tion (USAID is a State Depart­ment sub­sidiary which serves as one of CIA’s most com­mon and insid­i­ous front orga­ni­za­tions. ) ” . . . . Shi’s fund­ing for this study came through a USAID Emerg­ing Pan­dem­ic Threats-PRE­DICT grant to Eco­Health Alliance—but the record for this grant appears to have been scrubbed from the U.S. government’s data­base. . . .”
  4. Review of the obfus­ca­tion of the USAID fund­ing for the Eco­Health Alliance for this peri­od. “. . . . Eco­Health Alliance was a PREDICT part­ner dur­ing the 2009–2014 fund­ing cycle, but there is no record of a USAID grant to Eco­Health Alliance for this time peri­od among the $100.9 mil­lion in grants it has received from the U.S. gov­ern­ment since 2003. . . .”
  5. Dis­cus­sion of Shi/Daszak col­lab­o­ra­tion on on a key sequence–the RsSh­Co14-CoV Sequence: ” . . . . Shi’s con­tri­bu­tion to the work she did with Bar­ic was the ‘RsSHC014-CoV Sequence That Was Iso­lat­ed from Chi­nese Horse­shoe Bats.’ . . . . Shi Zhengli and Peter Daszak announced their dis­cov­ery of RsSHC014 in their 2013 paper, ‘Iso­la­tion and Char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of a Bat SARS-Like Coro­n­avirus that Uses the ACE2 Recep­tor,’ and stat­ed that it was found dur­ing ‘a 12-month lon­gi­tu­di­nal sur­vey (April 2011–September 2012) of SL-CoVs in a colony of Rhi­nolo­phus sini­cus at a sin­gle loca­tion in Kun­ming, Yun­nan Province, Chi­na.’ . . . .”
  6. Fund­ing for the Kun­ming virus research came from a num­ber of insti­tu­tions, includ­ing the NIH and USAID, which both have col­lab­o­rat­ed with Pen­ta­gon and CIA in the past.
  7. Eco­Health Alliance helped finance Shi’s research in Mojiang: ” . . . . Shi’s paper, ‘Coex­is­tence of Mul­ti­ple Coro­n­avirus­es in Sev­er­al Bat Colonies in an Aban­doned Mine­shaft,’ was writ­ten by a team of sci­en­tists who were all Chi­nese nation­als work­ing at Chi­nese insti­tu­tions. Nev­er­the­less, in addi­tion to fund­ing from the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment, the authors acknowl­edged sup­port from the U.S. Nation­al Insti­tute of Aller­gies and Infec­tious Dis­ease (R01AI110964), a $3.7‑million grant to Eco­Health Alliance for ‘Under­stand­ing the Risk of Bat Coro­n­avirus Emer­gence,’ (2014–2025). . . .”
  8. Fur­ther review of Shi’s research fund­ing from the Pen­ta­gon, via Eco­Health Alliance: ” . . . . Shi Zhengli and her col­lab­o­ra­tors are also fund­ed by the U.S. mil­i­tary. Peter Daszak’s Eco­Health Alliance cur­rent­ly receives more mon­ey from the Depart­ment of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduc­tion Agency (DTRA) for Sci­en­tif­ic Research Com­bat­ting Weapons of Mass Destruc­tion than any oth­er mil­i­tary contractor—$15 mil­lion (25.575 per­cent) of the $60.2 mil­lion dis­persed in the last 6 months. . . .”
  9. More about mil­i­tary col­lab­o­ra­tion with Shi: ” . . . . In addi­tion to mil­i­tary fund­ing through DTRA, Shi’s paper was co-authored by two U.S. mil­i­tary sci­en­tists, Christo­pher C. Broder and Eric D. Laing of the Uni­formed Ser­vices Uni­ver­si­ty of the Health Sci­ences, Depart­ment of Micro­bi­ol­o­gy and Immunol­o­gy. . . .”
  10. The Peo­ple’s Lib­er­a­tion Army assumed con­trol of the Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy on Jan­u­ary 26, 2020 at the time that the genome for the SARS Cov‑2 was pub­lished: ” . . . . The Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy is China’s only biosafe­ty lev­el 4 lab. While it has always been under the con­trol of the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment, since Jan­u­ary 26, 2020, it has been under the com­mand of the People’s Lib­er­a­tion Army, specif­i­cal­ly its top bio­log­i­cal-weapons spe­cial­ist, a major gen­er­al named Chen Wei. . . .”



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