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“Polit­i­cal language…is designed to make lies sound truth­ful and mur­der respectable, and to give an appear­ance of solid­i­ty to pure wind.”

— George Orwell, 1946

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Explor­ing aspects of the “counter-cul­ture” of the 1960’s against the back­ground of the CIA and mil­i­tary’s exper­i­men­ta­tion with mind-alter­ing sub­stances and var­i­ous mind-con­trol tech­niques, this pro­gram asks the ques­tion: “Was it real­ly good?”

Key Points of Analy­sis and Dis­cus­sion Include:

1.–Details con­cern­ing SPAN, the oper­a­tional code-name for the dos­ing with LSD of the entire town of Pont St.-Esprit in South­ern France.

2.–The sto­ry of William Hay­ward, the direc­tor of the ’60s cult film Easy Rid­er. Hay­ward was the vic­tim of psy­chi­atric con­fine­ment by ele­ments asso­ci­at­ed with the intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty.

3.–The mon­i­tor­ing of Ken Kesey’s LSD events by mem­bers of the intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty.

4.–Former OSS agent Gre­go­ry Bateson’s stew­ard­ship of the intro­duc­tion of Ken Kesey to LSD.

5.–Sourcing for the infor­ma­tion about the Bateson/Kesey dynam­ic and dis­cus­sion of CIA and mil­i­tary exper­i­ments with mind-alter­ing sub­stances at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ver­mont.

6.–CIA oper­a­tive George Hunter White’s sur­rep­ti­tious dos­ing of unwit­ting sub­jects with LSD.

7.–George Hunter White’s arrest of jazz singer Bil­lie Hol­i­day for opi­um pos­ses­sion in 1949. Drug arrests destroyed Hol­i­day’s abil­i­ty to work in estab­lish­ments that served alco­hol.

8.–The sto­ry of a San Fran­cis­co event fea­tur­ing the cream of the psy­che­del­ic bands of the time. The event ben­e­fit­ted the Hare Krish­na cult.

9.–Discussion of the fas­cist phi­los­o­phy of the leader of the Hare Krish­na cult.

10.–The biog­ra­phy of John Per­ry Bar­low, for­mer cam­paign man­ag­er for Dick Cheney and lyri­cist for the Grate­ful Dead. Bar­low’s role with the EFF, an orga­ni­za­tion with many wor­thy mem­bers and rep­u­ta­tion but one which, nonethe­less, has worked for the intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty.

11.–Barlow’s inter­ac­tion with the CIA and NSA and an exam­i­na­tion of the pos­si­bil­i­ty of his stew­ard­ship of social media.


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Pterrafractyl's Nest

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose Your Retirement: Private Equity, Pension Funds, and the CRE Double Down There's blood in the water. With regional banks potentially looking at years of trouble ahead and interest rates well above the historic lows, distress is permeating the US commercial real estate (CRE) markets. That's been the CRE news, with the private equity now palpably excited about all the distressed real estate that's bound to come on the market. A supply and demand dislocation that can turn blood in water into a gold laced silver lining for the entities with cash on the sidelines. As we've seen, being the 'cash on the sidelines' opportunistically waiting for things to fall apart or blow is a big part of the 'Heads we win, tails you lose' private equity business model. A business model also rooted in the fact that the fund managers charge high fees whether they're investments pan out or not. So we shouldn't be surprised to learn that one of the big investment opportunities private equity has been steering billions of dollars of public pension money into in recent years is...*drumroll*...commercial real estate! With plans on shoveling billions more into the sector going forward. JP Morgan is now predicting these pension funds are going to create a 'floor' in the CRE markets. Yes, private equity-led pension funds are going to save the CRE market from complete collapse. At least that's the plan. A plan that's going to pay its private equity managers handsomely no matter how it pans out. It's all part of how American's growing retirement crisis is translating into private equity's growing opportunity. The kind of crisis-driven opportunity that pays handsomely whether the underlying crisis grows or not. Read more »

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