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FTR #23 Interview with Stephen Singular, Steven Worth and Donald Freed

Fur­ther dis­cus­sion with three authors whose books indi­cate that O.J. Simp­son is inno­cent of mur­der charges.

FTR #22 Interview with Stephen Singular, Steven Worth and Donald Freed

Three authors whose books indi­cate that O.J. Simp­son was framed.

FTR #15 Interview with Donald Freed, Stephen Singular and Stephen Worth

Key points in the ongo­ing inves­ti­ga­tion into the mur­ders of Nicole Brown Simp­son and Ron Gold­man.

FTR #11 Interview with Stephen Singular and Stephen Worth

Lis­ten now: Side 1 | Side 2 Authors Stephen Sin­gu­lar (Lega­cy of Decep­tion; Dove Books, copy­right 1995) and Stephen Worth (Blood Oath: The Con­spir­a­cy to Mur­der Nicole Brown Simp­son; Rain­bow Books; copy­right 1996) dis­cuss over­lap­ping points of infor­ma­tion in their respec­tive books inves­ti­gat­ing the O.J. Simp­son mur­der case. These points include: alle­ga­tions of Neo-Nazi activ­i­ty […]

FTR #12 Interview with Stephen Singular

Lis­ten now: Side 1 | Side 2 This inter­view high­lights the cen­tral points of Sin­gu­lar’s book Lega­cy of Decep­tion (soft-cov­­er, Dove Books, copy­right 1995). Con­tact­ed by an anony­mous source from with­in the Los Ange­les legal sys­tem, who pro­vid­ed him with inside infor­ma­tion about the Simp­son mur­der case, Sin­gu­lar helped to shape the course of the […]

FTR #13 Legacy of Deception

Excerpts of Stephen Singular’s book Lega­cy of Decep­tion.

FTR #638 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Bor­mann net­work con­trols major Ger­man cor­po­ra­tions; archive of Third Reich doc­u­ments; Rock­e­fellers push Exxon­Mo­bil to switch to renew­able ener­gy; Stan­dard Oil cor­po­rate com­plex; vio­lence in the Mus­lim world effects glob­al oil prices.

For The Record programs 1–99, Complete Audio

Down­load links to Dave Emory’s “For The Record” series, pro­grams 1 through 99.

Does O.J. Simpson’s Life Matter?

The crim­i­nal and civ­il tri­als of O.J. Simp­son cap­ti­vat­ed the pub­lic aware­ness, yet the facts con­firm­ing, beyond doubt, O.J.‘s inno­cence were obscured by a blitzkrieg of media-assist­ed and gen­er­at­ed dis­in­for­ma­tion. Sup­ple­ment­ing the medi­a’s insti­tu­tion­al­ized lying was a grotesque dis­tor­tion of the record and out­right crim­i­nal behav­ior by ele­ments of the Los Ange­les legal estab­lish­ment. The very issues at the fore­front of the unrest over race and polic­ing were front and cen­ter in the case of Mark Fuhrman, yet the same pub­lic that is up in arms–literally–over George Floyd, Bre­an­na Tay­lor et al took no notice of the facts in the Simp­son case. Take a half hour to lis­ten to the linked autio of FTR #39, about Mark Fuhrman. Why was­n’t there more dis­cus­sion of this?

“They Are All Bound on The Wheel . . . .” Reflections on The Death of George Floyd and Its Aftermath

My feel­ings about the George Floyd killing and its after­math are best expressed in a poem I have read on a num­ber of pro­grams. In FTR #46, I detailed the assas­si­na­tion of Mar­tin Luther King. The research in FTR #46, in turn, updat­ed infor­ma­tion pre­sent­ed on the 17th anniver­sary of the assas­si­na­tion of Dr. King more than a decade ear­li­er. Two years ago, when doing ten hours of pro­gram­ming about Dr. King’s mur­der on the 50th anniver­sary of that event, I was struck by the utter pas­siv­i­ty and silence, not just on the part of the main­stream media, but on the part of the African-Amer­i­can com­mu­ni­ty, as well as the so-called “pro­gres­sive sec­tor.” How can peo­ple who have acqui­esced in the cold-blood­ed assas­si­na­tion of Amer­i­ca’s most promi­nent civ­il rights leader at the hands of pow­er­ful ele­ments of gov­ern­ment man­i­fest sur­prise or out­rage at Floy­d’s death? Per­haps it is because “They are all bound on the wheel . . . .”

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