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Political, Financial and Ideological Underpinnings of WikiLeaks

” . . . Found­ed as part of the Nordic white pow­er move­ment in 1988, they [Swe­den Democ­rats] have been forced to expel sev­eral mem­bers over alle­ga­tions of racism and extrem­ism. . . . ” We shouldn’t for­get that a pri­mary finan­cial backer of the Swe­den Democ­rats is Carl Lund­strom. Lund­strom owned a con­trol­ling inter­est in the Pirate Bay site, which host­ed Wik­iLeaks. All of the con­tents of this web­site as of 12/19/2014–Dave Emory’s 35+ years of research and broadcasting–as well as hours of video­taped lec­tures are avail­able on a 32GB flash dri­ve. Dave offers his pro­grams and arti­cles for free–your sup­port is very much appre­ci­at­ed.

How WikiLeaks and the Modern Guardian Would Have Covered World War II

Philoso­pher Friedrich Nitzsche not­ed that; “A joke is the epi­gram on the death of a feel­ing.” That is our sen­ti­ment upon read­ing a very clever and reveal­ing piece of satire by Richard Lit­tle­john in the Dai­ly Mail.

Nazi/Anti-Semite Joran Jermas (aka “Israel Shamir”) Involved in Establishment of WikiLeaks

Wik­iLeaks estab­lished in Swe­den with great assis­tance of Julian Assange’s anti-Semit­ic pal Joran Jer­mas. Jer­mas steered group to the milieu of Carl Lund­strom.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg aka “Daniel Schmitt” on WikiLeaks

Wik­iLeaks founder Julian Assange deeply involved with Joran Jer­mas and Swedish Nazi/fascist milieu. Assange, know­ing of Jer­mas’s anti-Semit­ic views, want­ed him to oper­ate under an assumed name for the group.

Bin Laden Death: Did WikiLeaks Almost Blow the Operation?; “Moderate” Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Raid

Wik­iLeaks’ dis­clo­sures almost com­pro­mised Bin Laden raid. Assange’s Nazi asso­ciate Joran Jer­mas may have been involved with the leak. “Mod­er­ate” Mus­lim Broth­er­hood con­demns raid.

Alexander Cockroach Still Using WikiLeaks’ Resident Holocaust Denier

Far-left Israel bash­er Alexan­der Cock­burn using Julian Assange’s Nazi asso­ciate Joran Jer­mas as an edi­to­r­i­al assis­tant.

Julian Assange Shows His True Colors: “Jewish Conspiracy” Against WikiLeaks

Laud­ed by the so-called “pro­gres­sive sec­tor,” Nazi-linked Julian Assange claims he is vic­tim of an inter­na­tion­al Jew­ish con­spir­a­cy, involv­ing “The Guardian,” a fierce­ly anti-Israel news­pa­per.

FTR #734 A Night in Tunisia, Pt. II: Are Karl Rove and WikiLeaks Working with the Muslim Brotherhood?

Is Karl Rove manip­u­lat­ing the Wik­iLeaks phe­nom­e­non to install the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood in pow­er? Egypt­ian upris­ing the prod­uct of U.S. covert oper­a­tion? “Lee Har­vey Oba­ma’s” State Depart­ment to take the blame?

FTR #733 WikiLeaks Soup: The ROVEing Reporter (A Night in Tunisia)

Very unsa­vory ingre­di­ents in Wik­iLeaks soup; Russ­ian on-line cyber crim­nals join intel­li­gence offi­cers, mind-con­trol victims/operatives, Nazi financiers, George Soros, and Holo­caust deniers in this unsa­vory dish; Karl Rove pres­ence in Swe­den as Wik­iLeaks’ dis­clo­sures trig­ger pop­u­lar upris­ings in Mid­dle East; Mus­lim Broth­er­hood to ben­e­fit?*

WikiLeaks: U.S. and Germany Allegedly Planning Joint Reconnaissance Satellite Program

Accord­ing to Wik­iLeaks, U.S. and Ger­man intel­li­gence are plan­ning joint recon­nais­sance satel­lite pro­gram. That would give Under­ground Reich access to key U.S. elec­tron­ic intel­li­gence.

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