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AFA 36: The Destabilization of the USSR and Eastern Europe

The Pre­lude to World War III?
Part 1a
45:56 | Part 1b 42:15 | Part 1c 9:42
Part 2a
16:39 | Part 2b 31:20 | Part 2c 43:50 | Part 2d 34:21
Part 3a
27:51 | Part 3b 45:13 | Part 3c 34:01
Part 4a 46:28 | Part 4b 45:09 | Part 4c 32:34
Part 5a
43:34 | Part 5b 20:40 | Part 5c 18:17 | Part 5d 38:24
Part 6a
41:19 | Part 6b 32:48
(Orig­i­nal­ly Broad­cast March 1991)

This pro­gram ana­lyzes the Per­sian Gulf War, U.S. covert action in the Sovi­et Union and East­ern Europe and Rea­gan-Bush defense and for­eign poli­cies as coor­di­nat­ed ele­ments of a strat­e­gy to pres­sure and desta­bi­lize Rus­sia. The broad­cast focus­es on Amer­i­can pro­mo­tion of resur­gent fas­cist ele­ments in that part of the world and the pos­si­bil­i­ty that the Amer­i­can strat­e­gy might result in a return of the Cold War or the start of a third world war.


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  1. I found a copy of Covert Action #35 which Dave Emory fre­quent­ly cites. It makes for fas­ci­nat­ing read­ing https://archive.org/details/CovertActionInformationBulletinNo35TheCIAInEasternEurope

    Posted by Hugo Turner | March 13, 2017, 11:18 am

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