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The Guns of November Audio Archive

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All files are MP3 for­mat.

G‑1. Back­ground
Part 1 44:11 | Part 2 44:02 | Part 3 44:41 | Part 4 06:44

G‑2. The Assas­si­na­tion
Part 1 44:14 | Part 2 44:42 | Part 3 43:33

G‑3. Viet­nam and Water­gate
Part 1 44:39 | Part 2 44:37 | Part 3 44:27 | Part 4 02:24

G‑4. Nazi Con­nec­tions and Oth­er Assas­si­na­tions
Part 1 44:28 | Part 2 44:27 | Part 3 44:38 | Part 4 44:33 | Part 5 23:45


13 comments for “The Guns of November Audio Archive”

  1. tks so much for mak­ing these avail­able... i know you used to charge for these...have lis­tened on and off for years and found your pod­casts com­pelling and thougt provoking...esp. the shows in which you’d excerpt this series

    now i can lis­ten end-to-end– can’t wait!

    Posted by Ex-pat Fan in Oz | June 27, 2010, 1:04 am
  2. @Ex-Pat: Yeah. Haven’t got­ten the chance to lis­ten to all these yet, but I’m going to some­time. This is impor­tant infor­ma­tion.

    Posted by Steven L. | April 20, 2012, 6:28 pm
  3. I have lis­tened to the “Guns Of Novem­ber” series about four or five times and only tak­en in maybe ten or twen­ty per­cent of the vast knowl­edge base it gen­er­ates.

    What real­ly amazes me is how sel­dom I hear the work of either Dave Emory or Mae Brus­sell dis­cussed by the cur­rent online “JFK Research com­mu­ni­ty” — which sug­gests they were/are both extreme­ly close to map­ping out what exact­ly went on.

    The more I read and lis­ten, the more I am of the opin­ion that the “CIA did it” (the most recent Mark “Jon­estown” Lane book for exam­ple) is a total smoke­screen (in terms of the ulti­mate milieu that sanc­tioned it) and the answers do indeed lie with the Cor­po­rate Banking/Fascist Nazi-DISC-NSC-NSA axis as Dave, Mae and oth­ers layed out.

    Posted by paul | June 19, 2012, 6:01 pm
  4. 49 Years to the day. Don’t for­get JFK. Every­body around could tell you where they were. Except for Nixon and George W. Bush. Don’t for­get the wit­ness­es who lost their lives, as part of the cov­er up of this ter­ri­ble crime.

    Posted by GK | November 22, 2012, 10:44 am
  5. @Paul: Yeah, I agree. Dave did a LOT of fan­tas­tic work on this sub­ject.

    @GK: He was a won­der­ful guy, that J.F.K.
    Rest in peace, JFK35. =(

    Posted by Steve L. | November 22, 2012, 5:51 pm
  6. Dave;

    As the 50th anniver­sary of the JFK assas­si­na­tion approach­es, I have lis­tened again to “The Guns Of Novem­ber”.
    You com­ment that some though that, though flawed, the Tor­bitt Doc­u­ment came clos­est to the truth.
    I picked up a copy (Kenn Thomas edi­tion) for my library and have just skimmed through it.

    With years gone by, and the crit­i­cism that Tor­bitt receives, is it just as rel­e­vant as it was when it was first passed around?

    Which con­tem­po­rary source would you con­sid­er to be most reli­able on the sub­ject?


    Posted by Swamp | July 27, 2013, 9:41 am
  7. @SWAMP–

    I think Tor­bitt is valu­able, although, as an unfin­ished man­u­script, it has some large holes.

    The sourc­ing is impre­cise and analy­sis and dis­til­la­tion would be essen­tial to a “fin­ished Tor­bitt,” so to speak.

    I don’t dis­cuss it at this point in time. It was craft­ed in 1969 and much has come to light since.

    On the sub­ject of the JFK assas­si­na­tion in gen­er­al, a good recent work is “JFK and the Unspeak­able: Why He Was Killed and Why It Mat­ters.”



    Posted by Dave Emory | July 27, 2013, 1:56 pm
  8. To Dave Emory,
    I have had access to the inter­net for only about three years. I am get­ting a great deal of sat­is­fac­tion lis­ten­ing to the audio archives, espe­cial­ly The Guns of Novem­ber. About two years ago I took advan­tage of Spit­firelist’s list of out of print books. I down­loaded and print­ed at home the great book Mar­tin Boor­man: Nazi In Exile. A great, heart­felt thanks to Dave for the incred­i­ble work he has done and con­tin­ues to do. I attend­ed one of Dav­e’s pub­lic speak­ing events in Oak­land around 1991, before Bush-Cheney got into pow­er. I can remem­ber that at the event there were books being offered for sale. Back in 1991, at one of Dav­e’s events, we were being warned about the Bush fam­i­ly and Skull and Bones. Dave, you are a true inspi­ra­tion to me. I still tune in to KKUP on Mon­day nights to lis­ten to For The Record. I am so hap­py to have you back on the air.
    I am sor­ry that you suf­fered some type of ill­ness that has affect­ed
    your speak­ing voice. Dave, may your recov­ery con­tin­ue to be a suc­cess. We need your voice on the air, no mat­ter what con­di­tion it may be in. Your con­tin­ued brav­ery and integri­ty are unsur­passed. No one else in the media equals you.
    Wish­ing You Con­tin­ued Health and Strength,
    Jef­frey B. Roth

    Posted by Jeffrey B. Roth | November 29, 2013, 11:27 pm
  9. I remem­ber it ( Nov. 22 1963 ) very well even though I was only 7 years old. I was watch­ing the live broad­cast from Dal­las and many of the replays of those few moments in Dal­las that caused a whole nation mourn. I cried even though I was Cana­di­an.

    Posted by Glen | December 10, 2013, 6:09 pm
  10. http://www.timesofisrael.com/nazis-vast-secret-wmd-facility-uncovered-in-austria/

    “A huge, secret, under­ground Nazi weapons fac­to­ry, believed to have been built for the devel­op­ment and planned man­u­fac­ture of nuclear weapons and oth­er WMDs, has been uncov­ered in Aus­tria.

    Now schol­ars want to know if the SS gen­er­al who over­saw it was brought to Amer­i­ca after the war to help the US with its weapons pro­grams.”

    Read more: Nazis’ vast, secret WMD facil­i­ty uncov­ered in Aus­tria | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/nazis-vast-secret-wmd-facility-uncovered-in-austria/#ixzz3NZ5rMULb
    Fol­low us: @timesofisrael on Twit­ter | time­sofis­rael on Face­book

    Posted by GK | January 1, 2015, 2:40 am
  11. On the anniver­sary of his death remem­ber the remark­ably pro­gres­sive pres­i­dent John F. Kennedy. Real­ize the next pres­i­dent Don­ald trump is the reac­tionary prod­uct of ignor­ing the life­time work of Dave Emory as doc­u­ment­ed on spitfirelist.com Thanks Dave and spit­fire list.com

    Posted by Gk | November 22, 2016, 7:24 pm
  12. There are many among us that owe YOU a debt of grat­i­tude Mr. Emory.
    We grew up with you and your many assis­tants.
    You point­ed us toward Mae Brus­sell before our “teach­ers” had a chance to fill us up with the so called truth.
    Thanks to you, we are nev­er fooled but we are increas­ing­ly ner­vous as more and more of your warn­ings become real­i­ty.
    Please under­stand that you have and con­tin­ue to make a dif­fer­ence.

    Kind Regards and Many Thanks,
    John McCluskey

    Posted by John McCluskey | November 14, 2018, 7:42 am
  13. Neu­tral­ized legit­i­mate secu­ri­ty for Pres­i­den­tial motor­cade:

    Paul J. Pater­ni, COL. John “Jack” Alston Crich­ton, Capt. W. Patrick Gan­n­away, COL. George Laster “Lon­nie” Lump­kin, COL. Frank Maryan “Brandy” Brand­stet­ter, Lt. Jack Revill, Lt. Col. George Lus­ter Whit­mey­er, Capt. William Ralph “Pinky” West­brook, William S. Big­gio (Spe­cial Ser­vice Bureau, Crim­i­nal Intel­li­gence Sec­tion, DPD), Det. Leonard Don Stringfel­low, War­ren C. de Brueys, and Lt. Col. Bud­dy Joe Wright.

    Moved the pat­sies into place:

    David Atlee Phillips, Jacques G. Richard­son AKA Thomas B. Casasin, Edward Scan­nell But­ler, George Fred­er­ick Munro, George E. Aurell, Dorothe Ker­ans Mat­lack, Antho­ny F. Cza­jkows­ki, George de Mohren­schildt, Del­phine Points Roberts (White Cit­i­zens Council/ Louisiana Sov­er­eign­ty Commission/ Nation­al Defense Chair­man, Robert Har­vey Chap­ter, Nation­al Soci­ety, Daugh­ters of the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion), Michael Ralph Paine, Win­ston Mackin­ley Scott, Clay LaV­erne Shaw (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Commerciale/PERMINDEX; Inter­na­tion­al Trade Mart, Pres­i­dent), Paul M. Raig­orod­sky (PERMINDEX), John David Hurt (Nags Head School of Illu­sion­ary War­fare), Mau­rice Brooks Gatlin Sr., James Patrick Hosty Jr., J. Wal­ton Moore, Igor Vladimir Voshinin, Ruth Hyde Paine, Col. Lawrence Orlov, William Guy Ban­is­ter, Priscil­la John­son McMil­lan, Dr. L. Wil­son Greene (Edge­wood Arse­nal Sci­en­tif­ic Direc­tor), COL. Theodore Frel­inghyusen Hoff­man, Charles William Wiley (CIA Secu­ri­ty Research Staff; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Joseph Alexan­der Sizoo, Lee R. Pen­ning­ton Jr. (Direc­tor of the Nation­al Amer­i­can­ism Com­mis­sion of the Amer­i­can Legion), William K. Lam­bie Jr., Dr. Alton Ochsner (Infor­ma­tion Coun­cil of the Amer­i­c­as), COL. Samuel Good­hue Kail, Rubén Zuno Arce “LIENVOY,” Per­ci­val Flack Brundage, Col. Dr. Jose A. Rivera, Richard Edward Sny­der, Lar­rie Schmidt (Young Amer­i­cans for Freedom/ Con­ser­vatism USA), David William Fer­rie, Sam J. Papich, Harold Kei­th Thomp­son, Gor­don Bar­ton McLen­don, George Alexan­drovich Bouhe, C. Frank Stone III “WUBRINY,” Richard Case Nag­ell, Spas Todor­ov Raikin, Vio­la June Cobb, George Efythron Joan­nides, Lt. Col. James Wal­ter McCord Jr. and Bernar­do de Tor­res “WILDCAT”.

    Des­ig­nat­ed pat­sies for post-assas­si­na­tion “nar­ra­tive” con­trol:

    Lee Har­vey Oswald (Fair Play for Cuba Com­mit­tee, New Orleans), Richard Case Nag­ell (Field Oper­a­tions Intelligence/Soviet dou­ble agent), Gilber­to Poli­car­po Lopez (Fair Play for Cuba Com­mit­tee, Mia­mi), Thomas Arthur Vallee (John Birch Soci­ety, Chica­go), Har­ry L. Pow­er (Young Com­mu­nist League), Joseph Rodriguez Moli­na (Amer­i­can G.I. Forum, Dal­las), San­ti­a­go Gar­ri­ga “AMKNOB‑1” (Fair Play for Cuba Com­mit­tee, Mia­mi), and Vaughn “Snipes” Mar­lowe (Fair Play for Cuba Com­mit­tee, Los Ange­les).

    Coor­di­nat­ed the hit-team:

    David “El Indio” Sánchez Morales, Maj. Gen. Edward Geary Lans­dale, LCDR Harold ‘Hal’ Feeney, Capt. Jean-René Souètre, Maj. Lau­ri Allan Törni, William “Rip” Robert­son Jr., Fred Lee Crisman, Theodore George “Ted” Shack­ley Jr., Lt. Col. Lucien Emile Conein, Charles Tra­cy Barnes, Col. Clarence Ward Bish­op, Fil­ip­po Sac­co AKA John “Hand­some John­ny” Rossel­li AKA “COL. John Rawl­ston,” COL. Orlan­do Eleno Piedra Negueru­ela (Anti-Com­mu­nist League of the Caribbean/ Oper­a­tion 40 com­man­der), Grayston L. Lynch, Edwin Paul Wil­son, and Otto Sko­rzeny.

    Pro­vid­ed the tech­ni­cal logis­tics for assas­si­na­tion team:

    Maj. Gen. Mitchell Liv­ingston Wer­Bell III, Col. Wal­ter M. Hig­gins Jr., Col. Demetrius G. Stam­pa­dos, COL. William Hen­ry Jor­dan (USMCR), Maj. George Charles Nonte Jr., Charles Don­ald Ford AKA Charles “Rocky” Fis­cali­ni, Ear­le Cabell, Jean-Pierre Lafitte “QJ/WIN,” Jacob Leon “Jack Ruby” Ruben­stein, John Thomas Masen, Insall Bai­ley “I. B.” Hale, Franz Josef Huber, Lawrence Regi­nald Miller, Nofio J. Pec­o­ra, Lt. Col. Lev E. Dobri­an­sky, Col. Cecil Himes, Maj. Ger­hard Georg Mertins, Dino Vicente Celli­ni, COL. William Pot­ter Gale (Minutemen/ Cal­i­for­nia Rangers), COL. Joseph “Saik” Saike­witz (Cres­cent Firearms Inc./ Adam Con­sol­i­dat­ed Indus­tries), Elmer Mer­ri­field Kei­th, Byron Engle, Pas­tor Mil­ci­ades Coro­nel, Richard A. Lauch­li Jr. (Counter-Insur­gency Coun­cil), Charles Allan “Skeeter” Skel­ton, Brig. Gen. Theodore C. Mataxis, Emil Augs­burg, Frank Lawrence “Lefty” Rosen­thal, Paul Dick­opf, Carmel Offie, Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, John Woolf O’Con­nor, Erich Fritz Von Mar­bod, Eber­hard Taubert, Don­ald Edward Brow­der, Paul M. Rother­mel Jr., John Mar­ti­no “Oper­a­tion TILT,” COL. Roger Trin­quier (Cité Catholique), Father Georges Gras­set (Cité Catholique), COL. Jean Gardes (Cité Catholique), Samuel George Cum­mings (INTERARMCO), Bert “Yank” Levy, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Don­nell Dar­ius Whit­ter, Gui­do Gian­net­ti­ni, Mur­ray W. “Dusty” Miller, Irwin S. Wein­er, Daniel Antho­ny “Dan” Mitri­one, John Franklin Elrod, Miguel Nazar Haro “LITEMPO-12″ (Direc­ción Fed­er­al de Seguri­dad), Lewis Joseph McWillie, Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing, Brig. Gen. Har­ry Clay “Heinie” Ader­holt, Mario Emanuel Brod AKA Michael Brod­er­ick, Her­bert L. Itkin, Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli, Robert Bernard “Bar­ney” Bak­er, Thomas Eli Davis III and Isaac Irv­ing David­son.

    Planned the assas­si­na­tion:

    Allen Welsh Dulles (J. Hen­ry Schroder Bank­ing Cor­po­ra­tion), Richard Mervin Bis­sell Jr., Prescott Shel­don Bush (Union Bank­ing Corporation/ Brown Broth­ers Har­ri­man & Co.), Gen­erale Gio­van­ni Allave­na (Capo del SIFAR Con­tros­pi­onag­gio del­l’Uf­fi­cio “D”), CMD. Robert P. Driscoll (CIA liai­son to Arma dei Cara­binieri, Rome, Italy), Maj. Gen. Giuseppe Pièche (Diret­tore Gen­erale del Servizi Antincendi/ Oper­a­tion GLADIO Commander/ Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), William Averell Har­ri­man (Brown Broth­ers Har­ri­man & Co.; ZR/CANDY offi­cer), Gen. Cur­tis Emer­son LeMay, Gen. Charles Pearre Cabell, ADM. Arleigh Albert Burke, Gen. Gio­van­ni de Loren­zo (Coman­dante dei Cara­binieri), Gen. Lyman Louis Lem­nitzer, COL. James Hard­esty Critch­field, Lt. Col. Ren­zo Roc­ca [Com­man­der SIFAR office‑R/ del­l’uf­fi­cio del SIFAR Ricerche Eco­nomiche ed Indus­tri­ali (REI)], COL. Boris Theodore Pash, Cor­nelius Van Schaack Roo­sevelt III, Mario Roat­ta, Lt. Gen. Alva Revista Fitch, Haupt­sturm­führer Odo Wil­is­ch­er, John S. Ear­man Jr., Hugh H. Fen­wick (CIA asset, Rome, Italy), Maj. Gen. Hen­ry Cabot Lodge Jr., Gen. Hans Spei­del, Maj. Gen. Roland Had­daway del Mar, Dr. Wern­er “Were­wolf” Nau­mann, Pier Francesco Nistri [l’As­so­ci­azione Nazionale Com­bat­ten­ti Ital­iani di Spagna (ANCIS)], Jacques Michel-Gabriel Paul Benoist-Méchin, Erich von dem Bach-Zelews­ki, COL. Manuel Rangel-Escamil­la (Direc­ción Fed­er­al de Seguri­dad), COL. Joseph Cald­well King, Pedro Urra­ca Ren­du­e­les, Rein­hard Gehlen, François de Grossou­vre, Dr. Sid­ney Got­tlieb, COL. Sheffield M. Edwards, Melitón Man­zanas González, Gen­er­alleut­nant Albert Schnez, Lt. Col. Philip James Cor­so, Maj. Gen. Boris Alek­seye­vich Holm­ston-Smyslovsky, Jacob Don­ald ‘Jake’ Ester­line, Gen. Adolf Bruno Hein­rich Ernst Heusinger, Hans Josef Maria Globke, Jean-Eugène Vio­let (La Cagoule/Le Cer­cle), Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willough­by, Eber­hard Taubert, Fed­eri­co Umber­to D’Am­a­to, Lt. Gen. William Pel­ham Yarbor­ough, Adri­ano Giulio Cesare Magi-Braschi, Hen­ry D. Heck­sh­er, William Her­mann Godel, Arthur Ehrhardt, Liv­ingston Tall­madge Mer­chant, Richard Mil­hous Nixon (Key Bis­cayne Bank and Trust Com­pa­ny), Lt. Col. Ver­non Antho­ny Wal­ters, Theodor Ober­län­der, Richard McGar­rah Helms, Richard Ober, Car­leton Stevens Coon, Alfred Con­rad “Al” Ulmer Jr., COL. Howard Lay Bur­ris, COL. Robert Trum­bull “The Crow” Crow­ley, Hein­rich “Har­ry” August Rositzke, Arnold Melvin Sil­ver (QJ/WIN offi­cer), William Put­nam “Bill” Bundy and William King “Bill” Har­vey.

    Recruit­ed and trained the hit-team:

    Robert Aime Maheu, Brig. Gen. Paul Fran­cis Gaynor, Jean Népote, Lt. Col. Joseph Young ”Texas” Canon, James “Big Jim” O’Con­nell, Charles Sir­a­gusa, Thomas Gre­go­ry Clines, Ger­ald Patrick “Jer­ry” Hem­ming Jr., Alfred Hel­mut Nau­jocks, Col. Napoleon Die­stro “El Ulupong” Vale­ri­ano AKA “Col. Valle­jo”, Col. Charles Polet­ti, Brig. Gen. Edwin Ander­son Walk­er, Lt. Col. Manuel “The Mex­i­can” Chavez AKA Rus­sell H. Samb­o­ra, Dr. Franz Alfred Six, Maj. Robert Van Horn, Fel­ton Mark Wyatt, COL. Gar­land H. Williams (FBN-CIA liai­son), Edward Law­ton Smith, Wil­helm Höet­tl, Lt. Col. Tru­den­cio Ulibar­ri, Egidio Vig­giani, COL. Erick­son S. Nichols, War­ren E. Frank “AMPARCH‑1,” Lt. Col. Ermal P. Geiss, COL. Tul­lius “Tul­ly” Alexan­der Acam­po­ra (CIA liai­son to Arma dei Cara­binieri in Rome, Italy), Charles Lacheroy, Mar­i­ano Faget Sr. (Buró para Repre­sión de las Activi­dades Comu­nistas), Earl Har­ter (“Sec­ond-Sto­ry” chief), Sami El Khoury (FBN infor­mant), Han­na Yazbeck, Nestor D. Sanchez, CDR Harold “Hal” Feeney, Bia­gio “Max” Cor­vo, Hen­ry L. “Hank” Man­fre­di (FBN/CIA liaison-“QJ/WIN” com­man­der), Ira “Ike” Feld­man, Harold “Hap­py” Meltzer, William Wayne Dalzell (Radio Cuba Libre/ Pan-Amer­i­can Radio Inc./ Friends of Demo­c­ra­t­ic Cuba), John Thomas “Jack” Cusack, Capt. Bradley Earl Ayers, John Wil­son-Hud­son (Friends of Demo­c­ra­t­ic Cuba), Steve Czukas, Carl Elmer Jenk­ins, Lt. Col. Este­ban Ven­tu­ra Novo Rivero AKA “El Asesino De Tra­je Blan­co” (Oper­a­tion 40 com­man­der), George Hunter White, COL. Charles A. Waters Jr. (Friends of Demo­c­ra­t­ic Cuba), Hans V. Tofte, Har­ry Her­bert Ben­nett, Charles Ted Rut­ledge Bohan­nan, Charles “Chuck­ie the Type­writer” Nico­let­ti, Richard Scul­ly Cain, George “Guv” S. Musulin, and Everette “Eduar­do” Howard Hunt Jr.

    Cov­ered up assas­si­na­tion plot and con­trolled mass-media nar­ra­tive:

    McGe­orge “Mac” Bundy, Gor­don Gray, Adolf Augus­tus Berle Jr., John Alexan­der McCone, William F. Buck­ley Jr., Paul J. Pater­ni, COL. Alexan­der Meigs Haig Jr., Gen. Robert J. Smith, Clarence Dou­glas Dil­lon, Col. Robert G. Storey, Ray­mond G. Roc­ca, James W. Pow­ell, Cyrus Roberts Vance Sr., Desmond FitzGer­ald, Col. Richard Dale Drain, James Burn­ham, John Jay McCloy, Gen. Charles Dou­glas Jack­son, Cord Mey­er Jr., Ilya Maman­tov, Vir­ginia Prewett, Thomas Her­cules Karamessines, Frank L. Ellsworth, Joseph Antho­ny Cal­i­fano Jr., William Cor­nelius Sul­li­van (COINTELPRO com­man­der), Revilo Pendle­ton Oliv­er, Eri­ka L.“Heidi” Rikan (CIA asset), Erich Kern AKA Erich Knud Kern­mayr, Col. Leroy Fletch­er Prouty, Lt. Gen. William Wil­son “Buf­fa­lo Bill” Quinn, William Hard­ing Jack­son (Oper­a­tions Coor­di­nat­ing Board), Gen. Jose Alber­to “Chele” Medra­no, Lt. Gen. Joseph Fran­cis Car­roll, Harold Kei­th Thomp­son (Inter­na­tion­al Asso­ci­a­tion For The Advance­ment Of Eth­nol­o­gy And Eugen­ics), Dim­itri von Mohren­schildt (QKACTIVE/ AMCOMLIB/ Radio Liberty/ Radio Free Europe), Edward Ben­nett Williams, Austin J. App (For­eign Intel­li­gence Digest), Lloyd Fran­cis MacMa­hon, George Rus­sell Wack­en­hut, Kent Harbin­son Court­ney (Amer­i­can Com­mit­tee To Free Cuba), Edward J. Coyle, David Dean Rusk, Col. Albert Richard Haney, Col. Stan­ley W. Beer­li, Col. Jack L. Hawkins, James Jesus Angle­ton, Arthur E. Doo­ley (senior deputy of CIA Coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence Research-Analy­sis Staff), Samuel Halpern (Task Force W), Carl E. Tret­tin (CIA Deputy Chief of the Coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence Branch of the Cuban Oper­a­tions Group), Nestor D. Sanchez (Cuban Oper­a­tions Group Psy­cho­log­i­cal-Polit­i­cal Action offi­cer), Ray Mon­a­han (a senior offi­cer of the Cuban Desk of Cen­tral Intel­li­gence Agen­cy’s West­ern Hemi­sphere Divi­sion), USAF COL. Alfred Gold­berg (U.S. Air Force His­tor­i­cal Divi­sion senior his­to­ri­an), Birch D. O’Neal, Ann Egert­er, Lam­bert L. Ander­son, John S. Tilton, William A. Brani­gan Jr., William Mar­vin Gheesling, William C. Bright, Harold F. Swen­son, Edward F. Weg­mann (Wack­en­hut Cor­po­ra­tion), Ani­ta Potoc­ki, Jane Roman, William J. Hood, Will Potoc­ki, Char­lotte Bus­tos-Videla File, Stephan Roll, Charles D. Bren­nan, Capt. Franklin Antho­ny Whee­lock Gar­cia, Anto­nio Val­ladares, Anne Lorene Goodpasture,Thomas Wardell Braden, Joseph Wright Alsop V, Wal­ter Lipp­mann, William Samuel Paley, Agustín Iván Edmun­do Edwards East­man (El Mer­cu­rio; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), James Bar­rett Reston, Ben­jamin Crown­in­shield Bradlee, Alfred Friend­ly, Arthur Hays Sulzberg­er, and Edward Louis Bernays.

    Security/coordinators for assas­si­na­tion fireteams:

    Felipe Vidal San­ti­a­go, Roy Har­graves, Bernard Leon “Macho” Bark­er, Loran Eugene Hall, Ela­dio Ceferi­no del Valle Gutier­rez “Yito”, Her­minio Díaz Gar­cía, Nestor “Tony” Izquier­do, Jose Jesus Basul­to “El Capitán Araña” Leon, Alber­to Blan­co “El Loco” Roma­riz, Jorge “El Mago” Robreno Marieges, Juan Manuel Sal­vat “El Gor­do” Roque, Orlan­do Bosch “Dr. Death” Ávi­la, Andres Nazario Sar­gen, Michael Ver­non Town­ley, Don­ald Phin­ney Gregg, Niko­laus “Klaus” Bar­bie, Jorge Mas Canosa, José “El Padri­no” Miguel Bat­tle Sr., William Robert “Tosh” Plum­lee (Nags Head School of Illu­sion­ary War­fare), Erhard Mos­sack (Wer­wolf Org/ Gehlen Org), Robert Leroy, Ger­ard Litt, Jean Paul Robert Fil­i­ol, Charles Voyde Har­rel­son, Fred Lee Crisman, Charles Fred­er­ick Rogers, Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz, Manuel Fran­cis­co Artime Bue­sa, Gas­par Euge­nio Jimenez “Gas­par­i­to” Escobe­do, Mar­cos Jose Diaz Lanz “AMOT‑6” (Min­ute­men), Félix Ismael “El Gato” Rodríguez Mendigutia, Jer­ry Lynn Davis (Secret Army Organization/FBI asset), Guiller­mo Novo “Mr. Bill” Sam­pol, Igna­cio Novo Sam­pol, Vir­gilio R. “Vil­lo” González, Jose Dion­i­sio “Blood­bath” Suarez Esquiv­el, Edwin Ander­son Collins, Luis “El Bam­bi” Clemente Fausti­no Posa­da Car­riles, Euge­nio Rolan­do “Mus­culi­to” Martínez, Manuel “Mano­li­to” Rodriguez Orcar­ber­ro, Pedro Remón Rodríguez, Rafael Aure­li “Chi-Chi” Quin­tero Ibar­bia, Ricar­do Morales “El Mono” Navar­rete, José Joaquin San­jenís “Felix” Per­do­mo, Porter John­ston Goss, Adler Ber­ri­man “Bar­ry” Seal, Anto­nio “Tony” Cues­ta del Valle, Eduar­do “Omar” Víc­tor Aro­ce­na Pérez, Rolan­do Arca­dio “El Tigre” Mas­fer­rer Rojas, Anto­nio Veciana Blanch, Alvin Ross Diaz, and Gor­don Michael Dwayne Nov­el (Dou­ble-Chek Cor­po­ra­tion).


    Robert Emmett John­son (Inter­con­ti­nen­tal Pen­e­tra­tion Force)— Hol­lowed-out trunk of sta­tion wag­on (across the street from the grassy knoll; parked back­wards on the left side of road)— (“Rem­ing­ton XP-100” rifle w/ “.221 Rem­ing­ton Fire­ball” ammo).

    COL. Charles “Boots” Ask­ins Jr. (US Mil­i­tary Attaché, Madrid, Spain)— Manhole/ Grassy Knoll Shoot­er— (mod­i­fied “ArmaLite AR-10 Project SALVO Spe­cial Pur­pose Indi­vid­ual Weapon” car­bine-elec­tro­mag­net­ic dart launch­er w/ “poi­son-filled plas­tic-tipped ice flechette” ammo).

    Frank Ange­lo Fior­i­ni AKA Frank Antho­ny Stur­gis (Operación 40 assassin/ “Chica­go Jun­ta” par­tic­i­pant)— School Book Depos­i­to­ry Shoot­er— (mod­i­fied “Fallschir­mjägergewehr 42 Type G” auto­mat­ic rifle w/ “.22 cal­iber” sabot ammo).

    Capt. Jean-René Marie Souètre (Organ­i­sa­tion armée secrète)— Grassy Knoll Shoot­er— (“De Lisle Com­man­do” car­bine para­troop­er stock w/ sub­son­ic “.45 ACP” ammo).

    San­dalio Her­minio Díaz Gar­cía (Operación 40 assassin/ body­guard for San­tos Traf­fi­cante Jr.)— School Book Depos­i­to­ry Shoot­er— (mod­i­fied “M1” car­bine recham­bered to “9mm” ammo).

    COL. Joseph Young Canon (“Z‑Unit” Commander/ Field Oper­a­tions Intel­li­gence Com­man­der)— Dal-Tex Shoot­er— (“FAL 50.63 PARA 2” bat­tle rifle w/ “.22 cal­iber” sabot ammo).

    Loran Eugene Hall (Inter­na­tion­al Anti-Com­mu­nist Brigade/ Amer­i­can Com­mit­tee To Free Cuba/ Min­ute­men)— Dal-Tex Shoot­er— (“ArmaLite AR-15 Mod­el 01” assault rifle w/ .223 ammo).

    Nestor Anto­nio “Tony” Izquier­do (Office of Naval Intel­li­gence asset/ Oper­a­tion PATTY com­man­do)— Dal-Tex Shoot­er— (“HK G3A3” 1963 bipod ver­sion bat­tle rifle w/ “.22 cal­iber” sabot ammo).

    Maj. Lau­ri Allan Törni (Unit­ed States Army Spe­cial Forces)— Storm Drain Shoot­er— (sup­pressed OSS-mod­el “M3 Greas­er” sub­ma­chine gun w/ sub­son­ic “.45 ACP” ammo).

    Maj. Gen. Mitchell Liv­ingston Wer­Bell III “AMBOAR” (CIA con­trac­tor)— Grassy Knoll Shoot­er (adja­cent & above storm drain)— (first gen­er­a­tion exper­i­men­tal “Mil­i­tary Arma­ment Cor­po­ra­tion Mod­el 10” machine pis­tol w/ sub­son­ic “.45 ACP” ammo).

    Finan­cial back­ers of assas­si­na­tion plot:

    COL. Wick­liffe Pre­ston Drap­er, Patrick Joseph Fraw­ley Jr., Harold “Hal” Syd­ney Geneen (ITT Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), François Genoud, Farouk Chourba­gi (PERMINDEX), Prince Egon Max­i­m­il­ian von Hohen­lo­he, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Kurt Frei­herr von Schröder, Ernest H. Meili (senior vice pres­i­dent, J. Hen­ry Schroder Bank­ing Corp.), Enno Hob­bing “GPAZURE” (ZR/AWARD com­man­der), Mas­si­mo Spa­da (Admin­is­tra­tive Sec­re­tary, Vat­i­can Bank), Lt. Gen. Pedro Augus­to del Valle, Michele “The Shark” Sin­dona, José “Pepin” Bosch, Wal­ter Ster­ling Sur­rey (World Finance Cor­po­ra­tion), COL. Paul Lionel Edward Hel­li­well (Sea Sup­ply Inc./ Civ­il Air Trans­port), Carl­ton P. Fuller (Schroder-Rock­e­feller & Co.), Licio Gel­li, Ann Clare Boothe Luce, Fer­enc Nagy (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Commerciale/PERMINDEX, Pres­i­dent), Joseph Peter Grace Jr (pres­i­dent, W.R. Grace & Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), San­to Traf­fi­cante Jr., Edwin Wen­dell Pauley Sr., Horst Alber­to Car­los Fuld­ner Bruene (SOFINDUS), Nicholas Louis Deák, Irv­ing Brown, Edward Kiper Moss, William Stu­art Syming­ton III, Gr. Uff Ange­lo Sagna (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), William C. “Bill” Liedtke Jr. (Zap­a­ta Petro­le­um Cor­po­ra­tion), James Clement Dunn, Seizō Arisue (M‑Fund/Katō Kikan com­man­der), Fran­co Micuc­ci Cec­chi (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), Car­di­nal Eugène Tis­ser­ant, Friedrich Venceslav “Fritz” Schwend AKA “Jer­ry Droller” AKA “Frank Ben­der” AKA “Ger­ald Drech­er” AKA “Mr. B” AKA “Don Fed­eri­co,” Georges Alber­ti­ni (Infor­ma­tion Coun­cil of the Americas/ Worms Bank), Hel­mut Her­bert Chris­t­ian Hein­rich Knochen, Michele Gutiér­rez Spadafo­ra-Duque XII de Spadafo­ra (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Commerciale/ Ban­co di Sicilia/ PERMINDEX), Alber­to Fer­nán­dez Echevar­ría “AMDENIM‑1,” Thomas “Tom­my The Cork” Gar­diner Cor­co­ran, Hen­ry Neil Mal­lon, Dr. Ernst Zeiest (PERMINDEX), Clark McAdams Clif­ford, Karl Friedrich Otto Wolff, Spruille Braden (John Birch Society/ Unit­ed Fruit Com­pa­ny), Jorge Díaz Ser­ra­no, Father Hoze Aramiza AKA Jose Gardeano, Junio Vale­rio “Black Prince” Borgh­ese (Pres­i­dent, Cred­i­to Com­mer­ciale e Indus­tri­ale), Paul Gray Hoff­man (ZR/CANDY offi­cer), Jay E. Crane (Stan­dard Oil Com­pa­ny of New Jer­sey; ZR/CANDY offi­cer), Joseph Mor­rell Dodge (Detroit Bank; ZR/CANDY offi­cer), War­ren Ran­dolph Burgess (Nation­al City Bank; ZR/CANDY offi­cer), Allan Sproul (Fed­er­al Reserve Bank of New York/ Wells Far­go Bank; ZR/CANDY offi­cer), Thomas Har­ring­ton McKit­trick (Bank for Inter­na­tion­al Settlements/ Chase Nation­al Bank; ZR/CANDY offi­cer), Jay Love­stone, Paul Hauss­er, Joseph Mor­rell Dodge, Gus­tav Adolf Son­nen­hol, Mau­rice Hubert Stans, George Her­bert Walk­er “Pop­py” Bush, John Train “WUSALINE/ WUSALIFY” (Train, Cabot & Asso­ciates), Ernst Achen­bach, Max Hage­mann-Engeli (Nation­al-Zeitung/PER­MIN­DEX), Maj. Gen. George H. Olm­st­ed, Louis Mor­timer Bloom­field (PERMINDEX), George Rufus Brown, Alex E. Carl­son (Dou­ble-Chek Cor­po­ra­tion), Car­los Cues­ta Gal­lar­do “TECOS,” Robert Kei­th Gray, Robert Bernard Ander­son, Georges Man­del-Mon­tel­lo (PERMINDEX), Lutz Graf Schw­erin von Krosigk, Robert J. Kle­berg Jr. (own­er, King Ranch; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Felix Mar­tin Julius Stein­er, Frank Bruno Gigliot­ti, Satiris “Son­ny” G. Fas­soulis (World Com­merce Corporation/ Com­merce Inter­na­tion­al Chi­na Inc.), Pier F. Tal­en­ti (First West­ern Bank and Trust Com­pa­ny), C. Jay Hutchin­son (Ana­con­da Cop­per Min­ing Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Gra­ham Ander­son Mar­tin, William Dud­ley Pel­ley, Paul Marcinkus, Brig. Gen. Egbert Erle Cocke Jr., Father Roger Veke­mans, Friedrich Gus­tave Kadgien (Imhau­ka AG), Thomas J. Devine “WUBRINY‑1” (Zap­a­ta Petro­le­um Cor­po­ra­tion), William Howard Quasha, Sal­vador Díaz-Ver­són “AMPALM-26,” Her­mann Josef Abs, Valer­ian Lada-Mocars­ki (J. Hen­ry Schroder Bank­ing Cor­po­ra­tion pres­i­dent), Count Car­lo D’Ame­lio (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Commerciale/PERMINDEX), Sir William Samuel “Intre­pid” Stephen­son (British-Amer­i­can-Cana­di­an-Cor­po­ra­tion/­World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion), William Hor­ri­g­an (for­mer OSS; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion pres­i­dent), Ricar­do Sicre (for­mer OSS; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion vice-pres­i­dent), Rus­sell For­gan (for­mer OSS offi­cer; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion direc­tor), John Rior­dan (Mer­rill Lynch Bro­ker­age House, Rome, Italy), Frank Ryan (for­mer OSS; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion direc­tor and lat­er pres­i­dent), James Cav­agnaro (vice-pres­i­dent of Transamer­i­ca, the hold­ing com­pa­ny that con­trols Bank of Amer­i­ca; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion direc­tor), Daniel de Meno­cal (invest­ment banker con­nect­ed to JP Mor­gan; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion direc­tor), L. Boyd Hatch (invest­ment banker; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion direc­tor), Edward Stet­tinius Jr. (orga­nized the Liberia Com­pa­ny; World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion direc­tor), James Har­ri­son Wil­son Thomp­son (World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion, Bangkok/ Sea Sup­ply Inc./ Civ­il Air Trans­port), John B. Arnold (vice pres­i­dent, First Nation­al City Bank; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Hans Selig­man-Schurch (PERMINDEX), Mey­er Lan­sky (Bank Of World Commerce/ Per­rine-Cut­ler Ridge Bank), Giulio Andreot­ti (Min­istro del­la Difesa/ Pro­pa­gan­da Due/ Piano Solo), John Pull­man (Atlas Bank/ Intra­bank), Edward Levin­son (Serv‑U Corp), Bur­ton W. Kan­ter, Enri­co Frit­toli (Loca­di Import-Export Company/ Comité Monte Car­lo), Eddie Celli­ni (Mary Carter Paint Com­pa­ny), Vit­to­rio Val­let­ta, Rafael Leónidas Tru­jil­lo Martínez (Cred­i­to Com­mer­ciale e Indus­tri­ale), Hen­ry War­ren Bal­go­oyen (exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent, Amer­i­can & For­eign Pow­er Co. Inc.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Tony “Big Tuna” Accar­do (Serv-U-Corp), Ernest Feisst (Wan­der A. G./PERMINDEX), George Atkin­son Bra­ga (Czarnikow-Rion­da Co./ Schroban­co), Alfon­so Spataro [Ban­ca di Cred­i­to Com­mer­ciale e Indus­tri­ale (Credil­comin)], Ger­ald Lyman Ken­neth Smith, Rober­to Ascarel­li (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), Bernar­do Rion­da Bra­ga (first vice pres­i­dent, Czarnikow-Rion­da Co./ Schroban­co; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Yoshio Kodama (M‑Fund/ CIA asset), Rober­to Ale­jos Arzú “La Mano Blan­ca,” Fred­er­ick Rus­sell Kap­pel (chair­man, Amer­i­can Tele­phone and Tele­graph Com­pa­ny, Inc.;ZR/AWARD offi­cer), David Matthew Kennedy, Arch­bish­op Mar­i­ano Rossell Arel­lano (Unit­ed Fruit Com­pa­ny), Dr. Ernst W. Infeld (PERMINDEX/Imhauka AG), Paul Winz­er AKA Wal­ter Eugene Mosig (SOFINDUS), Giuseppe Azzaret­to (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), Kim Jong-pil (KCIA Direc­tor), Richard L.G. Dev­er­all (AFL Far East Bureau/CIA asset), George Crews McGhee, Lloyd Fran­cis MacMa­hon (Gen­er­al Coun­sel, PERMINDEX), Brig. Gen. Charles “Babe” Baron, Horace Gree­ley Hjal­mar Schacht, Mario San­doval Alar­cón, Sal­va­tore “Sam Gold” Gian­cana, Hen­ry Ford II (chair­man, Ford Motor Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Cor­ra­do Bon­fan­ti­ni (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), David Rock­e­feller (Chase Man­hat­tan Bank; ZR/AWARD com­man­der), Hans F. Sennholz, Ryōichi Sasakawa (M‑Fund/ CIA asset), Anna Chen­nault, Dr. Edgar Bern­hard Jacques Salin (PERMINDEX), Roger Miles Blough (chair­man, Unit­ed States Steel Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Fred C. Foy (chair­man, Kop­pers Co. Inc.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Vir­gilio Gaito (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), Oki­nori Kaya (M‑Fund/ CIA asset), Don­ald Mcin­tosh “Don” Kendall (Pep­si­Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Alfre­do Piz­zoni (Cred­i­to Ital­iano Bank Pace e lib­ertà), COL. Paul Hyde Bon­ner (eco­nom­ic advis­er to the US Ambas­sador Rome,Italy in the set­tle­ment of war claims), Car­di­nal Fran­cis Joseph Spell­man (Unit­ed Fruit Com­pa­ny), Giuseppe Zigiot­ti (Fas­cist Nation­al Asso­ci­a­tion for Mili­tia Arms/ PERMINDEX), Emilio G. Col­la­do (vice pres­i­dent, Stan­dard Oil Co., New Jer­sey; ZR/AWARD offi­cer; ZR/CANDY offi­cer), Wirt Dex­ter Walk­er II (Rus­sell & Company/ Zap­a­ta Cor­po­ra­tion), Hen­ry Robin­son Luce, Wal­lace Groves, Alfre­do Croc­co (Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), Charles Gre­go­ry “Bebe” Rebo­zo (Coral Gables Motel), Fran­cis E. Grimes (vice pres­i­dent, Chase Man­hat­tan Bank.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), William H. Hick­ey (pres­i­dent, The Unit­ed Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Edgar F. Kaiser (pres­i­dent, Kaiser Indus­tries Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), S. Mau­rice McAshan Jr. (pres­i­dent, Ander­son, Clay­ton & Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), George S. Moore (pres­i­dent, First Nation­al City Bank; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Alan Mills Aber­nethy (Byrd Uranium/ Cen­tro Mon­di­ale Com­mer­ciale), John D.J. Moore (vice pres­i­dent, W. R. Grace & Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Wilbur Mor­ri­son (exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent, Pan Amer­i­can World Air­ways, Inc.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Hen­ry T. Mudd (pres­i­dent, Cyprus Mines Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Robert W. Pur­cell (chair­man, Inter­na­tion­al Basic Econ­o­my Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Hen­ry B. Sar­gent (pres­i­dent, Amer­i­can & For­eign Pow­er Co., Inc.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Thomas E. Sun­der­land (pres­i­dent, Unit­ed Fruit Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), A. Thomas Tay­lor (pres­i­dent, Inter­na­tion­al Pack­ers, Ltd.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Arthur Kit­tredge Wat­son (pres­i­dent, IBM World Trade Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Leo D. Welch (chair­man, Stan­dard Oil Co., New Jersey/ chair­man, Satel­lite Corp.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), John R. White (vice pres­i­dent, Stan­dard Oil Co., New Jer­sey; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Wal­ter B. Wris­ton (exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent, First Nation­al City Bank; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), Nor­man Carig­nan (vice pres­i­dent of South Amer­i­can group, W. R. Grace & Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), John F. Gal­lagher (vice pres­i­dent, Sears, Roe­buck & Co.; ZR/AWARD offi­cer), ADM. Charles May­nard Cooke Jr. (Com­merce Inter­na­tion­al Chi­na Inc./ World Com­merce Cor­po­ra­tion), Nobusuke Kishi (M‑Fund/ CIA asset), Thomas E. Dewey (Mary Carter Paint Com­pa­ny), Willis H. Bird (Sea Sup­ply Inc.), Eugene Ben­jamin Ger­many (Texas Regulars/ Civ­il Air Patrol), Edward Roland Noel “Bun­ny” Har­ri­man (Union Bank­ing Cor­po­ra­tion), Nel­son Bunker Hunt (Amer­i­can Vol­un­teer Group), Cor­nelius Van­der Starr, Guiller­mo Hernán­dez-Car­taya, Shige­to­mo “Shig” Kataya­ma, John Howard Pew, Ser­gio Arcacha-Smith, Thomas Dud­ley Cabot (Radio Swan/ Unit­ed Fruit Company/ Gibral­tar Steamship Com­pa­ny), and William Dou­glas Paw­ley.

    That is who mur­dered Pres­i­dent John F. Kennedy.


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