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FTR #116 Interview with Dee Carone Ferdinand, Ray Kohlman and Mike Ruppert

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Fol­low­ing up on FTR # 115, Mr. Emory’s guests in that inter­view are joined by Dee Carone Fer­di­nand, the daugh­ter of the late Albert Vin­cent Carone. After a brief dis­cus­sion of the mil­i­tary career of for­mer Spe­cial Forces sol­dier Bill Tyree and the law­suit he has filed, most of the pro­gram cen­ters on the career of Col. Carone, whose activ­i­ties could be said to be “the glue” that ties the var­i­ous ele­ments of the law­suit togeth­er. Ms. Fer­di­nand detailed her father’s career, begin­ning with his boy­hood on the streets of Brook­lyn, where he became a pro­tege of Vito Gen­ovese (the role mod­el for the title char­ac­ter in the movie The God­fa­ther). Dur­ing the war, Col. Carone worked for OSS (The U.S. World War II intel­li­gence agency) and con­tin­ued work­ing on the “covert side” after the war. An inti­mate of many of the most impor­tant fig­ures in orga­nized crime, Carone was heav­i­ly involved with a series of activ­i­ties sub­sumed under the code name “Amadeus”. Accord­ing to Ms. Fer­di­nand, “Amadeus” cov­ered activ­i­ties going back to World War II and involved gold smug­gling (alleged­ly in con­junc­tion with or through the Vat­i­can) and the smug­gling of Nazi SS men out of Europe and into Latin Amer­i­ca after the War, as well as drug smug­gling. (The Amadeus activ­i­ties went on up through the mid 1980s, accord­ing to Ms. Fer­di­nand.) The “Amadeus” activ­i­ties were also con­nect­ed to George Bush. In addi­tion to his con­nec­tions to Oliv­er North, Col. Carone was also close­ly con­nect­ed to the late William Casey, with whom Carone alleged­ly arranged lucra­tive insid­er trad­ing deals for var­i­ous orga­nized crime fig­ures. The inter­view con­cludes with dis­cus­sion of Col. Carone’s alleged par­tic­i­pa­tion in the assas­si­na­tion of Pres­i­dent Kennedy. Ms. Fer­di­nand alleged that Col. Carone called the assas­si­na­tion “a coup” and that the Army was told to “stand down” and that Col. Carone was in Dal­las with Water­gate bur­glar Frank Stur­gis (then known as Frank Fior­i­ni).


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