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FTR #264 Darth Nader: Ralph Nader’s Politics of Hypocrisy

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1. In this most close­ly decid­ed elec­tion, the small per­cent­age of the vote gar­nered by Green Par­ty can­di­date Ralph Nad­er did, as some crit­ics had warned it would, prove to have deci­sive impact. A vote for Nad­er was indeed a vote for Bush, par­tic­u­lar­ly in Flori­da. (Nad­er got more than 90,000 votes in Flori­da.)

2. This pro­gram illu­mi­nates some aspects of Nader’s finan­cial and pro­fes­sion­al his­to­ry that have escaped pop­u­lar atten­tion. The broad­cast begins with an arti­cle by Mar­tin Kil­ian, a char­ter mem­ber of the Green Par­ty in Ger­many. Kil­ian penned a crit­i­cal analy­sis of the Nad­er can­di­da­cy that was post­ed on the Con­sor­tium’s web site. (consortiumnews.com; 11/1/2000.)

3. The Con­sor­tium is an asso­ci­a­tion of alter­na­tive jour­nal­ists. Kil­ian warned against the polit­i­cal imma­tu­ri­ty of the Nad­er can­di­da­cy, fail­ing to take into account both the nature of the Amer­i­can elec­toral sys­tem and the social and envi­ron­men­tal con­se­quences of a Bush pres­i­den­cy. (Idem.)

4. The bal­ance of the first side of the broad­cast fea­tures an arti­cle about the hyp­o­crit­i­cal invest­ment pol­i­cy that Ralph Nad­er has exe­cut­ed. (“How Nad­er Prof­its While He Preach­es” by Jeff McMa­hon; bushwatch.net/nader.htm; 10/27/2000.)

5. Nad­er owns up to $250,000 worth of shares of Fideli­ty Mag­el­lan Fund, a firm that is heav­i­ly invest­ed in many of the cor­po­ra­tions that Nad­er has been most vocal in crit­i­ciz­ing. (Idem.)

6. Among those firms that Fideli­ty invests in are Hal­libur­ton oil, head­ed by Dick Cheney up until recent­ly. Fideli­ty also invests in Occi­den­tal Petro­le­um, a firm that has been crit­i­cized by envi­ron­men­tal­ists. Al Gore’s moth­er’s trust owns a sig­nif­i­cant block of Occi­den­tal stock. Gore’s pop­ulist cre­den­tials have been impugned Nad­er Vice-Pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Winona La Duke because of that stock. (Idem.)

7. The sec­ond side high­lights dis­turb­ing aspects of Nader’s anti-labor activ­i­ties, and his avoid­ance of social issues. (“1.75 Cheers for Ralph” by Doug Hen­wood; Left Busi­ness Observ­er; 10/1996 [#74].)

8. Next, the pro­gram turns to the effect a Bush admin­is­tra­tion will have on issues that are at the core of the Green/Nader cam­paign. (“The Last Green Mile” by Thomas L. Fried­man; New York Times; 12/ 8/2000; p. A31.)

9. The fed­er­al appoint­ments that Bush will make are going to have an immense­ly neg­a­tive impact on the inter­pre­ta­tion of Fed­er­al reg­u­la­tions on the envi­ron­ment, in par­tic­u­lar. (Idem.)

10. The broad­cast con­cludes with dis­cus­sion of a fed­er­al appeals court deci­sion that dis­missed a law­suit chal­leng­ing the con­sti­tu­tion­al legit­i­ma­cy of a Bush/Cheney tick­et. (“Cheney Ruled a Res­i­dent of Wyoming” AP; Los Ange­les Times; 12/8/2000; 12/8/2000.)

11. Three of the four judges were appoint­ed by Pres­i­dent Bush, the oth­er by Rea­gan. (Idem.)

12. Pro­gram High­lights Include: Nader’s role in under­min­ing air­line and truck­ing work­ers in the 1970’s (“1.75 Cheers for Ralph” by Doug Hen­wood; Left Busi­ness Observ­er; 10/1996 [#74].)

13. Nader’s fight to pre­vent union­iza­tion in a pub­li­ca­tion he found­ed (Idem.).

14. Nader’s alleged refusal to pre­vent pub­li­ca­tion of CIA/corporate col­lu­sion in his Multi­na­tion­al Mon­i­tor (Idem.).

15. Nader’s role in effec­tive­ly neu­tral­iz­ing a big­ger union dri­ve at Pub­lic Cit­i­zen (Idem.).

16. Nader’s exces­sive secre­cy about his own finan­cial affairs (“How Nad­er Prof­its While He Preach­es” by Jeff McMa­hon; bushwatch.net/nader.htm; 10/27/2000.).

17. A detailed list of the var­i­ous cor­po­ra­tions Nad­er invest in and (hyp­o­crit­i­cal­ly) crit­i­cizes at the same time. (Idem.)