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FTR #34 Hashude

Lis­ten now: One Seg­ment [1]

The grow­ing prob­lem of the poor and home­less in the Unit­ed States is the back­drop against which this pro­gram sets forth the analy­sis of the SS’s “solu­tion” to the prob­lem of the “aso­cial.” Just as Amer­i­can reac­tionar­ies are call­ing for state insti­tu­tions to con­fis­cate the chil­dren of chron­i­cal­ly poor “wel­fare moth­ers” and the urban Amer­i­can gen­try is call­ing for “some­thing” to be done to get the home­less off the streets, Nazi Ger­many respond­ed to sim­i­lar calls on the part of the mid­dle and upper mid­dle class­es to solve the same prob­lems. The Nazis estab­lished SS-super­vised hous­ing devel­op­ments for the “aso­cials” (the Nazi term for the chron­i­cal­ly poor and unem­ployed.) Hashude was a pilot insti­tu­tion for this pro­gram. The unem­ployed and chron­i­cal­ly poor were forced to take up res­i­dence in these insti­tu­tions and had to adhere to a strict cur­few by the SS guards who admin­is­tered the facil­i­ties. As eco­nom­ic pres­sures grew on the Third Reich, the “aso­cials” were even­tu­al­ly “relo­cat­ed” from insti­tu­tions such as Hashude to insti­tu­tions such as Dachau and Auschwitz. (Record­ed in the fall of 1995.)