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FTR #357 Mein Jihad Part 5 (“The Jihad for Freedom”, Part II)

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This program presents more information about the 9/11 attacks. Continuing discussion of the intersection between the milieux of oil, international finance, fascism and “Islamofascism” the program explores spheres of influence in which the forces behind the 9/11 attacks operate. Particular emphasis is on the connection between the Republican Party’s ethnic outreach operations and the Wahhabi/Islamofascist elements behind Al Queda. The title is a reference to the Crusade For Freedom, an illegal, Nazi-linked, domestic intelligence operation. This operation is described more fully in FTRs 48, 186, 248 and 346, among other programs. FTR 353 and FTR 356 directly presage this program. Particular emphasis is on the numerous intersections between the Republican Party, the Bush administration and Al Taqwa.

1. The discussion begins with the freezing of the funds of Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, a key member of the Al Taqwa network. (“Keeping Up the Fight Against the Financiers” by Mark Hosenball; Newsweek; 4/29/2002; p. 10.)

2. That same article notes that there has been a recent struggle between the Treasury and Justice departments over the raids on March 20. (Idem.) Mr. Emory speculates that this struggle may well involve efforts on the part of FBI director Robert Mueller and John Ashcroft to block the investigative pathways leading in the direction of the Underground Reich. (For more about Mueller, see FTR#’s 310, 325, 349. For more about Ashcroft, see FTR#’s 271, 339.)

3. Highlighting one of the principal focal points of the discussion, the program delineates major areas of intersection between the labyrinthine network attacked in the 3/20 raids, the Al Taqwa milieu, and the Republican Party. (FTR#342 documented the role of six members of the Bin Laden family in the founding of Al Taqwa.) A recent Wall Street Journal article described some of the organizations targeted in the raids.

“These include Al-Taqwa Management, a recently liquidated Swiss company the U.S. government believes acted as a banker for Osama bin Laden’s al Queda terrorist network. . .Two people affiliated with the companies and charities are linked by records to entities already designated as terrorist by the U.S. government. Hisham Al-Talib, who served as an officer of SAAR, the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Safa Trust Inc., another Mirza charity, during the 1970’s was an officer of firms run by Youssef M. Nada, records show. Mr. Nada is a Switzerland-based businessman whose assets have been frozen by the U.S. for alleged involvement in terrorist financing, and is alleged by U.S. officials to be a key figure in the Taqwa network. . .Jamal Barzinji, an officer of Mr. Mirza’s company Mar-Jac and other entities, also was involved with Mr. Nada’s companies in the 1970’s, according to bank documents from Liechtenstein. A message was left yesterday for Mr. Barzinji at his address in Herndon. Mr. Barzinji and Mr. Talib live across the street from each other. A third business associate of Mr. Nada, Ali Ghaleb Himmat (who also has been designated by the Treasury as aiding terrorism), is listed as an official of the Geneva branch of another charity operated by Mr. Mirza, the International Islamic Charitable Organization.”

(“Funds Under Terror Probe Flowed From Offshore” by Glenn R. Simpson [with Michael M. Phillips]; Wall Street Journal; 3/22/2002; p. A4.)

4. Filling in more detail about the Republican Party and the Al Taqwa/Al Queda milieu, the broadcast notes post-9/11 contacts between President Bush and people who are part of the GOP/Islamofascist milieu under investigation.

“On the Afternoon of September 26, George W. bush gathered 15 prominent Muslim-and-Arab-Americans at the White House. . . Unfortunately, many of the leaders present hadn’t unambiguously rejected it [terrorism]. To the president’s left sat Dr. Yahya Basha, president of the American Muslim Council, an organization whose leaders have repeatedly called Hamas ‘freedom fighters.’ Also in attendance was Salam al-Maryati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who on the afternoon of September 11 told a Los Angeles public radio audience that ‘we should put the State of Israel on the suspect list.’ And sitting right next to President Bush was Muzammil Siddiqi, president of the Islamic Society of North America, who last fall told a Washington crowd chanting pro-Hezbollah slogans, ‘America has to learn if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come.'”

(“Fevered Pitch” by Franklin Foer; The New Republic; 11/12/2001; p. 1.)

5. Speaking of key GOP operative Grover Norquist, the article attributes some of these events to the influence of Norquist.

“According to several sources, Norquist helped orchestrate various post-September 11 events that brought together Muslim leaders and administration officials.”

(Ibid.; pp. 1-2.)

6. Confirming speculation that Mr. Emory had put forward in FTR#’s 353 and FTR#356, the program underscores the point that Norquist helped forge the GOP/Islamist links to counteract the traditional Jewish links to the Democratic Party.

“. . . he [Norquist] figured that he could turn Muslims into the obvious counterweight to the relationship between the Jews and Dems.”

(Ibid.; p. 2.)

7. Some of the GOP/Islamist links are even more alarming.

“The record of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-which, like the AMC, sends members to meetings organized by Norquist and Saffuri-is no more encouraging. When interviewed by Salon’s Jake Tapper on September 26, CAIR Communication Director Ibrahim Hooper refused to condemn Osama bin Laden. CAIR founder Nihad Awad, who appeared with Bush at the Washington Islamic Center, has argued that ‘there is ample evidence indicating that both the Mossad and the Egyptian Intelligence [service] played a role in the [1993 World Trade Center] explosion.’ And Siraj Wahaj, who has served as a CAIR board member, has been described by federal prosecutor Mary Jo White as a possible conspirator in the ’93 bombing.”

(Ibid.; pp. 5-6.)

8. In the context of the Ms. White’s statements about Siraj Wahaj, consider the following discussion about the 1993 WTC attack’s mastermind (Ramzi Youssef) and Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols.

“While making final preparations for Bojinka [a terrorist attack], the terrorists met with Terry L. Nichols several times in Cebu City. Nichols, along with Timothy McVeigh, were charged with the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, that killed 168 people and wounded another 600. Some FBI officials now believe that Nichols, who has ‘mail-order’ Filipino wife from Cebu, obtained contact with Youssef through Muslim students at Southwest College in Weatherford, Oklahoma. The officials further believe that Youssef and [Abdul Hakim] Murad provided Nichols with training in making and handling bombs. Without such instruction, Nichols and McVeigh would not have been able to assemble a 5,600-pound bomb made of ammonium nitrate and nitromethane. Several informants recently gave testimony that they met Nichols with Youssef in the Philippines and that the American was affectionately known there as ‘the Farmer.’ After that Oklahoma bombing, Murad told prison guards that Youssef’s ‘Liberation Army,’ a branch of Al Qaeda, was responsible for it. He later made this same claim in writing.”

(Al Queda: Brotherhood of Terror; by Paul Williams; Copyright 2002 [SC]; Alpha Books; ISBN 0-02-864352-6; pp. 145-146.)

9. It is interesting, and important, to note that the heroic John Loftus (co-author of The Secret War Against the Jews) helped to precipitate the 3/20 raids with his investigative work. (“Finances Prompted Raids on Muslims” by John Mintz and Tom Jackman; Washington Post; 3/24/2002; p. A21.) Loftus’ work on the Crusade For Freedom is a conceptual foundation of this (and the previous) program.

10. Next, the program reviews (and further highlights) connections between Al Taqwa, Gulf Office, Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, and the “Bank of Gothard” [Banco del Gottardo].

“The Milanese connection originates in the Bahamas. Since leaving its first head office in Nassau, Al Taqwa established itself at NIGH (Nasreddin International Group Holdings)-10 Dewaux Street in Nassau. The NIGH holding company deserves close attention. Yusef Nada’s assistant Ali Ghaleb Himmat works there. The Bank of Gothard is NIGH’s bank, through account CC/B No. 313656, through the agency of Chiasso, in the name of a Charity Foundation. The Bank of Gothard also appears, in a confidential report on Al Taqwa’s activity, under the heading of business connections. The bank manager at Gothard, Claudio Generale, told me however, that he does not know either Al Taqwa, or its director, much less the holding company NIGH. The President and creator of NIGH, Nasreddin Ahmed Idris, who also appears on the list of the first shareholders in Al Taqwa, is honorary consul of Kuwait in Milan. Living in Italy, Switzerland and Morocco, this businessman directs a multitude of financial companies, most of which end up leading again to the nebula of Al Taqwa. One of them, Gulf Office (Association for Commercial, Industrial and Tourist Development between the Gulf States and Switzerland), currently dormant, had been housed in the same building as the mosque of Lugano.”

(Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam; by Richard Labeviere; Copyright 2000 [SC]; Algora Publishing; ISBN 1-892941-06-6; p. 150.)

11. As discussed in FTR#351, Gulf office was a focal point of the “Clean Hands” investigation in 1994. “In 1994, the Italian judicial system had its sights on Gulf Office and conducted an inquiry into its activities in the context of the operation ‘clean hands.'” (Idem.) That investigation (Clean Hands) resulted in the indictment of former P-2 Lodge member and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

12. The program then reviews alleged links between Nazi banker Francois Genoud, the Muslim Brotherhood and the banking center of Switzerland. (For more about the Muslim Brotherhood, see [among other programs] FTR#’s 343 and 351.) “The Saudis advised to him [Said Ramadan of the Muslim Brotherhood] to make his home in Switzerland for both financial and political reasons. After the Second World War, the petrodollars from the Gulf benefited from the discretion and efficiency of the Swiss banking world. . .Let us mention only the incident of the treasure of the FLN, at the center of which the banker Francois Genoud may be found. Ramadan and the Muslim Brothers thought that they could play a part in the Algerian process as they had done in Palestine in 1947. Said Ramadan thus left Munich to settle in the city of Calvin.” (Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam; p. 154.)

3. Next, the broadcast reviews the Clearstream financial network. The connecting links between Clearstream, Al Taqwa, the Banco del Gottardo and Bin Laden were further described by one of Clearstream’s founders, Ernest Backes, in a recent article. “In November, U.S. authorities named some banks that had bin Laden accounts, and it put them on a blacklist. One was Al Taqwa, ‘Fear of God,’ registered in the Bahamas with offices in Lugano, Switzerland. Al Taqwa had access to the Clearstream system through its correspondent account with the Banca del Gottardo in Lugano, which has a published Clearstream account (No. 74381). But Bin Laden may have other access to the unpublished system. In what he calls a ‘spectacular discovery,’ Ernest Backes reports that in the weeks before CEO Andre Lussi was forced to leave Clearstream last May, a series of 16 unpublished accounts were opened under the name of the Saudi Investment Company, or SICO, the Geneva holding company of the Saudi Binladen Group, which is run by Osama’s brother Yeslam Binladen (some family members spell the name differently.) Yeslam Binladen insists that he has nothing to do with his brother, but evidence suggests SICO is tied into Osama’s financial network. SICO is associated with Dar Al-Maal-Al-Islami (DMI), an Islamic financial institution also based in Geneva and presided over by Prince Muhammed Al Faisal Al Saoud, a cousin of Saudi King Fahd, that directs millions a year to fundamentalist movements. DMI holds a share of the Al Shamal Islamic Bank of Sudan, which was set up in 1991 and partly financed by $50 million from Osama bin Laden. Furthermore, one of SICO’s administrators, Geneva attorney Baudoin Dunand, is a partner in a law firm, Magnin Dunand & Partners, that set up the Swiss financial services company SBA, a subsidiary of the SBA Bank in Paris, which is controlled by Khaled bin Mahfouz. Mahfouz’s younger sister is married to Osama bin Laden.” (“Banking with Bin Laden” by Lucy Komisar [sidebar to “Explosive Revelation$”]; In These Times; 3/15/2002.)

14. FTR#356 underscored the fact that Clearstream was 50% owned by the Deutsche Borse (the German Stock Exchange) at the time of the transactions mentioned above. In February of this year, Deutsche Borse bought out the rest of Clearstream. (“Deutsche Borse Buys Clearstream” by Jonathan Braude; The Deal.com; 2/1/2002.)

15. Having noted allegations that the above-mentioned Francois Genoud founded Al Taqwa. This broadcast further develops discussion of Genoud, Al Queda, the Underground Reich and some of the insider trading involved in the run-up to the 9/11 attacks.

“Financial expert Ernest Backes of Luxembourg has [studied] white-collar crime in the field of banking for many years. According to him, there are indications of unusual transactions with which the groups [associated with] bin Laden could have earned money. ‘You can, for example, examine whether, within a certain time period there’s been an attack against the securities of a given airline company. Since these securities are safe in a ‘clearing system,’ you can’t get an overall view, who the owner was at a given time.’ . . .According to Backes’ information, the trail leads to Switzerland, to the accounts of an organization that was founded by the late lawyer Francois Genoud and evidently still survives. Says Backes, ‘One of the grounds for accusation is that this Swiss attorney had the closest connections with the Bin Laden family, that he was an advisor to the family, one of its investment bankers. It’s known for certain, that he supported terrorism and was the estate executor for Hitler and part of the terror milieu.'”

(“Insider Trading Prior to the Terror Attacks in the US?: Speculating on Terror-Who Profited from the Attacks?” by Rolf Bovier & Pierre Matthias; Bayerische Rundfunk Online (BR-Online); 9/25/2001.)

16. The program concludes with another look at links between Al Taqwa, Clearstream, the Banca del Gottardo in Lugano, alleged Soviet biological warfare operations and elements connected to the Balkans wars.

“Beginning in 1973, Biopreparat produced and stockpiled hundreds of tons of anthrax and dozens of tons of plague and smallpox. Documents obtained in Switzerland by this reporter show that the Banca del Gottardo in Lugano has been tightly involved in deals between Russian weapons firms and Interplastica, a company which, beginning in the 1960’s, specialized in trade with the countries of the East bloc to pierce western embargoes. Interplastica is registered in Morbio Inferiore near Lugano, in the canton of Tessin in southern Switzerland. Among the deals, documents show that the Banca del Gottardo financed a contract between Biopreparat and Interplastica in 1993. . . .Beghjet Pacolli . . . ran Interplastica. Pacolli, who was born in Kosovo, supports militant Muslim groups. . . . Through the Fund for Reconstruction of Kosovo (FORK), in Lugano, he finances the Kosovo Liberation Army or UCK, (known in the West as KLA) described by Robert Gelbard, who was America’s special envoy to Bosnia as ‘Islamic terrorists’ . . . .On Wednesday, November 6, the U.S. announced that it was adding to its blacklist of banks and individuals believed connected to the Bin Laden network the Al Taqwa bank, with operations in Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein and the Bahamas, and its chief executive Youssef Nada and board members Mohamed Mansour and Albert Huber. Mohamed Mansour is on the board of the Bosnian Institute in Zurich. So is Pacolli. Pier Felici Barchi, Nada’s lawyer, and Claudio Generali, president of the Banca del Gottardo, serve together on boards of a capital management foundation in Liechtenstein and several enterprises in Switzerland. They are both leaders of the Liberal Radical Party, which rules in Switzerland and which, till now, has afforded the bank political protection from intrusive investigations by authorities. The U.S. should put an end to that.”

(“Swiss Bank Handled Sale from Russian Bioweapons Company” by Lucy Komisar; Earth Times News Service; November 2001.) Note that the biological warfare attack that presages the Nazi takeover in the book Serpent’s Walk is perpetrated with genetically-engineered microorganisms of Ostensibly Russian origin.


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