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FTR #399 The Serpent’s Diaries

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The title of the pro­gram is a con­trac­tion of The Turn­er Diaries and Ser­pen­t’s Walk-two Nazi tracts pub­lished by the Nation­al Alliance-the most impor­tant of the domes­tic Nazi groups. In the con­text of what fol­lows, it is impor­tant to under­stand that Nation­al Alliance’s books are intend­ed as teach­ing tools and man­i­festos.

Begin­ning with dis­cus­sion of the FBI’s aware­ness of Okla­homa City bomber Tim­o­thy McVeigh’s con­nec­tion to white suprema­cist groups threat­en­ing to blow up Fed­er­al build­ings, the broad­cast reviews the sim­i­lar­i­ty between the 9/11 attack on the Pen­ta­gon and the aer­i­al sui­cide attack on the Pen­ta­gon described in The Turn­er Diaries. One of the most thought-pro­vok­ing aspects of the inves­ti­ga­tion into the Okla­homa City bomb­ing con­cerns McVeigh’s asso­ci­a­tion with Andreas Strass­meir, a Ger­man neo-Nazi, for­mer Bun­deswehr offi­cer and the son of Gunter Strass­meir-Hel­mut Kohl’s chief of staff and the archi­tect of Ger­man reuni­fi­ca­tion. Accord­ing to an ATF infor­mant who passed a lie-detec­tor test, Strass­meir was the mas­ter­mind of the Okla­homa City bomb­ing and McVeigh was his foot sol­dier.

High­light­ing the sim­i­lar­i­ty between Ser­pen­t’s Walk and The Turn­er Diaries, the pro­gram com­pares the takeover sce­nar­ios pre­sent­ed in both books.

The pro­gram con­cludes with dis­cus­sion of the strate­gic use of Zion­ism and Jews as a scape­goat. Par­tic­u­lar empha­sis is on the career of Otto Von Bolschwing, whose pro­tégé (Helene von Damm) select­ed the list of peo­ple from which Ronald Rea­gan made his cab­i­net appoint­ments. In charge of SS intel­li­gence mat­ters in the Mid­dle East, Von Bolschwing con­spired with fas­cist dou­ble-agent Jack Phil­by and King Ibn Saud of Sau­di Ara­bia in order to pro­voke the Arabs into sid­ing with the Third Reich.

Pro­gram High­lights Include: Andreas Strass­meir’s asso­ci­a­tion with Amer­i­can Nazi attor­ney Kirk Lyons; Nuclear and bio-ter­ror­ism as pre­texts for estab­lish­ing mar­tial law; the role of neo-con­ser­v­a­tives from the Rea­gan admin­is­tra­tion in Bush’s defense depart­ment; Von Bolschwing’s asso­ci­a­tion with Allen Dulles and the CIA; the Von Bolschwing-Jack Phil­by con­spir­a­cy to pro­mote British spon­sor­ship of Jew­ish emi­gra­tion to Pales­tine.

1. Begin­ning with dis­cus­sion of recent dis­clo­sures con­cern­ing Tim­o­thy McVeigh’s asso­ci­a­tion with white suprema­cist orga­ni­za­tions, the broad­cast relates the fact that the FBI was aware of those asso­ci­a­tions and appar­ent­ly failed to com­mu­ni­cate this to McVeigh’s defense. Recall that McVeigh was inspired by The Turn­er Diaries. “After the Okla­homa City bomb­ing, FBI inves­ti­ga­tors gath­ered evi­dence link­ing Tim­o­thy McVeigh to white suprema­cists who had threat­ened to attack gov­ern­ment build­ings, inves­tiga­tive mem­os show. Sev­er­al of the doc­u­ments were not pro­vid­ed to the Okla­homa City bomber’s defense before he was con­vict­ed. And the FBI agent in charge of the inves­ti­ga­tion says he nev­er received one tele­type from his own head­quar­ters that raised the pos­si­bil­i­ty McVeigh was aid­ed by oth­er accom­plices.” (“Mem­os: FBI Linked Okla. City Bomber McVeigh to White Suprema­cist Group” [AP]; 2/12/2003.)

2. The pro­gram reviews the cli­mac­tic episode of The Turn­er Diaries, authored by the late William Pierce, the author of Ser­pen­t’s Walk. Pierce (the head of the Nation­al Alliance) has been quite can­did in inter­views that his “nov­els” are teach­ing tools for the Nazi faith­ful. It is not require a great leap of faith to see that the seed for the attack on the Pen­ta­gon may have come from The Turn­er Diaries. Although the cor­re­spon­dence is not pre­cise, the sui­cide attack by a low-fly­ing plane is rem­i­nis­cent of the events of 9/11. (It is worth not­ing that Dr. Lar­ry Ford—con­nect­ed to the CIA and the South African apartheid gov­ern­men­t’s bio­log­i­cal war­fare program—was inspired by The Turn­er Diaries. Ford was con­nect­ed to right-wing extrem­ist groups in this coun­try and abroad. “I con­ferred pri­vate­ly with Major Williams of the Wash­ing­ton Field Com­mand for more than an hour on the prob­lem of attack­ing the Pen­ta­gon. The mil­i­tary’s oth­er major com­mand cen­ters were either knocked out on Sep­tem­ber 8 or sub­se­quent­ly con­sol­i­dat­ed with the Pen­ta­gon, which the top brass appar­ent­ly regard as impreg­nable. And it damned near is. We went over every pos­si­bil­i­ty we could think of, and we came up with no real­ly con­vinc­ing plan-except, per­haps one. That is to make an air deliv­ery of a bomb.” (The Turn­er Diaries; “Andrew Mac­don­ald;” Bar­ri­cade Books, Inc. [SC] 1996; Copy­right 1978, 1980 William Pierce; ISBN 1–56980-086–3; p. 201.)

3. “In the mas­sive ring of defens­es around the Pen­ta­gon there is a great deal of anti-air­craft fire­pow­er, but we decid­ed that a small plane, fly­ing just above the ground, might be able to get through the three-mile gaunt­let with one of our 60-kilo­ton war­heads. One fac­tor in favor of such an attempt is that we have nev­er before used air­craft in such a way, and we might hope to catch the anti-air­craft crews off their guard.” (Idem.)

4. “Although the mil­i­tary is guard­ing all civ­il air­fields, it just hap­pens that we have an old crop duster stashed in a barn only a few miles from here. My imme­di­ate assign­ment is to pre­pare a detailed plan for an aer­i­al attack on the Pen­ta­gon by next Mon­day. We must make a final deci­sion at the time and then with­out fur­ther delay.” (Idem.)

5. “Novem­ber 9, 1993. It’s still three hours until first light, and all sys­tems are ‘go.’ I’ll use the time to write a few pages-my last diary entry. Then it’s a one-way trip to the Pen­ta­gon for me. The war­head is strapped into the front seat of the old Stear­man and rigged to det­o­nate either on impact or when I flip a switch in the back seat. Hope­ful­ly, I’ll be able to mange a low-lev­el air burst direct­ly over the cen­ter of the Pen­ta­gon. Fail­ing that, I’ll at least try to fly as close as I can before I’m shot down.” (Ibid.; p. 202.)

6. “It’s been more than four years since I’ve flown, but I’ve thor­ough­ly famil­iar­ized myself with the Stear­man cock­pit and been briefed on the plane’s pecu­liar­i­ties: I don’t antic­i­pate any pilot­ing prob­lems. The barn-hangar here is only eight miles from the Pen­ta­gon. We’ll thor­ough­ly warm up the engine in the barn, and when the door is opened I’ll go like a bat out of hell, straight for the Pen­ta­gon, at an alti­tude of about 50 feet. . .” (Idem.)

7. The selec­tion of the date of the attack is worth not­ing. Novem­ber 9th is a date that the Nazis com­mem­o­rat­ed. It was the date of the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 and “Die Krys­tall­nacht” in 1938. “Thus end Earl Turn­er’s diaries, as unpre­ten­tious­ly as they began. His final mis­sion was suc­cess­ful, of course, as we all are remind­ed each year on Novem­ber 9‑our tra­di­tion­al Day of the Mar­tyrs.” (Ibid.; p. 205.)

8. High­light­ing the links between the Under­ground Reich and McVeigh, the pro­gram sets forth McVeigh’s links to Andreas Strass­meier, the son of Gunter Strass­meir—Hel­mut Kohl’s chief of staff and the archi­tect of Ger­man reuni­fi­ca­tion. It is inter­est­ing to note that the Berlin Wall came down on Novem­ber 9th.  “Strass­meier’s links to McVeigh and Amer­i­ca’s vio­lent racial­ist under­ground are all the more curi­ous giv­en Andreas’s high-pow­ered fam­i­ly back­ground in Ger­many. His grand­fa­ther was an ear­ly mem­ber of the Nazi Par­ty. Years lat­er his father, Gunter Strass­meir, served as Hel­mut Kohl’s de fac­to chief of staff. A top Chris­t­ian Demo­c­ra­t­ic offi­cial in Berlin, Gunter was also a close friend and advi­sor to the chan­cel­lor. When the Berlin Wall opened in Novem­ber [9th] 1989, they cel­e­brat­ed togeth­er in the streets.” (The Beast Reawak­ens; Mar­tin A. Lee; Copy­right 1997 [HC]; Lit­tle, Brown & Co.; ISBN 0–316-51959–6; p. 352.)

9. Andreas Strass­meir’s attor­ney (and the man who brought Andreas to the Unit­ed States and intro­duced him to the white suprema­cist com­pound at Elo­him City) was Kirk Lyons, an Aryan Nations attor­ney. As dis­cussed in FTR#27, Lyons rep­re­sent­ed a group of Nazis and white suprema­cists who were acquit­ted of plot­ting to bomb the Mur­rah build­ing in the 1980s. “In 1991, Andreas Strass­meir’s Amer­i­can attor­ney, the ubiq­ui­tous Kirk Lyons, vis­it­ed his clien­t’s par­ents at their plush res­i­dence in Berlin. Lyons assured Gunter Strass­meir that his son was doing well in the Unit­ed States. It was Lyons who helped arrange for Andreas to come to Amer­i­ca in the first place. Lyons also intro­duced his young Ger­man friend to the folks at Elo­him City.” (Ibid.; pp. 352–353.)

10. “On April 18, 1995, the day before the Okla­homa City attack, Kirk Lyon­s’s North Car­oli­na law office received a fif­teen-minute phone call from Tim­o­thy McVeigh, who again was using an alias. McVeigh had already cased the fed­er­al build­ing in Okla­homa City. The mili­tia move­ment went on high alert on the sec­ond anniver­sary of the Waco raid. That’s when McVeigh chose to attack, accord­ing to a fed­er­al indict­ment, which left open the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a wider con­spir­a­cy involv­ing ‘oth­ers unknown.’ ” (Ibid.; p. 353.)

11. Accord­ing to Car­ol Howe (an ATF infor­mant who passed a lie-detec­tor test), Strass­meir was the mas­ter­mind of the Okla­homa City bomb­ing and McVeigh was his pro­tégé. “ATF infor­mant Howe has gone so far as to peg Andreas Strass­meir as the prime insti­ga­tor of the bomb­ing She alleges that Strass­meir exert­ed an extra­or­di­nary influ­ence over McVeigh. Strass­meir, who has since moved back to his par­ents’ house in Berlin, denies any involve­ment in the Okla­homa City mas­sacre.” (Idem.)

12. Con­clud­ing the first side of the pro­gram, the broad­cast notes the con­di­tions under which the Nazi group “The Order” takes over the coun­try. After a series of nuclear ter­ror­ist inci­dents that dev­as­tate the coun­try and lead to a dec­la­ra­tion of mar­tial law, the group takes over. A desire to destroy the Unit­ed States and wipe out “the Jews” unites the white suprema­cist move­ment and the Islam­o­fas­cists in a com­mon cause. “Last, and per­haps not least, every­one in the enclave is indis­putably White-we dealt sum­mar­i­ly with every ques­tion­able case-while out­side it is the usu­al godaw­ful assort­ment of White, most­ly White, half-Whites, Gyp­sies, Chi­canos, Puer­to Ricans, Jews, blacks, Ori­en­tals, Arabs, Per­sians, and every­thing else under the sun: the typ­i­cal, cos­mopoli­tan racial goulash one finds in every Amer­i­can met­ro­pol­i­tan area these days. Any­one who feels a need for a lit­tle ‘broth­er­hood,’ Jew­ish style, can leave our enclave. I doubt that many will feel the need.” (The Turn­er Diaries; p. 200.)

13. “Novem­ber 2. We had a long meet­ing this after­noon at which we were briefed on the lat­est nation­al devel­op­ments and giv­en new pri­or­i­ties for our local action pro­gram.” (Idem.)

14. “There has been remark­ably lit­tle change in the nation­al sit­u­a­tion dur­ing the pat six weeks: the gov­ern­ment has been able to do very lit­tle to restore order in the dev­as­tat­ed areas or to com­pen­sate for the dam­age done to the nation’s trans­porta­tion net­work, its pow­er gen­er­at­ing and dis­tri­b­u­tion facil­i­ties, and the oth­er essen­tial com­po­nents of the nation­al econ­o­my. The peo­ple are being left on their own to a very large extent, while the Sys­tem grap­ples with its own prob­lems, not the least of which is its renewed uncer­tain­ty over the reli­a­bil­i­ty of its mil­i­tary forces.” (Idem.)

15. “That lack of change is, in itself, very encour­ag­ing, because it means that the Sys­tem is not recov­er­ing the degree of con­trol over the coun­try which it exer­cised pri­or to Sep­tem­ber 8. The gov­ern­ment has sim­ply not been able to cope with the chaot­ic con­di­tions which now pre­vail through­out wide areas.” (Idem.)

16. “Our units have been doing every­thing they can in the way of sab­o­tage, of course, just for the pur­pose of keep­ing things desta­bi­lized. But Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Com­mand has appar­ent­ly been wait­ing to see what sort of inter­me­di­ate-term sit­u­a­tion would gel before decid­ing the next phase of the Orga­ni­za­tion’s strat­e­gy.” (Idem.)

17. As indi­cat­ed by the title, the pro­gram focus­es on points of com­mon­al­i­ty between Ser­pen­t’s Walk and The Turn­er Diaries. Both “nov­els” involve a Nazi takeover of the Unit­ed States and both takeovers take place after the U.S. is dev­as­tat­ed by ter­ror­ist inci­dents involv­ing weapons of mass destruc­tion. In Ser­pen­t’s Walk, the weapons of destruc­tion are genet­i­cal­ly-engi­neered micro-organ­isms of appar­ent­ly Russ­ian ori­gin. “The news they had picked up in Seat­tle was bad: many of the great East­ern cities were dead or dying; Hous­ton and Dal­las had been infect­ed with a ghast­ly, bac­te­ria-borne, bot­u­lin-like poi­son­ing. Sim­i­lar out­breaks were now being report­ed in Cleve­land and Cincin­nati and Pitts­burgh and Boston and Port­land and Salt Lake City and Mia­mi and a dozen oth­er places. The nation was being held togeth­er only by the most des­per­ate mea­sures imposed by fran­tic police, Nation­al Guard units, and the mil­i­tary. In Detroit, the FBI nabbed a man in the very act of emp­ty­ing a vial of bac­te­r­i­al broth into a reser­voir; the man swal­lowed the stuff and then leaped into the water any­way. Detroit was now off-lim­its to any­body not wear­ing an N.B.C.-nuclear, bio­log­i­cal, and chem­i­cal war­fare-suit. The Army esti­mat­ed near­ly a mil­lion deaths in Detroit already. The tox­in was deliv­ered through the water sup­ply, but it killed more than those who drank it-and those who came into too-close con­tact with the drinkers as they vom­it­ed and coughed their lives away; wher­ev­er it col­lect­ed, in hold­ing-tanks and sew­ers, it fumed and bub­bled and emit­ted bac­te­ria-laden mists. When a fire set off a sprin­kler sys­tem in a dis­count store in Cleve­land, a thou­sand peo­ple died. It was the same all over; Rus­si­a’s sci­ence had been almost as thor­ough as Amer­i­ca’s in the megadeath depart­ment.” (Ser­pen­t’s Walk by ‘Ran­dolph D. Calver­hall;’ Copy­right 1991 [SC]; Nation­al Van­guard Books; 0–937944-05‑X; p. 145.)

18. “New York, Chica­go, and Wash­ing­ton were ceme­ter­ies. Los Ange­les, San Fran­cis­co, Seat­tle, Den­ver, and cer­tain oth­er West­ern cities had so far escaped. Per­haps the ene­my’s dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem had failed on the West Coast. Per­haps it was just slow­er, and Death was still on its way. . .” (Idem.)

19. Note that “dis­pos­sessed Pales­tini­ans and Ira­ni­ans” were among those deliv­er­ing the tox­ins in this sce­nario. Note also the ref­er­ence to “Mor­gan, who served as the Amer­i­can rep­re­sen­ta­tive for one of the move­men­t’s con­glom­er­ates.” This is a thin­ly-veiled ref­er­ence to the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion. “Who was spread­ing the tox­ins? The car­ri­ers were enter­ing the Unit­ed States along the drug routes: Mia­mi and the Gulf Coast, the Cana­di­an bor­der and the deserts of the South­west. Mor­gan, who served as the Amer­i­can rep­re­sen­ta­tive for one of the move­men­t’s con­glom­er­ates, had heard that most of these peo­ple were a mot­ley assort­ment: drug­gies with habits so heavy they would risk any­thing for a pop of smile-dust; the usu­al dis­pos­sessed Pales­tini­ans and Ira­ni­ans; crim­i­nals, psy­chopaths, and mad­men whose hatred and greed out­weighed their instinct for self-preser­va­tion; and mercs will­ing to esca­late war beyond any usu­al ‘civ­i­lized lim­it.’ ” (Ibid.; pp. 145–146.)

20. A major focal point of the pro­gram is the strate­gic manip­u­la­tion of Zion­ism, Israel and Jews as a scape­goat for the world’s prob­lems. As not­ed, the Under­ground Reich has links to the Israeli right-wing and-through the Bor­mann organization–the Zion­ist move­ment as a whole. The rather fan­ci­ful notion of “Zion­ist” con­trol of the gov­ern­ment is not lim­it­ed to Islam­o­fas­cist or white suprema­cist pro­pa­gan­da. In a San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle op-ed col­umn, a Bay Area law pro­fes­sor con­strues the very real pres­ence of pro-Israel, neo-con­ser­v­a­tive hawks in the Bush admin­is­tra­tion as the deter­min­ing fac­tor in the forth­com­ing Iraq adven­ture. This analy­sis is (in effect) a sub­tle manip­u­la­tion of the “Zion­ist Occu­pa­tion Gov­ern­ment [ZOG]” posit­ed in Turn­er Diaries. The Bush admin­is­tra­tion and the Repub­li­can Par­ty are any­thing but “Zion­ists.” By sup­port­ing the Israeli right-wing, they can (par­tial­ly at least) neu­tral­ize the tra­di­tion­al­ly Demo­c­ra­t­ic Jew­ish vote and set up Israel for the anni­hi­la­tion long desired by the Under­ground Reich. In that con­text, one should note that a key ele­ment of the Repub­li­can Par­ty con­sists of fun­da­men­tal­ist Chris­tians, who see the forth­com­ing adven­ture in Iraq as part of “The End Times.” The re-estab­lish­ment of Israel, the con­ver­sion of as many Jews as pos­si­ble to Chris­tian­i­ty, “Armaged­don” and the anni­hi­la­tion of Israel are seen as the ful­fill­ment of Bib­li­cal “prophe­cy” and events herald­ing the Sec­ond Com­ing of Christ. “Why the deter­mi­na­tion to over­throw the Iraqi regime? One key is the spe­cial regard of the hawks for Israel’s right-wing ele­ments. A num­ber of senior Bush offi­cials, includ­ing Wol­fowitz, Fei­th and oth­ers, have strong affil­i­a­tions with the Likud Par­ty of Israeli Prime Min­is­ter Ariel Sharon (as doc­u­ment­ed by Bill and Kath­leen Chris­ti­son in the online mag­a­zine Coun­ter­punch). Fei­th and Defense Pol­i­cy Board mem­ber Richard Per­le, for exam­ple, helped author a 1996 study for Israeli Prime Min­is­ter Ben­jamin Netanyahu describ­ing Hus­sein’s over­throw as ‘an impor­tant Israeli strate­gic objec­tive in its own right-[and] a means of foil­ing Syr­i­a’s region­al ambi­tions.’ Inter­est­ing­ly, the study for the Israeli gov­ern­ment also advo­cat­ed resort to pre-emp­tive strike‑a theme now tak­en up by Pres­i­dent Bush.” (“Amer­i­can Jihad” by George Bisharat; San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle; 2/13/2003; p. A27.)

21. “If an Iraqi attack on the Unit­ed States is far-fetched, a reju­ve­nat­ed Iraq could even­tu­al­ly alter the region­al bal­ance of pow­er now favor­able to Israel. Iraq is the only Arab state to com­bine oil wealth, water and a large pop­u­la­tion (more than 23 mil­lion), mak­ing it a poten­tial pow­er­house. War on Iraq would elim­i­nate, for the fore­see­able future, any obsta­cle to a dis­po­si­tion of the Israeli-Pales­tin­ian con­flict on terms that sat­is­fy Israel’s ter­ri­to­r­i­al ambi­tions on most or all of the West Bank.” (Idem.)

22. “Israel is qui­et­ly exul­tant at the turn in U.S. pol­i­cy, occa­sion­al­ly hint­ing that Iran or Syr­ia should be next. Israeli Deputy Inte­ri­or Min­is­ter Gideon Ezra sug­gest­ed to the Chris­t­ian Sci­ence Mon­i­tor in August that a U.S. attack on Iraq will help Israel impose a new order, with­out Yass­er Arafat, in the Pales­tin­ian ter­ri­to­ries: ‘The more aggres­sive the attack is, the more it will help Israel against the Pales­tini­ans. The under­stand­ing would be that what is good to do in Iraq, is also good for here.’ A U.S. strike would ‘undoubt­ed­ly deal a psy­cho­log­i­cal blow’ to the Pales­tini­ans and would help Israel vis-à-vis Syr­ia, Ezra added.” (Idem.)

23. “Does this mean that we are going to war for Israel, rather than the Unit­ed States?” (Idem.)

24. The focal point of the remain­der of the broad­cast is Otto von Bolschwing, one of the prin­ci­pal offi­cers in admin­is­ter­ing Hitler’s liq­ui­da­tion of the Jews. In addi­tion to his own sig­nif­i­cance, Von Bolschwing is note­wor­thy because Helene von Damm (a pro­tégé of Von Bolschwing’s) select­ed the lists of per­son­nel from which Ronald Rea­gan’s cab­i­net appoint­ments were made. It is Mr. Emory’s con­vic­tion that the Rea­gan admin­is­tra­tions (and the admin­is­tra­tions of both Georges Bush) are fronts for the “Under­ground Reich” and the remark­able and dead­ly Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion.

25. Helene von Damm is a pro­tégé of Von Bolschwing. Key aspects of her back­ground sug­gest that her involve­ment with Von Bolschwing and her jour­ney to the Unit­ed States were both con­duct­ed under the aus­pices of the Under­ground Reich and its infil­tra­tion of the U.S. intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty. The Rein­hard Gehlen spy out­fit and the secu­ri­ty direc­torate of the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion pro­vid­ed the vehi­cle for much of this infil­tra­tion, as did Allen Dulles’ Cru­sade For Free­dom. Even when Gehlen was osten­si­bly work­ing for the U.S., he was still clear­ing his actions with admi­ral Von Doenitz (who suc­ceed­ed Hitler as the Ger­man head of state) and Franz Halder (who had been Gehlen’s chief-of-staff). This indi­cates that the Third Reich’s chain of com­mand was still in effect.

26. Sum­ma­riz­ing aspects of von Damm’s career, the pro­gram notes that she came to the Unit­ed States after mar­ry­ing a mem­ber of the same mil­i­tary intel­li­gence unit in which Richard Clark (Rea­gan’s sec­ond nation­al secu­ri­ty advi­sor) had served. She divorced her hus­band short­ly after com­ing to the U.S.-a com­mon strat­a­gem used by intel­li­gence ser­vices to move peo­ple across inter­na­tion­al bor­ders and estab­lish them as cit­i­zens. She even­tu­al­ly mar­ried Chris­t­ian von Damm and kept his last name, even after she divorced him. As of 1982, Chris­t­ian von Damm was serv­ing as the head of Bank of Amer­i­ca’s La Paz (Bolivia) branch. (The ques­tion of whether Mr. von Damm may have been help­ing to bank some of the cocaine prof­its gen­er­at­ed by Klaus Bar­bie and his “Bride­grooms of Death” mer­ce­nar­ies is one that sug­gests itself)

27. The con­clud­ing sec­tion of the pro­gram deals with Otto von Bolschwing’s cyn­i­cal manip­u­la­tion of Zion­ism as a vehi­cle for alien­at­ing the Arabs and inflam­ing their anger toward the British. In effect, the Jews were being used as “agents prova­ca­teurs,” in order to win the Arabs’ sym­pa­thies over to the Axis. The cen­tral ques­tion to be con­sid­ered here is the extent to which the “neo-con­ser­v­a­tives” referred to by Mr. Bisharat may have been includ­ed in Von Bolschwing pro­tégé von Damm’s list of Rea­gan appointees in order to scape­goat them at a future time. To what extent are Wol­fowitz & com­pa­ny fall guys for the Under­ground Reich? “Eich­mann was replaced on the Mid­dle East­ern scene by a far more skilled intel­li­gence offi­cer, Otto Von Bolschwing. Before World War II, Von Bolschwing set up an import-export busi­ness in Pales­tine as a cov­er for his espi­onage ini­tia­tives. He was an edu­cat­ed man from a good fam­i­ly and an enthu­si­as­tic sup­port­er of Hitler. After the war, Von Bolschwing became one of Allen Dulles’s senior agents in the CIA.” (The Secret War Against the Jews: How West­ern Espi­onage Betrayed the Jew­ish Peo­ple; John Lof­tus and Mark Aarons; Copy­right 1994 [SC]; St. Mar­t­in’s Press; ISBN 0–312-15648–0; p. 46.)

28. It should be not­ed that Bush fam­i­ly busi­ness asso­ciate Allen Dulles brought Von Bolschwing to the Unit­ed States. Dulles and British spy (and Nazi dou­ble agent) Jack Phil­by were instru­men­tal in help­ing Ibn Saud estab­lish Sau­di Ara­bia. “Dulles helped Von Bolschwing emi­grate to Cal­i­for­nia, where he estab­lished a busi­ness asso­ci­a­tion with Helene Von Damm, lat­er Ronald Rea­gan’s ambas­sador to Aus­tria. In lat­er years, his busi­ness went bank­rupt and he was forced to sur­ren­der his Amer­i­can cit­i­zen­ship on the grounds that he was a Nazi war crim­i­nal. He was just the sort of fel­low to get along well with jack Phil­by. He hat­ed Jews.” (Idem.)

29. “In the 1930’s, Otto Von Bolschwing was a real­ist. He knew full well that the Moslem big­ots would nev­er accept even a token immi­gra­tion of Jews to Pales­tine. Phil­by agreed. After more than a decade of anti-Zion­ist pro­pa­gan­da, qui­et­ly super­vised by the British secret ser­vice, the cli­mate was hard­ly recep­tive toward a home­land for the Jews in the Mid­dle East. Still, there was prof­it to be made in the attempt.” (Idem.)

30. “In any future war, Von Bolschwing said, the sup­port of the Moslem world was essen­tial to Hitler’s plans. Not to men­tion that Phil­by and Ibn Saud could make a healthy prof­it by secret­ly ensur­ing Ger­many’s sup­ply of oil. Hitler would guar­an­tee that the Moslems received favored sta­tus. Indeed, they lat­er had their own SS divi­sion, raised, iron­i­cal­ly, from among the Bosn­ian-Moslem pop­u­la­tion sub­ject­ed to ‘eth­nic cleans­ing’ by the Serbs and Croats fifty years lat­er.” (Idem.)

31. “The SS divi­sion was per­son­al­ly blessed by Philby’s old friend, the grand mufti of Jerusalem. The mufti had been Hitler’s hon­ored guest and was even tak­en on guid­ed tours of the Nazi death camps. Hitler promised that when Ger­many won the war, he would guar­an­tee that the Arab states would be free of British colo­nial dom­i­na­tion. They would be inde­pen­dent states, and full allies with the Third Reich. All of Philby’s dreams could come to pass. All that was need­ed was a lit­tle push.” (Idem.)

32. “Von Bolschwing’s propo­si­tion was sim­ple. Phil­by should encour­age British sup­port for Zion­ist emi­gra­tion schemes, pen­e­trate the secret nego­ti­a­tions, and then leak them to the press, with the cer­tain knowl­edge of the pop­u­lar dis­con­tent that would result among Moslems. The Arab back­lash to a new British-Zion­ist ini­tia­tive might not dri­ve the region into the arms of the Third Reich, but it would cer­tain­ly keep the oil-pro­duc­ing Arabs ‘neu­tral,’ but actu­al­ly tilt­ing toward the Nazis.” (Ibid.; pp. 46–47.)

33. “It was no secret that Ibn Saud had more than a lit­tle sym­pa­thy for the Ger­man posi­tion on the Zion­ist issue. His extreme anti-Jew­ish feel­ings were made clear to a British diplo­mat in 1937. The king said his ‘hatred for the Jews’ stemmed from ‘their per­se­cu­tion and rejec­tion’ of Christ and ‘their sub­se­quent rejec­tion’ of Muhammed. Ibn Saud added that ‘for a Mus­lim to kill a Jew [in war], or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him an imme­di­ate entry in Heav­en and into the august pres­ence of God Almighty.” (Ibid.; p. 47.)

34. “Accord­ing to sev­er­al of our sources, this was one of the aspects of Islam that most appealed to Phil­by. He had all sorts of schemes that could aid the Nazis, who meant busi­ness when it came to the Jews. Our sources say Jack obtained the king’s per­mis­sion to become a dou­ble agent for the Third Reich, pub­licly help­ing the Jews, pri­vate­ly aid­ing the Nazis, always mak­ing a prof­it for the House of Saud and, nat­u­ral­ly, him­self. The scheme appealed to Philby’s clan­des­tine nature. The more he worked to link Britain and Zion­ism pub­licly, the more dam­age he could do to the empire’s posi­tion in the Mid­dle East. . . .” (Idem.)

35. “In fact, the king and Jack were play­ing a nasty lit­tle game with the Jews. Despite their ‘dis­agree­ment’ over the par­ti­tion plan, in ear­ly 1939, Ibn Saud sent Phil­by to Lon­don to be on hand for the Pales­tine Round Table Con­fer­ence. It does seem rather strange that the king would send some­one whose views con­flict­ed so clear­ly with his own. Appar­ent­ly, Philby’s true mis­sion was sab­o­tage.” (Idem.)

36. “In order to set all sides against each oth­er, Phil­by devel­oped his own plan on the Pales­tine ques­tion, which he put to British offi­cials as well as to the Jews and Arabs. In Feb­ru­ary 1939, he had a secret lunch with [Chaim] Weiz­mann and [David] Ben-Guri­on, and intro­duced the Zion­ist lead­ers to Fuad Hamza, Ibn Saud’s long-time for­eign affairs offi­cial. Phil­by offered the Zion­ists sub­stan­tial Jew­ish immi­gra­tion into Pales­tine if they would sup­port the coun­try com­ing under Sau­di dom­i­na­tion.” (Ibid.; pp. 47–48.)

37. “Weiz­mann was blamed when the ‘secret’ plan was leaked to the press, and there was no fur­ther progress. As will be seen, all of Philby’s schemes with the Zion­ists had a sus­pi­cious habit of com­ing to noth­ing. There is a def­i­nite pat­tern of sab­o­tage, with the Zion­ists as ‘fall guys’ every time. Amaz­ing­ly, the Zion­ists stuck by Phil­by for near­ly five crit­i­cal years, while he treat­ed the game as an auc­tion.” (Ibid.; p. 48.)

38. In eval­u­at­ing the Bush admin­is­tra­tion, it is worth not­ing how many of its peo­ple were among those select­ed by Von Bolschwing pro­tégé Helene von Damm. One should not fail to note that the mar­tial law con­tin­gency plans were devised under the aus­pices of George Bush and the PCPG. These plans called for the dep­u­ti­za­tion of para­mil­i­tary right-wingers in the event of a dec­la­ra­tion of mar­tial law.


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  1. A heav­i­ly armed man in com­bat gear was just found in a New Jer­sey wood­ed area. He was arrest­ed for unlaw­ful pos­ses­sion of an an assault weapon and pos­sess­ing weapons as a felon. An unnamed man who was found with him was detained but not arrest­ed. There’s no indi­ca­tion that there was a spe­cif­ic plan that was dis­rupt­ed by the police, but if there was a vio­lent plan it would­n’t be super shock­ing con­sid­er­ing the guy is a known white suprema­cist with a long, vio­lent rap sheet. And a Hitler mus­tache:

    Talk­ing Points Memo Muck­rak­er

    Police Find ‘Neo-Nazi’ Car­ry­ing AK-47, Loads Of Ammo In New Jer­sey Woods

    By Alle­gra Kirk­land
    Pub­lished May 16, 2016, 4:05 PM EDT

    A New Jer­sey man arrest­ed Sun­day after police found him in a wood­ed area with an AK-47, a hand­gun and dozens of rounds of ammu­ni­tion indi­cat­ed he held “neo-Nazi type beliefs,” a law enforce­ment offi­cial told TPM.

    Offi­cers noticed a car pulled off the road in the Green­wood For­est Wildlife Man­age­ment Area of the Jer­sey Pinelands and con­duct­ed a search of the area, NJ.com report­ed. They found Bruce “Brus” Post III, 42, 100 yards away from the car, decked out in com­bat gear and heav­i­ly armed.

    The weapons found at the scene includ­ed an AK-47, a Walther P38 9mm hand­gun, eight 30-round high-capac­i­ty mag­a­zines and one 100-round drum mag­a­zine, accord­ing to NJ.com. Post also had shov­els and tarps in his pos­ses­sion at the time of his arrest, the news­pa­per report­ed.

    Post was hit with a hand­ful of charges includ­ing the ille­gal pos­ses­sion of ammu­ni­tion, unlaw­ful pos­ses­sion of an assault weapon and of a hand­gun, and pos­sess­ing weapons as a felon. He was being held at the Ocean Coun­ty Cor­rec­tion­al Facil­i­ty on $400,000 bail.

    Anoth­er indi­vid­ual found at the scene, who has been iden­ti­fied only as a 38-year-old male from Tren­ton, was detained but not arrest­ed, accord­ing to NJ.com.


    Lacey Town­ship Police Chief David Papro­ta declined to com­ment Mon­day after­noon about spe­cif­ic state­ments Post made, cit­ing an ongo­ing inves­ti­ga­tion, but not­ed that “there were indi­ca­tions of neo-Nazi type beliefs.”

    “His past his­to­ry is indica­tive of a neo-Nazi, white suprema­cist behav­iors and beliefs,” Papro­ta told TPM, adding that “as far as the encounter he [Post] had with Lacey Coun­ty police, his dress, his mus­tache” sig­naled to offi­cers that some­thing was off.

    Post, who was shown in his mugshot sport­ing a mus­tache eeri­ly sim­i­lar to Adolf Hitler’s, appears to be known to the local com­mu­ni­ty for his long rap sheet and his­to­ry of mak­ing anti-Semit­ic com­ments.

    He was sen­tenced in 1997 to five years in prison for a 1993 case involv­ing aggra­vat­ed assault with a dead­ly weapon, accord­ing to NJ.com. He also served two and a half years for his role in help­ing cov­er up the bru­tal 1995 stab­bing mur­der of Andrew Whit­ed, Jr. Post’s younger broth­er, Joseph, is cur­rent­ly serv­ing a life sen­tence for that mur­der, and at the time Post made head­lines for call­ing the judge in the case a “slut” in open court, The Tren­ton­ian report­ed.

    His run-ins with the law con­tin­ued after his release.

    Post’s 19-year-old wife, Nic­hole Bow­er Post, was found dead in 2003 at the home they shared with his par­ents, accord­ing to The Tren­ton­ian. When police arrived at the scene, Post said he wouldn’t inter­act with any Jew­ish inves­ti­ga­tors.

    “He was real dis­traught, and he start­ed rant­i­ng on with the Nazi stuff,” a detec­tive told the news­pa­per at the time. “He was talk­ing to his ‘fuhrer.’ Stuff like ‘Mien Fuhrer, you did not pre­pare me for this.’”

    Author­i­ties attrib­uted Nic­hole Bow­er Post’s death to clogged arter­ies, accord­ing to The Tren­ton­ian. The year before she died, she tes­ti­fied in court that she vol­un­tar­i­ly let Post beat her with a rub­ber hose so bad­ly that he faced assault charges.

    “The weapons found at the scene includ­ed an AK-47, a Walther P38 9mm hand­gun, eight 30-round high-capac­i­ty mag­a­zines and one 100-round drum mag­a­zine, accord­ing to NJ.com. Post also had shov­els and tarps in his pos­ses­sion at the time of his arrest, the news­pa­per report­ed.
    Shov­els and tarps...and lots of weapons. So it looks like this was either a an over­ly-real­is­tic neo-Nazi trench war­fare role play­ing ses­sion, or they were plan­ning on bury­ing some­thing out in the woods. A body? Weapons? We don’t get to know, but if you find your­self in the Green­wood For­est Wildlife Man­age­ment Area of the Jer­sey Pinelands with a met­al detec­tor, you just might stum­ble across a neo-Nazi arms cache. Or a shal­low grave. It’s prob­a­bly not the best place for trea­sure hunt­ing.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | May 16, 2016, 2:09 pm

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