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FTR #437 Counter-Culture Fascism

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Intro­duc­tion: Detail­ing the phe­nom­e­non of counter-cul­ture fas­cism, this broad­cast is a sup­ple­ment to FTRs 211 [4], 222 [5]. In its pur­suit of becom­ing a mass move­ment, fas­cism has tra­di­tion­al­ly turned to alien­at­ed and left­ist ele­ments in order to recruit street sol­diers. (The “North­ern” or “Strasserite” branch of the Nazi SA was such an ele­ment in the ear­ly Nazi par­ty under Hitler.) Today, coun­ter­cul­ture fas­cists are uti­liz­ing the alter­na­tive music and pub­lish­ing scenes to recruit alien­at­ed indi­vid­u­als to their cause. The major focal point of the pro­gram is the book Lords of Chaos, pub­lished by Fer­al House [6]. Co-authored by Michael Moyni­han [7], a Satanist, blood fetishist and Nazi and fas­cist fel­low trav­el­er, the book is an expose of the black met­al music scene. (Moyni­han is pic­tured below, left.) At a deep­er lev­el, how­ev­er, the work is some­thing of a fas­cist recruiting/promoting mechanism–projecting Moyni­han’s own far-right polit­i­cal ide­ol­o­gy onto the black met­al music scene as a whole. (Many—perhaps most– black met­al fans are mere­ly “par­ty-on” types, and not nec­es­sar­i­ly fas­cists or right­ists at all.)

The broad­cast sets forth Moyni­han’s asso­ci­a­tions with, and pro­mo­tion of, some tru­ly evil, mur­der­ous fas­cists and Nazi/racists. Anoth­er cen­tral point of dis­cus­sion is Moyni­han’s long time friend, pro­fes­sion­al asso­ciate and polit­i­cal fel­low trav­el­er Adam Par­frey, the own­er of Fer­al House and a sig­nif­i­cant pres­ence on the alter­na­tive pub­lish­ing scene. Coa­lesc­ing in the Abraxas Foun­da­tion, an alter­na­tive music/occult/fascist/Social Dar­win­ist think tank (their descrip­tion), Par­frey, Moyni­han and Boyd Rice [8] have inter­twined musi­cal and polit­i­cal cul­tures with a coun­ter­cul­ture fas­cist ide­ol­o­gy. (Rice is pic­tured at right and above, with Nazi asso­ciate Robert Heick.)

Par­frey’s sig­nif­i­cant and grow­ing pres­ence in the con­spir­a­cy pub­lish­ing field is worth not­ing. Fer­al House polit­i­cal books–much of their inven­to­ry deals with cul­tur­al, not polit­i­cal, subjects–tend to be uneven: many vol­umes have excel­lent mate­r­i­al mixed in with dri­v­el, some of the books are quite good and oth­ers ludi­crous and insane.

What is impor­tant about the use of con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries in the con­text of a pro­to-fas­cist polit­i­cal view is the con­fu­sion that can result for those who come to real­ize that in fact, Lee Har­vey Oswald did not kill Kennedy. This aware­ness may leave some in a rel­a­tivis­tic political/intellectual uni­verse. “Maybe the Holo­caust did­n’t hap­pen!” In the era of the big lie, Par­frey and oth­ers who mar­ket some polit­i­cal truth mixed in with the vilest of fas­cist ide­olo­gies are tru­ly dan­ger­ous and are sow­ing the seeds of doom.

Although Par­frey and com­pa­ny have deep con­nec­tions to fas­cist and Nazi ele­ments and have worked exten­sive­ly to fur­ther some of those ele­ments’ projects, one should not be too quick to label Par­frey a fas­cist him­self. Rather, he might be termed a “fel­low trav­el­er,” whose efforts on behalf of, and asso­ci­a­tion with, Nazi/fascist ele­ments may be due to Par­frey’s devo­tion to the pro­mul­ga­tion of “extreme cul­ture.”

Defy­ing easy def­i­n­i­tion, “extreme cul­ture” could be said to be defined by any­thing that is edgy, over-the-top and, more often than not, offen­sive and/or unbe­liev­able.


Con­stan­tine Ago­nistes: “Is this a mag­net I see before me?”

Exem­pli­fy­ing the cog­ni­tive para­me­ters of the “extreme cul­ture” dis­sem­i­nat­ed by Par­frey and com­pa­ny are the pro­nounce­ments of a severe­ly dis­turbed indi­vid­ual named Dan Right­my­er [10], pub­lished by Fer­al House [11] under the nom de plume “Alex Con­stan­tine.” (Rightmyer/Constantine is pic­tured at right, being tor­tured by his demons). In addi­tion to claim­ing that he has repelled mag­nets from his “cra­ni­um” [12] and “knocked out a light bulb and a new CD play­er,” [13] Right­my­er has stat­ed that he has been tor­tured by pulsed audio­grams.” [14] (An audio­gram [15] is a pic­to­r­i­al rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a sound wave, the worst thing one can get from an audio­gram is a paper cut. )

Pro­gram High­lights Include: Parfrey/Moynihan/Rice’s pro­fes­sion­al and ide­o­log­i­cal asso­ci­a­tion with (and pro­mo­tion of) cur­rent and for­mer Amer­i­can Nazis includ­ing James Mason, Michael Mur­ray, Joseph Franklin, the wife of con­vict­ed mur­der­er David Lane and con­vict­ed mur­der­er Per­ry “Red” Warthan; the Abraxas con­tin­gen­t’s glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of Charles Man­son; the asso­ci­a­tion between ele­ments of Satan­ic reli­gion and the Abraxas milieu; the asso­ci­a­tion between ele­ments of Odin­ist reli­gion and the Abraxas/Feral House net­work; the overt glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of mur­der and vio­lence by the Abraxas/Feral House milieu; con­nec­tions between the Moynihan/Parfrey/Rice milieu and para­mil­i­tary right-wingers such as Robert N. Tay­lor; the gen­e­sis of coun­ter­cul­ture fas­cism in the peri­od between the World Wars; the effort on the part of these coun­ter­cul­ture fas­cists to enlist the aid of left­ists and peo­ple of col­or as “hommes de mains.” Par­frey’s recruit­ment of Lib­er­ty Lob­by Holo­caust denier Kei­th Stime­ly to write Fer­al House press releas­es; ver­ba­tim repro­duc­tion of the bizarre state­ments (lies? [16] hal­lu­ci­na­tions?) of Fer­al House author Dan Right­my­er (aka “Alex Con­stan­tine”); state­ments by asso­ciates of Rightmyer/Constantine that his bizarre pro­nounce­ments are due to the effects of drug abuse [17]; con­tra­dic­tions in the iden­ti­ty of the “wit­ness­es” Rightmyer/Constantine claim can ver­i­fy his stat­ments (he has nev­er pro­duced such “wit­ness­es”).

1. The dis­cus­sion begins with the fright­en­ing and ter­ri­fy­ing sit­u­a­tion of the late Joe Fer­gu­son, whose posthu­mous admi­ra­tion of neo-Nazis, Charles Man­son and Tim­o­thy McVeigh moti­vat­ed his mass-mur­der/ sui­cide. It was while watch­ing the recount­ing of the ghast­ly events of 9/11 that Mr. Emory absorbed the account of this small­er hor­ror. Indeed, Fer­gu­son’s psy­cho­log­i­cal pro­jec­tion of his per­son­al­i­ty into a posthu­mous con­cep­tion is, in cer­tain respects, like the behav­ior of the 9/11 attack­ers. Like James Cagney, in the movie “White Heat”, the hijack­ers and Fer­gu­son imag­ined that their fiery demise would imbue them with a com­bi­na­tion of noto­ri­ety and phys­i­cal tran­scen­dence. By dis­sem­i­nat­ing a poi­so­nous adu­la­tion of Man­son and his ilk, the pur­vey­ors of counter-cul­ture fas­cism, quite delib­er­ate­ly in most cas­es, set oth­ers on their course toward obliv­ion. The unmit­i­gat­ed evil prop­a­gat­ed by Michael Moyni­han, Boyd Rice, pub­lish­ing guru Adam Par­frey and their fel­low trav­el­ers is set forth in this pro­gram.

“Agi­tat­ed, shirt­less under his body armor and hold­ing a 9mm semi­au­to­mat­ic pis­tol, dis­grun­tled secu­ri­ty guard Joseph Fer­gu­son stared straight into the video cam­era held by a man who would short­ly become the fifth life snuffed out in Fer­gu­son’s 24-hour killing spree. ‘I’ve tak­en four vic­tims,’ Fer­gu­son said from the Ran­cho Cor­do­va home where he held a Burns Inter­na­tion­al Secu­ri­ty col­league and his wife hostage for near­ly 18 hours before shoot­ing him­self to death in a gun­bat­tle with offi­cers. ‘That should be enough to last a week in the news. . . . He was fas­ci­nat­ed with neo-Nazism, Tim­o­thy McVeigh and Charles Man­son. . . . .”

“Sacra­men­to Killer Vowed Not to Be Tak­en Alive” by Michelle Gui­do; San Jose Mer­cury News; 9/11/2001; pp. 1A-14A.

2. Intro­duc­ing the book that is at the cen­ter of this dis­cus­sion, author Kevin Coogan encap­su­lates the sto­ry of Black Met­al musi­cian Varg Vikernes and his vic­tim, Oys­tein Aarseth. This sto­ry is the cen­ter­piece of Lords of Chaos, co-authored by Moyni­han and Didrik Soder­lind.

Lords of Chaos, a recent book-length exam­i­na­tion of the Satan­ic black met­al music scene is less con­cerned with sound than fury. Authors Michael Moyni­han and Didrik Soder­lind zero in on Nor­way, where a tiny clique of black met­al musi­cians torched some church­es in 1992. The church burn­ers’ own price of wor­ship was a small Oslo record store called Hel­vete (Hell). Hel­vete was run by the god­fa­ther of Nor­we­gian black met­al, Oys­tein Aarseth (‘Eurony­mous’, or ‘Prince of Death’), who first brought black met­al to Nor­way with his group May­hem and his Death­like Silence record label. . . .”

“How Black is Black Met­al?” by Kevin Coogan; Hitlist; February/March 1999 [Vol­ume One, Num­ber One]; p. 1.  [18]

3. Reflect­ing the mythol­o­giz­ing of what is, in real­i­ty (for most crea­tures who pur­sue this type of music and cul­ture), a mediocre, inglo­ri­ous exis­tence, Vikernes named him­self after a fig­ure from Lord of the Rings.

” . . . Lords of Chaos, how­ev­er, is far less inter­est­ed in Eurony­mous than in the man who killed him, Varg Vikernes, a church burn­er who dubbed him­self ‘Count Grish­nackh’ after an evil ogre in Lord of the Rings. Vikernes is now serv­ing a 21-year sentence—Norway’s tough­est penalty—in a max­i­mum secu­ri­ty prison for bru­tal­ly stab­bing Eurony­mous to death on August 10, 1993. After his arrest just sev­en days lat­er, the Count jus­ti­fied him­self by claim­ing that Eurony­mous was a com­mu­nist ‘queer’ who had cheat­ed him out of Burzum roy­al­ties. He also claimed that Eurony­mous was plot­ting to kill him. After being ostra­cized from the black met­al com­mu­ni­ty, Vikernes announced that he was now no longer a black met­al Satanist, but rather a Nazi Odin­ist because the Jews had ‘killed my father Odin.’ ”


4. Coogan notes that Moyni­han infers from the behav­ior of Vikernes a grow­ing trend among Black Met­al afi­ciona­dos toward mur­der and vio­lence. As will be seen, this infer­ence is itself a pro­jec­tion of Moyni­han’s own polit­i­cal ori­en­ta­tion and not nec­es­sar­i­ly a reflec­tion of the bulk of black met­al musi­cians and fans.

If Lords of Chaos were only about the antics of the most extreme wing of black met­al, it would be an infor­ma­tive and enter­tain­ing look at pop cul­ture Grand Guig­nol. The book, how­ev­er, sug­gests that the events in Nor­way reflect a grow­ing ten­den­cy among alien­at­ed youth from Mia­mi to Moscow, who are now alleged­ly blend­ing black met­al, Satanism, and cur­rents of fas­cism into a cul­tur­al­ly explo­sive Molo­tov cock­tail. Vikernes, how­ev­er, is real­ly famous for mur­der, not music, while the over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of black met­al musi­cians and fans are not, and are not like­ly to become, church burn­ers, mur­der­ers, or Nazi Odin­ists.

To but­tress its the­sis, LORDS OF CHAOS points to met­al­heads turned mur­der­ers, includ­ing ‘Balfagor’ from the Swedish Satan­ic band Nefan­dus, who attacked a black man in a self-described ‘nig­ger­hunt’; Bard Eithun (‘Faust’) from the Nor­we­gian group Emper­or, who mur­dered a gay man that sought to seduce him; and Jon Nod­vei­dt from the Swedish group Dis­sec­tion, who butchered an Alger­ian immi­grant. LORDS OF CHAOS even devotes an entire chap­ter to an obscure two-man Ger­man band called Absurd, who cold­ly exe­cut­ed an annoy­ing fel­low high school stu­dent. Although the mem­bers of Absurd are self-pro­claimed Nazis and Vikernes fans, even they report­ed that they com­mit­ted the crime for per­son­al, not polit­i­cal, motives.

LORDS OF CHAOS also dwells on the activ­i­ty of oth­er­wise high­ly obscure fas­cist pro­pa­gan­dists with no direct ties to black met­al who are nev­er­the­less try­ing to recruit its fol­low­ers into their cause. It even adopts a far right spin on Jun­gian the­o­ry when it sug­gests that Vikernes may have tapped into an anti-Chris­t­ian racial/cultural arche­type that is alleged­ly still aglow in the Nor­we­gian col­lec­tive uncon­scious. The book also pro­files racist killers with no known ties to black met­al, such as the Flori­da youth clique called the Lords of Chaos. Before being dethroned by local police, the Lords burnt down a church, mur­dered a gay teacher, and were plan­ning to slaugh­ter black vis­i­tors to Dis­ney World with silencer-equipped auto­mat­ic weapons.

LORDS OF CHAOS cul­mi­nates with a paean to the ‘fire, which, it claims, burns bright inside the black met­al under-ground despite the attempts of mys­te­ri­ous unnamed ‘forces of finance and mate­ri­al­ism’ to ‘root it out and stamp it out.’ ”

(Ibid.; p. 2.)

5. Fer­al House, the pub­lish­er of Lords of Chaos, dis­trib­utes one of Vikernes’ CD’s. In this con­text, it is sig­nif­i­cant that Fer­al House own­er Adam Par­frey is part of a coun­ter­cul­ture, Social Darwinist/fascist milieu that over­laps both the alter­na­tive music and pub­lish­ing fields.

 . . . Lords of Chaos’s pub­lish­er, Fer­al House, itself dis­trib­utes one of Vikernes’ Burzum CD’s ‘Filos­fem’. . . LORDS OF CHAOS has gen­er­al­ly been per­ceived as an expose of a col­or­ful music sub-cul­ture, and it does indeed pro­vide much valu­able infor­ma­tion about an oth­er­wise inac­ces­si­ble scene. Yet what real­ly makes the book fas­ci­nat­ing is that its main author, Michael Moyni­han, is him­self an extreme right­ist whose fusion of pol­i­tics with aes­thet­ic vio­lence shapes a not-so-hid­den sub cur­rent that runs through­out LORDS OF CHAOS. The book itself, how­ev­er, is not a ‘fas­cist’ tract in the strict sense of the term, in part because Moyni­han co-wrote the book with Didrik Soder­lind, a for­mer music crit­ic for a main­stream Nor­we­gian paper who is now an edi­tor at Play­boy. More­over, Fer­al House edi­tor Adam Par­frey clear­ly want­ed to pub­lish a pop­u­lar book on the strange uni­verse of black met­al rather than a polit­i­cal polemic. Nor does Moyni­han him­self fit eas­i­ly into the more con­ven­tion­al def­i­n­i­tions of fas­cism. LORDS OF CHAOS is best char­ac­ter­ized as a palimpsest with the author’s own polit­i­cal ide­ol­o­gy at work just below the sur­face of a text osten­si­bly devot­ed sole­ly to ana­lyz­ing an extrem­ist musi­cal sub-cul­ture.


6. One of the points of action and asso­ci­a­tion between Moyni­han, and his pub­lish­er Adam Par­frey is the Abraxas Foun­da­tion, which unit­ed both of them with Satanist and fas­cist Boyd Rice [19]. Abraxas is described by Moyni­han as an ‘occultist-fas­cist think tank’—it is linked to the Church of Satan, about which more will be said lat­er.

Michael Moyni­han is an inter­est­ing fel­low. . . In 1989, the youth­ful Boston­ian joined forces with the San Fran­cis­co-based Abraxas Foun­da­tion, which he described as an ‘occultist-fas­cist think tank’ linked to the Church of Satan. Moyni­han dubbed his own wing of the Abraxas Foun­da­tion ‘Axis San­guinar­ies’ [Blood Axis] because: Blood can be seen as LIFE, and at the same time it can be equat­ed to DEATH. It is essen­tial to vio­lence in almost all instances. It has pow­er­ful sex­u­al con­no­ta­tions. It is the key flu­id of his­to­ry . . . [Axis] high­lights the genet­ic aspect of blood, bound togeth­er in the will of a peo­ple or race. It describes allies of mind and blood, mobi­lized for total war­fare. It also reit­er­ates the piv­otal nature of blood in human exis­tence, both per­son­al and world-his­toric.’

Accord­ing to some reports, Moyni­han’s blood fetish includ­ed drink­ing (non AIDS-infect­ed) blood. He was also sus­pect­ed of set­ting fire to a manger scene on the Cam­bridge Com­mons, just across from Har­vard Uni­ver­si­ty, in 1987, A note left by the fire­bug at the smoky scene the day after Christ­mas asked: ‘How many more fires before you real­ize your gods are dead? DEAD!’

(Ibid.; pp. 2–3.)

7. Fur­ther devel­op­ing the ide­ol­o­gy of Abraxas, the pro­gram high­lights its fascis­tic under­tones and its empha­sis on dis­sem­i­nat­ing this phi­los­o­phy to youth. (Note the pic­ture of Rice and his Amer­i­can Front pro­tégé Robert Heick, in full Nazi uni­form and bran­dish­ing dag­gers for the cam­era: http://www.canuck.com/Srl/rice.html .)

. . . . As for the Abraxas foun­da­tion, it was found­ed by anoth­er blood fetishist named Boyd Rice in 1984. The name came from Abraxas, a Gnos­tic deity that com­bined with­in itself the forces of light and dark­ness, good and evil. Rice hoped that his foun­da­tion would help cre­ate ‘a new demo­graph­ic of peo­ple who are into the occult, Fas­cism, and Social Dar­win­ism. It’s out there as an alter­na­tive for kids who are grow­ing up and need that infor­ma­tion.’ Both Rice and Moyni­han came out of the ‘indus­tri­al’ music scene. . . .


8. One of the indus­tri­al music acts that helped to break the cul­tur­al taboo against uti­liz­ing fas­cist imagery was “Throb­bing Gris­tle” and its chief bard Gen­e­sis P. Orridge. (Note that Moyni­han, among oth­ers, held this group and its suc­ces­sor acts in con­tempt. In Moyni­han’s opin­ion, the group and its leader lacked true fas­cist polit­i­cal con­vic­tion.)

 . . . ‘Throb­bing Gris­tle’, the linch­pin of the post-punk ‘indus­tri­al’ turn, dressed in cam­ou­flage gear dec­o­rat­ed with an SS-look­ing light­ning bolt patch, and issued songs like ‘Zyk­lon B Zom­bie’ and ‘Salon Kit­ty’ (named after an SS-run broth­el in Berlin). The cov­er for the Throb­bing Gris­tle song ‘Dis­ci­pline’ on Fetish Records showed the group out­side the for­mer Nazi Min­istry of Pro­pa­gan­da build­ing in Berlin. Throb­bing Gris­tle called their hack­ney-based record­ing stu­dio the Death Fac­to­ry, and its Indus­tri­al Records logo was an uniden­ti­fied pic­ture of Auschwitz. Many punks despised Throb­bing Gris­tle as misog­y­nist ‘death art’ fas­cists. At a July 6, 1978 con­cert at the Lon­don Film Co-op (where Boyd Rice also appeared), a fight even broke out between Throb­bing Gris­tle and mem­bers of the Rock Against Racism-allied bands the Slits and the Rain­coats. . . .

(Ibid.; p. 4.)

9. Coogan explains the fas­cist aes­thet­ics under­ly­ing the cul­ture to which “Throb­bing Gris­tle” belongs.

 . . . The Indus­tri­al­ist fas­ci­na­tion with taboo break­ers extend­ed to charis­mat­ic lead­ers like Hitler and Man­son, who became icon­ic fig­ures in a world where evil was more real than good, and hate more strong than love. Yet because they, like the Mar­quis de Sade before them, were also fear­less dis­rupters of mid­dle-class moral­i­ty, a Hitler or Man­son were also, in a sense, per­verse role mod­els. The sheer bleak­ness of indus­tri­al cul­ture also pro­vid­ed fer­tile ground for future mis­an­thropy. If evil was more pow­er­ful than good, evil was also more nat­ur­al. In a tru­ly Hobbe­sian world the Social Dar­win­ists and the Malthu­sians were right when they argued that only the strong could and should sur­vive.


10. Not unprece­dent­ed, this world­view reflects one that became extant dur­ing the peri­od lead­ing up to World War II.

. . . The sense of despair felt by indus­tri­al cul­ture was not unique. A sim­i­lar heroic/pessimistic world­view appeared in Europe after World War I. In the ear­ly 1920’s there arose what I shall call ‘counter-cul­tur­al fas­cism.’ More a sen­si­bil­i­ty than a move­ment, it fused Friedrich Niet­zsche’s idea of the indi­vid­ual will-to-pow­er and his con­tempt for mid­dle-class moral­i­ty with Oswald Spen­gler’s belief in the immi­nent down­fall of the West. Artists like Futur­ist founder Fil­ip­po Marinet­ti, Ezra Pound, Gabriele D’An­nun­zio, and Ernst Junger viewed tra­di­tion­al forms of con­ser­vatism with the same con­tempt that they felt for social democ­ra­cy, ratio­nal­ism, and the Enl­ght­en­ment. While Gen­e­sis P. Orridge was not real­ly a coun­ter­cul­tur­al fas­cist, Throb­bing Gris­tle stood on he cusp of a revival of a ‘counter cul­tur­al fas­cist’ turn in seg­ments of haute Bohemia.


11. More about the fas­cist man­i­fes­ta­tions of the Abraxas net­work

Anoth­er set of ides asso­ci­at­ed with the Abraxas net­work had ear­li­er been pro­mot­ed by a rad­i­cal Ital­ian fas­cist named Fran­co Fre­da. Fre­da, who advo­cat­ed a com­bined right-and-left-wing ter­ror­ist assault on the mid­dle class Estab­lish­ment, first out­lined his ideas at a 1969 meet­ing of the far-right Euro­pean Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Front in Regens­burg, Bavaria. In his talk, which was lat­er pub­lished as La Dis­in­te­grazione del Sis­tema [The Dis­in­te­gra­tion of the Sys­tem], Fre­da argued that the ‘ner­vous sys­tem of the bour­geois world’ had to be dis­rupt­ed with utmost vio­lence by far right ‘polit­i­cal sol­diers’ work­ing in an alliance with the far left.


12. One of the political/ideological antecedents of the Abraxas fas­cist aes­thet­ic is Julius Evola. Evola’s work was financed by the SD—the SS intel­li­gence ser­vice. (For more about Evola, see—among oth­er programs—FTR#233.)

Fre­da derived essen­tial parts of his strat­e­gy from the Ital­ian con­ser­v­a­tive rev­o­lu­tion­ary the­o­rist Julius Evola, the ‘Her­bert Mar­cuse’ of the post­war Euro­pean far right. Evola argued in books like Cal­vacare la Tigre (Rid­ing the Tiger) that the col­lapse of mod­ern mass soci­ety was some­thing to be wel­comed, not resist­ed. Rad­i­cal Evolans like Fre­da believed that vio­lent shocks to the sys­tem could only has­ten the inevitable col­lapse of the hat­ed mod­ern order. . . .


13. Next, the pro­gram sets forth the pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment of Adam Parfrey—a fel­low in the Abraxas Foun­da­tion and the pub­lish­er of Lords of Chaos.

 . . . The new hip regime of mean was exem­pli­fied by the infa­mous Los Ange­les Amok cat­a­log. Amok Press’ best­seller Apoc­a­lypse Cul­ture, a col­lec­tion of rants, raves, con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries and aes­thet­ic ter­ror­ist tracts, was anoth­er key text. Adam Par­frey, own­er of Amok and lat­er Fer­al House, first entered the scene in 1980 with IDEA, a south­ern Cal­i­for­nia-based Re/Search-type jour­nal about punk cul­ture. He then moved to New York, where he met the art design­er George Pet­ros. . . .In 1984, Par­frey and Pet­ros cre­at­ed Exit, a New York-based jour­nal heavy on graph­ic design.

(Ibid.; pp. 5–6.)

14. Far from benign and aloof, Par­frey’s lit­er­ary efforts have served to dis­sem­i­nate the views and efforts of some of the very worst Nazis and fas­cists.

“Par­frey worked with Pet­ros on the first three issues of Exit, before leav­ing to cre­ate Amok Press. Once a suc­cess de scan­dale, Exit’s increas­ing fas­ci­na­tion with fas­cism doomed it to just six issues. Issue Five, for exam­ple, fea­tured a par­tic­u­lar­ly ran­cid piece of anti-Semi­tism enti­tled ‘The Exe­cu­tion of Carl Jung’, which was ‘con­ceived by George Pet­ros’ with ‘text researched by Robert N. Tay­lor,’ a for­mer para­mil­i­tary Min­ute­man leader turned racial Odin­ist. The final 1994 Exit includ­ed con­tri­bu­tions from Michael Moyni­han and James Mason, an Amer­i­can Nazi whose book Siege was pub­lished by Moyni­han. While pro­duc­ing Exit, Pet­ros also served as an edi­tor at Sec­onds, an eclec­tic New York-based music mag­a­zine that Moyni­han, Rice, and Par­frey reg­u­lar­ly write for.”

(Ibid.; p. 6.)

15. One of the orga­ni­za­tions with a philo­soph­i­cal affin­i­ty for Abraxas, Gen­e­sis P. Orridge, etc., is the Church of Satan and its late founder, Anton LaVey. (Both Moyni­han and Boyd Rice are mem­bers of this orga­ni­za­tion.)

The new glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of the instinc­tu­al and the bar­bar­ic, the belief in the sur­vival of the fittest, and the hatred of both Chris­t­ian moral­i­ty and lib­er­al human­ism were all music to the ears of Anton LaVey, the founder and head of the San Fran­cis­co-based Church of Satan. Not sur­pris­ing­ly, Boyd Rice devel­oped close ties with LaVey in the ear­ly 1980’s. In 1984, Rice set up the Abraxas Foun­da­tion as a ‘social Dar­win­ist think tank.’ An Abraxas tract called WAKE pro-claimed ‘Long Live Death!’ and hailed Malthu­sian­ism as ‘Nature’s Eter­nal Fas­cism.’ (The Church of Satan also main­tained close ties to Gen­e­sis P. Orridge.) Today Rice is him­self a mem­ber of the Church’s gov­ern­ing inner cir­cle, the Coun­cil of Nine. . . .


16. Among the fel­low trav­ellers of LaVey are peo­ple who espouse Odin­ist reli­gion. With­in that milieu, in turn, are peo­ple of a tru­ly mur­der­ous bent. Note the pres­ence in this Satanist/Nazi milieu of the wife of con­vict­ed Order mur­der­er David Lane. (For more about The Order, see—among oth­er programs—FTR#‘s 89, 386, 399, and the var­i­ous pro­grams dis­cussing the top­ics of OJ Simp­son case, the Okla­homa City bomb­ing, and Ser­pen­t’s Walk. Impor­tant back­ground infor­ma­tion on The Order can be obtained from RFA’s 10–13—available from Spit­fire.)

 . . . LaVey, who is often only seen as a lib­er­tar­i­an mav­er­ick, called for a new kind of fas­cism in a 1994 inter­view with Michael Moyni­han in Sec­onds. Moyni­han’s essay, ‘The Faus­t­ian Spir­it of Fas­cism,’ was also pub­lished in the Church of Satan’s mag­a­zine, The Black Flame. LaVey even con­tributed an intro­duc­tion to a new edi­tion of ‘Rag­nar Red­beard’s Might is Right, a Niet­zschean and Social Dar­win­ist tract first pub­lished in 1896 which LaVey had lib­er­al­ly pla­gia­rized in his own book, The Satan­ic Bible. The edi­tor of the new edi­tion of Might is Right is list­ed as Katia Lane. She is the wife of David Lane, an Odin­ist leader of the high-pro­file far right para­mil­i­tary group called the Order, who is now serv­ing a life sen­tence for con­spir­ing to mur­der a Den­ver radio per­son­al­i­ty named Alan Berg


17. The after­word of Might is Right (edit­ed by the wife of con­vict­ed Order killer David Lane) was penned by George Hawthorne, head of the Ra Ho Wa racist musi­cal group. After­word author George Hawthorne is also the founder of Resis­tance Records, now owned by the Nation­al Alliance. (For more about Resis­tance Records and the Nation­al Alliance, see FTR#211.) Before being appro­pri­at­ed by the Nation­al Alliance, Resis­tance Records was dis­trib­uted by the fas­cist Lib­er­ty Lob­by. In charge of this dis­tri­b­u­tion was Todd Blod­gett, a for­mer Rea­gan White House staff mem­ber. (For more about the Nazi under­pin­nings of the Rea­gan admin­is­tra­tion, see—among oth­er programs—FTR#‘s 180, 332, 421.)

The author of Might is Right’s after­word is, arguably, even more; ‘dev­il­ish’ than LaVey. He is none oth­er than George Hawthorne, head of the white racist musi­cal group Ra Ho Wa (Racial Holy War) and founder of Resis­tance Records, whom Michael Moyni­han inter­viewed for Sec­onds and The Black Flame, Moyni­han is also thanked in the new edi­tion of Might is Right for help­ing make the book pos­si­ble.


18. Pro­mot­ing and extolling Charles Man­son, the Abraxas milieu came into con­tact with James Mason, among oth­er mem­bers of the Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty.) “In the mid-1980’s, Adam Par­frey formed Amok Press, the pre­cur­sor to Fer­al House, with Ken Swezey of the Amok cat­a­log. Amok’s first book, Michael, was an Eng­lish trans­la­tion of Nazi Prpa­gan­da Min­is­ter Joseph Goebbels’ sole nov­el. Par­frey’s next book, Apoc­a­lypse Cul­ture was fol­lowed in 1988 by The Man­son File, which was edit­ed by Niko­las Schreck (the boyfriend of LaVey’s daugh­ter Zeena) in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Boyd Rice and oth­ers. Rice reg­u­lar­ly vis­it­ed Man­son, and even cam­paigned to get him released from jail through an Abraxas spin-off called the Friends of Jus­tice.” (Idem.)

19. A piv­ot point in the devel­op­ment of the Abraxas Foun­da­tion’s pro­fes­sion­al rela­tion­ship with mem­bers and alum­ni of the Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty was con­vict­ed mur­der­er Per­ry ‘Red’ Warthan. Warthan cat­alyzed the rela­tion­ship between ANP mem­ber James Mason and the Abraxas con­fig­u­ra­tion. Among the ranks of the Nazis asso­ci­at­ed with the Abraxas milieu is Robert Heick, seen here in Nazi uni­form with Abraxas/Moynihan/Parfrey col­league Boyd Rice: http://www.canuck.com/Srl/rice.html .)

Via Man­son, the Abraxas cir­cle came into con­tact with James Mason, a for­mer mem­ber of George Lin­coln Rock­well’s Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty (ANP) and the eccen­tric head of the Nation­al Social­ist Lib­er­a­tion Front (NSLF). Mason had estab­lished con­tact with Man­son in the ear­ly 1980’s through an NSLF mem­ber named Per­ry ‘Red’ Warthan. Warthan lat­er mur­dered a 17-year-old high school stu­dent in Oroville, Cal­i­for­nia, because the boy told police that Warthan had been dis­trib­ut­ing racist lit­er­a­ture. In the late 1980’s, Rice got into hot water due to his friend­ship with Robert Heick is the leader of a skin-head group called Amer­i­can Front that once attacked the San Fran­cis­co anar­chist book­store “Bound Togeth­er.” Although he denied hav­ing any polit­i­cal ties to Heick, the grow­ing unpop­u­lar­i­ty of Abraxas in San Fran­cis­co led Rice to decamp to Den­ver, Col­orado.

(Ibid.; pp. 6–7.)

20. Next, the pro­gram high­lights the rela­tion­ship between Abraxas fel­low Adam Par­frey and the late Kei­th Stime­ly, the for­mer edi­tor of the Lib­er­ty Lob­by’s Jour­nal of His­tor­i­cal Review (the lead­ing Holo­caust denial pub­li­ca­tion.) Par­frey hired Stime­ly to write press releas­es for Fer­al House (pub­lish­er of Lords of Chaos).

As for Par­frey, he first moved his pub­lish­ing oper­a­tion from New York to Los Ange­les. After the LA riots, he relo­cat­ed to Port­land and then returned south to Venice, Cal­i­for­nia. While in Port­land, Par­frey (whose own moth­er is Jew­ish) hired the late Kei­th Stime­ly, an open­ly gay for­mer edi­tor of The Jour­nal of His­tor­i­cal Review, the world’s lead­ing Holo­caust-denial out­fit, to write Fer­al House press releas­es. Stime­ly’s name also appeared on a leaflet, along with that of Moyni­han and Port­land artist Dia­bo­los Rex, as part of a Boyd Rice/NON ‘Total War’ per­for­mance in that city. . . .

(Ibid.; p. 7.)

21. Moyni­han’s Storm Press pub­lished Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty mem­ber James Mason’s tract Siege, which glo­ri­fies Man­son and oth­er mass mur­der­ers as exem­plars of the chaos that Nation­al Social­ism should embrace. (Joseph Fer­gu­son embod­ied the trag­ic dis­til­late of this phi­los­o­phy.) Sig­nif­i­cant­ly, Mason (and through him, Moyni­han) advo­cate vio­lence against the sys­tem by anyone—left, right, white black, brown or oth­er­wise.) In this respect, Mason is an advo­cate of a stance approx­i­mat­ing that of the fas­cist Third Posi­tion. (For more about the Third Posi­tion, see, among oth­er pro­grams, FTR#‘s 252, 285, 352, as well as Mis­cel­la­neous Archive Shows M19 and M21, avail­able from Spit­fire.) Note that Fer­al House guru Adam Par­frey assist­ed in the pub­li­ca­tion of Siege.

“. . . One year lat­er, Moyni­han was more pre­oc­cu­pied by lit­er­ary than legal mat­ters. His Den­ver-based Storm Press pub­lished Siege, a 400-page anthol­o­gy of the writ­ings of James Mason, the Nazi fan of Charles Man­son. In his acknowl­edge­ments, Moyni­han (‘Michael M. Jenk­ins’) thanked (among oth­ers) both Adam Par­frey and Anton LaVey for their help in facil­i­tat­ing Siege’s pub­li­ca­tion. Mason argued in Siege that Nation­al Social­ism had lost its vio­lent, rev­o­lu­tion­ary edge. ‘We want to see crime and chaos rise to such a degree where the Sys­tem becomes no longer viable and falls apart,’ he wrote. In a tract called ‘Smash­ing the Pig Sys­tem,’ he growled: ‘If a bunch of Black Nation­al­ists rob a Brinks truck, if they kill some Sys­tem Pigs, WHO CARES??!!


22. Note Siege’s glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of James Franklin, the role mod­el for Nation­al Van­guard Books’ tract Hunter. That book (pub­lished by the lit­er­ary wing of the Nation­al Alliance that also pub­lish­es The Turn­er Diaries and Ser­pen­t’s Walk) glo­ri­fies the killing of inter­ra­cial cou­ples.)

Siege also paid homage to white racist ‘lone wolf’ assas­sins like Mason’s for­mer Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty col­league Joseph Franklin, who spe­cial­ized in shoot­ing inter­ra­cial cou­ples (‘race trai­tors’); and James Huber­ty, who mas­sa­cred a large­ly His­pan­ic clien­tele at a McDon­ald’s restau­rant in San Diego. Mason felt that the lone wolves mere mere­ly express­ing healthy ‘Viking berserk­er rage’ against ‘Big Broth­er.’ He espe­cial­ly liked the fact that, since they act­ed alone, these lone wolves were very dif­fi­cult to catch. Siege also glo­ri­fied Charles Man­son. Mason even cre­at­ed a Man­son-inspired suc­ces­sor group to the NSLF called the Uni­ver­sal Order in an effort to tran­scend the tra­di­tion­al ‘left-right spec­trum.’ In his intro­duc­tion to Siege, Moyni­han also high­light­ed Mason’s call for a uni­ty of [ide­o­log­i­cal and behav­ioral] extremes against the Sys­tem. . . .


23. As bizarrely vio­lent and aber­rant as it appears at first glance, the phi­los­o­phy espoused in Siege and Lords of Chaos reflects the Freda/Evola call the desta­bi­liza­tion of the “sys­tem.”

 . . . For all its crude­ness, Siege echoed Fran­co Freda’s rad­i­cal Evolan call for total social dis­rup­tion in La Dis­in­te­grazione del Sis­tema. Storm also plans to issue the first Eng­lish trans­la­tion of Evola’s 1953 book, Gli Uomi­ni e Ie Rovine (Men Among the Ruins). In August 1993, one year after Siege was pub­lished, Varg Vikernes mur­dered Eurony­mous. Although Moyni­han was not a black met­al­ist, the lure of Nor­way’s new Charles Man­son [Vikernes] too much to resist. . . .


24. Among the fas­cist the­o­rists Moyni­han relies upon in his book is one “Kadmon”—himself a pro­fes­sion­al asso­ciate of Moyni­han’s.

In Lords of Chaos, Moyni­han sug­gests that Vikernes is an avatar of a long-repressed Odin­ist arche­type anal­o­gous to what Jung claimed for Nazi Ger­many in his famous 1936 essay on Wotan. . . . In Lords of Chaos, Moyni­han relies upon ‘Kad­mon,’ edi­tor of a Vien­na-based jour­nal called Aor­ta, to bol­ster the racial arche­type the­sis. Kad­mon argues that Nor­we­gian black met­al­ists are mod­ern day exam­ples of an ancient martial/mystical band of Were­wolf-like ‘berserk­er’ war­riors known as the Osko­r­ei. No dis­in­ter­est­ed schol­ar, Kad­mon is also a polit­i­cal sup­port­er of Vikernes as well as Moyni­han’s col­lab­o­ra­tor. His band Allersee­len, for exam­ple, put out a joint CD with Moyni­han’s group Blood Axis. A blood fetishist, Kad­mon named his jour­nal Aor­ta because it is ‘a blood-red cycle. In Aor­ta there is my blood. The blood of the poet, the blood of the magi­cian, the blood of the war­rior.’ Kad­mon also devot­ed one issue of Aor­ta to ‘the Odin­ist Nor­we­gian com­pos­er Varg Vikernes . . .who is cur­rent­ly in prison due to his Viking ethics.’

(Ibid.; p. 8.)

25. Lords of Chaos neglects to men­tion that its glo­ri­fied pro­tag­o­nist Eurony­mous was plan­ning to dyna­mite a punk anti-fas­cist house.

 . . . Giv­en how much valu­able infor­ma­tion Lords of Chaos does present, it is some­what incred­i­ble that the book fails to note that at the time that Vikernes mur­dered Eurony­mous, he was also plan­ning to destroy an Oslo-based punk anti-fas­cist squat called Blitz House. After his arrest for mur­der, the police dis­cov­ered that he had about 330 pounds of stolen dyna­mite in his pos­ses­sion. . . .


26. An even more sig­nif­i­cant omis­sion is the fail­ure Lords of Chaos to note that among the appar­ent influ­ences on Vikernes’ mur­der of Eurony­mous was the ide­ol­o­gy of the Abraxas milieu itself!

Lords of Chaos also ignores anoth­er obvi­ous cul­tur­al influ­ence on Vikernes, the Abraxas net­work’s glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of killers like Charles Man­son! Vikernes’ home town, Bergen, is also home to Jan Bru­un’s Hyper­to­nia World Enter­pris­es. Bru­un is a major dis­trib­u­tor of Charles Man­son mem­o­ra­bil­ia like ‘Watch­ing Satan—the Lega­cy of Charles Man­son.’ He knows Moyni­han and inter­viewed him for an Ital­ian jour­nal apt­ly named Hel­ter Skel­ter. Moyni­han also thanks Bru­un, an avowed social Dar­win­ist and Malthu­sian, in the acknowl­edge­ments to Lords of Chaos. It seems almost impos­si­ble to believe that Vikernes would not have known about Hyper­to­nia World Enter­pris­es, espe­cial­ly since Bru­un was in con­tact with Eurony­mous and even sold May­hem LP’s.


27. Next, the broad­cast high­lights Moyni­han’s own asso­ci­a­tion with the racist/Odinist orga­ni­za­tion the Asatru Alliance. As with the rest of the Abraxas political/cultural envi­ron­ment, the Asatru Alliance inter­sects the milieu of the Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty and the para­mil­i­tary Min­ute­men.

Despite his use of Kad­mon’s the­o­ries, Moyni­han claims in Lords of Chaos that ‘there is absolute­ly no spe­cif­ic con­nec­tion’ between prac­ti­tion­ers of Nordic reli­gion and the black met­al scene. ‘In fact,’ he writes, ‘pub­lic assump­tions that such a link would exist have been a severe lia­bil­i­ty to these groups.’ Moyni­han, how­ev­er, neglects to men­tion that he him­self is a lead­ing mem­ber of a U.S. based racial­ist ‘Old Norse and Ger­man­ic reli­gion’ move­ment called the Asatru Alliance of Inde­pen­dent Kin­dreds (AA), which in head­quar­tered in Ari­zona.

The Asatru Alliance evolved out of a 1960’s Odinist/Nordic revival move­ment called the Asatril Free Assem­bly. The Asatru Alliance fac­tion argued that a Norse reli­gious move­ment should only include peo­ple of North­ern Euro­pean descent. It also pub­lish­es a jour­nal called Vor Tru which is edit­ed by Robert Ward, the for­mer edi­tor of a right­ist music zine called The Fifth Path. He is also almost cer­tain­ly the ‘R, Ward’ thanked by Moyni­han for his type­set­ting con­tri­bu­tion to Siege. Anoth­er Asatru Alliance, ‘Val­gard’ (Michael Mur­ray), was a for­mer mem­ber of Rock­well’s Amer­i­can Nazi Par­ty.


28. Robert Tay­lor is anoth­er of the unsa­vory asso­ciates of Moyni­han and Fer­al House­’s Adam Par­frey. As of 1999, Moyni­han lived in Port­land Ore­gon, where he moved in order to work for Fer­al House.

Moyni­han’s close friend Robert Nicholas Tay­lor, who pub­lish­es an Odin­ist jour­nal called The Con­tin­u­ing Clan, is yet anoth­er Asatru Alliance big­wig with a far right bio. The right­ist music jour­nal Ohm Clock reports that dur­ing ’ a 12-year stint as a nation­al spokesman for the Min­ute­men, he [Tay­lor] went on to become Direc­tor of Intel­li­gence and set up the first gueril­la train­ing schools ever to exist in the Unit­ed States.’ Tay­lor’s call for the racial balka­niza­tion of Amer­i­ca, an argu­ment asso­ci­at­ed with the late ‘Kla­n­ar­chist’ leader Robert Miles, was also fea­tured in the last issue of Exit. Moyni­han now [1999] lives in Port­land, where he moved in order to work for Fer­al House. . . .

(Ibid.; pp. 9–10.)

29. Moyni­han con­tin­ues to pro­pa­gan­dize on behalf of Vikernes. Note that Vikernes’ CD’s are joint­ly dis­trib­uted by Fer­al House audio.

 . . . True to his prin­ci­ples, Moyni­han is quite active in the pro­pa­gan­da sup­port net­work for Vikernes. He is, for exam­ple, a lead­ing con­trib­u­tor to a right­ist jour­nal called Filosofem, which is pub­lished by a group also called Blood Axis. Filosofem is locat­ed at 5 Rue Gabriel Price in Metz, France. This same address is the source of a series of pro-Vikernes leaflets which car­ry the name Cymo­phane on them. Filosofem also takes its name from a Burzum CD that Vikernes record­ed in 1993 while out on bail. That CD is cur­rent­ly being joint­ly dis­trib­uted by Mis­an­thropy Records, Cymo­phane Pro­duc­tions, and Fer­al House Audio.

(Ibid.; p. 10.)

30. Anoth­er of the occult fas­cists asso­ci­at­ed with Moyni­han and the Abraxas net­work is Ker­ry Bolton, pub­lish­er of Nexus among oth­er peri­od­i­cals.

Lords of Chaos also con­tains an inter­view with Ker­ry Bolton, a New Zealand-based Satanist who is try­ing to pop­u­lar­ize fas­cism inside pop cul­ture with a series of small jour­nals like Key of Alo­cer, The Nexus and The Flam­ing Sword. His essays have also appeared in The Black Flame and Filosofem. In one of his writ­ings Bolton even calls the Futur­ist (and lat­er Fas­cist) Fil­ip­po Marinet­ti a fore­run­ner of ‘Indus­tri­al Cul­ture’. His pub­li­ca­tions also fea­ture Moyni­han, R.N. Tay­lor, Boyd Rice, Kad­mon, and oth­ers like them. . . .


 . . . Bolton also leads an overt­ly fas­cist mag­i­cal sect called the Black Order. The Black Order’s New Zealand address is con­ve­nient­ly reprint­ed in an illus­tra­tion in Lords of Chaos. A French far right­ist and OTO leader named Chris­t­ian Bouchet also pops up in Lords of Chaos. Along with pub­lish­ing his own occult jour­nal Lutte du Peo­ple he edits. Bouchet advo­cates an alliance with the far left, applauds Cas­tro for resist­ing Amer­i­can impe­ri­al­ism, and prais­es the French nine­teenth cen­tu­ry anar­chist Pierre-Joseph Proud­hon. H even offered a eulo­gy for the Ger­man ultra-left­ist Ulrike Mein­hof, a leader of the ter­ror­ist Rote Armee Frak­tion, RAF. Nou­velle Resis­tance is also behind a pro-Vikernes music fanzine called Napalm Rock, whose edi­tor Lords of Chaos inter­views. Giv­en his own back­ground and pub­licly pro­claimed polit­i­cal views, it seems fair­ly obvi­ous that Moyni­han would not be ter­ri­bly dis­traught if a new wave of ‘berserk­er youth’ chose to fol­low in Vikernes’ path—regardless of whether or not he holds the Coun­t’s most extreme polit­i­cal state­ments in high regard.


31. In light of the ideological/cultural pro­pa­gan­diz­ing of Moyni­han, Par­frey, Rice, the Abraxas net­work and the oth­er fas­cists and Nazi fel­low trav­el­ers recount­ed in the text above, the moti­va­tion pro­pelling the bloody demise of Joseph Fer­gu­son seems less obscure.

Agi­tat­ed, shirt­less under his body armor and hold­ing a 9mm semi­au­to­mat­ic pis­tol, dis­grun­tled secu­ri­ty guard Joseph Fer­gu­son stared straight into the video cam­era held by a man would short­ly become the fifth life snuffed out in Fer­gu­son’s 24-hour killing spree. ‘I’ve tak­en four vic­tims,’ Fer­gu­son said from the Ran­cho Cor­do­va home where he held a Burns Inter­na­tion­al Secu­ri­ty col­league and his wife hostage for near­ly 18 hours before shoot­ing him­self to death in a gun­bat­tle with offi­cers. ‘That should be enough to last a week in the news. . . . He was fas­ci­nat­ed with neo-Nazism, Tim­o­thy McVeigh and Charles Man­son. [Ital­ics are Mr. Emory’s]

“Sacra­men­to Killer Vowed Not to Be Tak­en Alive” by Michelle Gui­do; San Jose Mer­cury News; 9/11/2001; pp. 1A-14A.

32. Obvi­ous­ly, Par­frey and com­pa­ny have deep con­nec­tions to fas­cist and Nazi ele­ments and have worked to fur­ther some of those ele­ments’ projects. One should not be too quick to label Par­frey a fas­cist him­self. Rather, he might be termed a “fel­low trav­el­er,” whose efforts on behalf of, and asso­ci­a­tion with, Nazi/fascist ele­ments may be due to Par­frey’s devo­tion to the pro­mul­ga­tion of “extreme cul­ture.”

Defy­ing easy def­i­n­i­tion, “extreme cul­ture” could be said to be defined by any­thing that is edgy, over-the-top and, more often than not, offen­sive and/or unbe­liev­able.

Exem­pli­fy­ing the cog­ni­tive para­maters of the “extreme cul­ture” dis­sem­i­nat­ed by Par­frey and com­pa­ny are the pro­nounce­ments of an indi­vid­ual named Dan Right­my­er, pub­lished by Fer­al House [11] under the nom de plume “Alex Con­stan­tine.”

Claim­ing to be an expert on, and vic­tim of, mind con­trol, Rightmyer/Constantine sent a let­ter to the now-defunct mag­a­zine Mon­do 2000 [12], in which he made some remark­able state­ments.

He claims to have been tor­tured by “pulsed audio­grams.” An audio­gram [15] is a  graph, con­struct­ed  in order to chart a  per­son­’s hear­ing loss. The worst thing one can suf­fer at the hands of an audio­gram is a paper cut. Rightmyer/Constantine’s stat­ment is not only demon­stra­bly false, but absurd.

The piece de resis­tance, how­ev­er, is his claim to have repelled mag­nets “from his cra­ni­um,” an act he claims was wit­nessed by “two of the lead­ing child psy­chol­o­gists in the coun­try.”

. . . . For five years I have been the vic­tim of a for­mal tor­ture pro­gram at the hands of the CIA. The tor­ture is elec­tro­mag­net­ic and dif­fi­cult to trace, retal­i­a­tion for my polit­i­cal research. . . . I have been sub­ject­ed to a gru­elling dai­ly reg­i­men of tor­ture ren­dered from a remote source. I have been burned by microwaves, kept awake for days at a stretch by shriek­ing nois­es in my ears, the effect of pulsed audio­grams. One evening I was hit by an infra-sound attack . . . on my spine, the most painful expe­ri­ence of my life. I was left crawl­ing and scream­ing across the floor. For die-hard skep­tics, I can offer this proof: Two of the lead­ing child psy­chol­o­gists in the coun­try once wit­nessed mag­nets repelled from my cra­ni­um. When I wrote a let­ter to Amnesty Inter­na­tion­al about my plight (it was ignored), friends of mind [sic] were sub­ject­ed to microwave attack. . . . [Ital­ics are Mine–D.E.]

33. Yet anoth­er of Rightmyer/Constantine’s claims con­cern­ing mag­nets being repelled from his head:

. . . . I have numer­ous wit­ness­es who will tes­ti­fy on the wit­ness stand that my
head has been so mag­ne­tized it repelled mag­nets. Yet Mar­tin claimed I was
lying. I am not. . . .

“Con­stan­tine vs. Canon”; Con­spir­a­cy The­o­ry Research List; 3/18/1999. [16]

34. On a KPFK chat board (KPFK is the Paci­fi­ca radio out­let in Los Ange­les) Rightmyer/Constantine [14] was chal­lenged to iden­ti­fy the two psy­chol­o­gists who had sup­pos­ed­ly wit­nessed the mag­nets inci­dent. Mirac­u­lous­ly, the iden­ti­ty of the two sup­posed wit­ness­es changed com­plete­ly! In addi­tion, Rightmyer/Constantine claims he “knocked out a light bulb and a new CD play­er”!

Obvi­ous­ly, Rightmyer/Constantine’s account is at fun­da­men­tal vari­ance with his ear­li­er account. One should not be too ready to brand him a liar, how­ev­er. He may just be hal­lu­ci­nat­ing (see below.)

I have respond­ed to this ques­tion on Inter­net dis­cus­sion lists when seri­ous peo­ple were inter­est­ed. Two for­mer col­leagues of a well-known KPFK talk show host wit­nessed the episode. It was the least spec­tac­u­lar event that occurred on the after­noon in ques­tion, BTW. I also knocked out a light bulb and a new CD play­er. [Ital­ics are mine–D.E.] Since you haven’t stooped to flames, I’ll explain ... I was tar­get­ed by elec­tron­ic weapons — these are not so obscure these days, after all, and all of the past ridicule on this mes­sage board is mis­placed, not to men­tion cru­el. I have for 20 years fought as fierce­ly as any­one for human rights on a num­ber of fronts — and was tor­tured for it. We know the sort of per­son who flames tor­ture vic­tims, don’t we? Why would I respond to that sort of lowlife. My focus is on fed­er­al­ly-spon­sored atroc­i­ties, cor­rup­tion, cov­er-ups ... not idiots who have to strug­gle with a sim­ple expla­na­tion for an event that is not real­ly so far-out, after all. I’ve writ­ten about the tech­nol­o­gy in two books. Read them, check the foot­notes, and you’ll under­stand where I’m com­ing from.

35. An alter­na­tive expla­na­tion for Rightmyer/Constantine’s expe­ri­ences was pro­vid­ed by a col­league of his. In a Google chat forum [17], he not­ed the fol­low­ing (repost­ed by anoth­er par­tic­i­pant):

More stuff on Dan Right­my­er — the kook known as pen
name ‘Alex Con­stan­tine.’

I’ve respond­ed ade­quate­ly to Dan Right­my­er and his sil­ly bil­ly pal Bri­an in anoth­er recent thread. But there is some­thing else you good folks real­ly ought to know about Dan ‘Alex Con­stant­Whine’ Right­my­er. (Sung to the tune of the ‘Bev­er­ly Hill­bil­lies’ theme...) Come and lis­ten to my sto­ry ‘bout a nut named Dan, Hears voic­es in his head he says are from ‘The Man.’ He says ‘They filled my nog­gin full of elec­tron­ic bugs!’ But he does­n’t let you know that he’s done a lot of DRUGS. (ACID, that is. LSD. ‘Hun­dreds of trips.’)

‘Hun­dreds of acid trips’ is the admis­sion Dan made to his for­mer best friend, S.M. Any rea­son­able per­son who wants the full sto­ry should feel free to write me or call me. I’ll tell ya how to talk to this for­mer best friend for your­self — you’ll hear all sorts of out­ra­geous, hilar­i­ous sto­ries about Dan’s his­to­ry of mas­sive drug abuse, as well his insane behav­ior.

(Here’s a sam­ple: Once, one of Dan’s inner ‘tor­men­tors’ iden­ti­fied him­self by name. Dan found that a gen­tle­man of this name was list­ed in the phone book. Dan, who owned a firearm, threat­ened to go to the house of this obvi­ous­ly-inno­cent par­ty and shoot him!)