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FTR #512 Alvin of Arabia


NB: The mate­r­i­al from Daniel Hop­sick­er’s “Bar­ry and the Boys” has been delet­ed from both print­ed and audio files, due to some edi­to­r­i­al issues with Chap­ter 35 of the Trine Day edi­tion of the book. The mate­r­i­al in ques­tion was from Daniel Hop­sick­er’s self-pub­lished edi­tion. Appar­ent­ly Trine Day felt that some of the research was erroneous–D.E., 8/17/2018.




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  1. The Alfas­si Fam­i­ly con­tin­ues on the road. Mr. M. Alal AlFas­si is under a bank­rup­cy process in Spain, bad­faced after his sis­ter the princess dark death last sum­mer in Egypt.


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    Posted by Natwest March | October 23, 2010, 1:08 am

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