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FTR #588 The Aliens Are Coming, The Aliens Are Coming—Not

Record­ed March 4, 2007
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Intro­duc­tion: Fur­ther devel­op­ing Mr. Emory’s long-stand­ing inquiry into the polit­i­cal impli­ca­tions of the UFO phe­nom­e­non and the ET myth, the broad­cast sets forth remarks by both the British defense ministry’s for­mer chief UFO inves­ti­ga­tor and a for­mer Cana­di­an defense min­is­ter. Both RAF offi­cer Pope and for­mer defense min­is­ter Paul Helly­er believe we have been vis­it­ed by space aliens, arriv­ing in UFOs! Most of the broad­cast high­lights research indi­cat­ing that UFOs are real, but that they are from right here on earth! After delin­eat­ing Ger­man aero­nau­ti­cal research dur­ing the lat­ter phase of World War II, the broad­cast notes Vesco’s hypoth­e­sis that the first true UFOs were devel­oped in Cana­da by sub­sidiaries of British air­craft man­u­fac­tur­ers, and were flown over the north­ern Unit­ed States in the post­war peri­od to con­vince the U.S. to share atom­ic bomb tech­nol­o­gy with their British allies. Con­clud­ing with dis­cus­sion of the pos­si­ble impli­ca­tions of the delib­er­ate man­i­fes­ta­tion of UFO tech­nol­o­gy mis­rep­re­sent­ed as being from out­er space, the pro­gram notes the vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty of a dis­il­lu­sioned, eco­nom­i­cal­ly and eco­log­i­cal­ly beset human race to accept­ing fal­si­fied belief in “sal­va­tion from above”—in this case “our broth­ers from space.” Is it pos­si­ble that Vesco’s hypoth­e­sis may be relat­ed to for­mer British and Cana­di­an defense offi­cials “leak­ing” infor­ma­tion about vis­its from space aliens!! Could this be part of an enor­mous psy-op?!

Pro­gram High­lights Include: Dis­cus­sion of the anti-radar Feuer­ball, the prob­a­ble cause of the reports of Foo Fight­ers by Allied air­men in World War II; analy­sis of the Kugel­blitz, anoth­er Nazi anti-air­craft device that was an antecedent of the UFOs; reports of humans pilot­ing the UFOs that appeared in the imme­di­ate after­math of World War II; the migra­tion of British avi­a­tion tech­nol­o­gy to Cana­da after World War II; the con­cen­tra­tion of that avi­a­tion tech­nol­o­gy in the Pacif­ic North­west.

1. Begin­ning with an asser­tion from a for­mer British offi­cer who was in charge of UFO inves­ti­ga­tions for the British Min­istry of Defense, the pro­gram notes his [pur­port­ed] fear that “space aliens” could attack at any time. Note that Mr. Emory does not believe in the exis­tence of space aliens, but does believe “UFO’s” to be real and of ter­res­tri­al ori­gin. His fear is that these devices may be used to gov­ern human behav­ior as part of some kind of psy-op. CORRECTION: COLONEL POPE WAS NOT THE HEAD OF THE MINISTRY OF DEFENSE. MR. EMORY MISINTERPRETED THE HEADLINE ELEMENT “FORMER MoD CHIEF” TO MEAN THAT HE HEADED THE MINISTRY ITSELF. POPE WAS IN OF CHARGE OF THE MINISTRY’S UFO INVESTIGATIONS ONLY. NOTE THAT PAUL HELLYER [DISCUSSED IN PARAGRAPHS 2 AND 3] WAS THE CANADIAN DEFENSE MINISTER AND A DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER. “UFO sight­ings and alien vis­i­tors tend to be sole­ly the reserve of sci-fi movies. So when a for­mer MoD chief warns that the coun­try could be attacked by extrater­res­tri­als at any time, you may be for­giv­en for feel­ing a lit­tle alarmed. Dur­ing his time as head of the Min­istry of Defense UFO project, Nick Pope was per­suad­ed into believ­ing that oth­er life forms may vis­it Earth and, more specif­i­cal­ly, Britain. His con­cern is that ‘high­ly cred­i­ble’ sight­ings are sim­ply dis­missed. And he com­plains that the project he once ran is now ‘vir­tu­al­ly closed’ down, leav­ing the coun­try ‘wide open’ to aliens. Mr Pope decid­ed to speak out about his wor­ries after resign­ing from his post at the Direc­torate of Defense Secu­ri­ty at the MoD this week. ‘The con­se­quences of get­ting this one wrong could be huge,’ he said. . . .”
(“ ‘Aliens Could Attack at any Time’ Warns For­mer MoD Chief” by Char­lotte Gill; Dai­ly Mail; 11/10/2006)

2. Echo­ing Pope’s con­cern about the pos­si­bil­i­ty of an “inter­galac­tic war” is for­mer Cana­di­an Min­is­ter of Defense and Deputy Prime Min­is­ter Paul Helly­er. “A for­mer Cana­di­an Min­is­ter of Defense and Deputy Prime Min­is­ter under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-gov­ern­men­tal orga­ni­za­tions to ask the Par­lia­ment of Cana­da to hold pub­lic hear­ings on Exopol­i­tics — rela­tions with ‘ETs.’ By ‘ETs,’ Mr. Helly­er and these orga­ni­za­tions mean eth­i­cal, advanced extrater­res­tri­al civ­i­liza­tions that may now be vis­it­ing Earth. On Sep­tem­ber 25, 2005, in a star­tling speech at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Toron­to that caught the atten­tion of main­stream news­pa­pers and mag­a­zines, Paul Helly­er, Canada’s Defense Min­is­ter from 1963–67 under Nobel Peace Prize Lau­re­ate Prime Min­is­ter Lester Pear­son, pub­licly stat­ed: ‘UFOs, are as real as the air­planes that fly over your head.’ Mr. Helly­er went on to say, ‘I’m so con­cerned about what the con­se­quences might be of start­ing an inter­galac­tic war, that I just think I had to say some­thing.’ Helly­er revealed, ‘The secre­cy involved in all mat­ters per­tain­ing to the Roswell inci­dent was unpar­al­leled. The clas­si­fi­ca­tion was, from the out­set, above top secret, so the vast major­i­ty of U.S. offi­cials and politi­cians, let alone a mere allied min­is­ter of defense, were nev­er in-the-loop.’ Helly­er warned, ‘The Unit­ed States mil­i­tary are prepar­ing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an inter­galac­tic war with­out us ever hav­ing any warn­ing. He stat­ed, ‘The Bush admin­is­tra­tion has final­ly agreed to let the mil­i­tary build a for­ward base on the moon, which will put them in a bet­ter posi­tion to keep track of the goings and com­ings of the vis­i­tors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide.’ . . .”
(“For­mer Cana­di­an Min­is­ter Of Defense Asks Cana­di­an Par­lia­ment To Hold Hear­ings On Rela­tions With Alien ‘ET’ Civ­i­liza­tions” [PRWeb].)

3. Going still fur­ther, Helly­er has stat­ed that “alien tech­nol­o­gy” could give us the means to com­bat glob­al warm­ing. “A for­mer Cana­di­an defense min­is­ter is demand­ing gov­ern­ments world­wide dis­close and use secret alien tech­nolo­gies obtained in alleged UFO crash­es to stem cli­mate change, a local paper said Wednes­day. ‘I would like to see what (alien) tech­nol­o­gy there might be that could elim­i­nate the burn­ing of fos­sil fuels with­in a gen­er­a­tion ... that could be a way to save our plan­et,’ Paul Helly­er, 83, told the Ottawa Cit­i­zen. Alien space­crafts would have trav­eled vast dis­tances to reach Earth, and so must be equipped with advanced propul­sion sys­tems or used excep­tion­al fuels, he told the news­pa­per. Such alien tech­nolo­gies could offer human­i­ty alter­na­tives to fos­sil fuels, he said, point­ing to the enig­mat­ic 1947 inci­dent in Roswell, New Mex­i­co — which has become a shrine for UFO believ­ers — as an exam­ple of alien con­tact. ‘We need to per­suade gov­ern­ments to come clean on what they know. Some of us sus­pect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our plan­et if applied quick­ly enough,’ he said. Helly­er became defense min­is­ter in for­mer prime min­is­ter Lester Pear­son­’s cab­i­net in 1963, and over­saw the con­tro­ver­sial inte­gra­tion and uni­fi­ca­tion of Canada’s army, air force and navy into the Cana­di­an Forces. He shocked Cana­di­ans in Sep­tem­ber 2005 by announc­ing he once saw a UFO.”
(“UFO Sci­ence Key to Halt­ing Cli­mate Change: For­mer Cana­di­an Defense Min­is­ter” [Agence France Press]; Yahoo.com; 2/28/2007.)

4. Delv­ing into the top­ic of the his­tor­i­cal devel­op­ment of uncon­ven­tion­al­ly-shaped fly­ing machines by the species homo sapi­ens, the pro­gram high­lights the so-called “Foo Fight­ers.” Named by Allied air­men [“Foo” is a cor­rup­tion of “feu”—the French word for “fire”], the Foo Fight­ers were large, glow­ing balls that flew after bombers on night raids into Ger­many. Upon the Foo Fight­ers’ appear­ance, the bombers’ radar prompt­ly mal­func­tioned. Author Vesco con­tends that the Foo Fight­ers were an anti-radar device devel­oped by the Luft­waffe and named the “Feuer­ball” or Fire­ball. [Vesco was in charge of Research and Devel­op­ment for the Ital­ian air force for a time.] “ . . . Sub­se­quent­ly oth­er fly­ers encoun­tered the mys­te­ri­ous Foo Fight­ers, but hav­ing learned their les­son from the fate of their col­leagues, they nev­er men­tioned them in their flight reports. Pilots McFalls and Bak­er were the ones who broke this imposed silence. They too were from the 415th Squadron, and their very short but detailed report forced Air Force intel­li­gence to con­sid­er the mat­ter seri­ous­ly: ‘At 0600 [on Decem­ber 22], near Hage­nau, at 10,000 feet alti­tude, two very bright lights climbed toward us from the ground. They lev­eled off and stayed on the tail of our plane. They were huge bright orange lights. They stayed there for two min­utes. On my tail all the time. They were under per­fect con­trol [by oper­a­tors on the ground]. Then they turned away from us, and the fire seemed to go out.’ The rest of the report was cen­sored. Appar­ent­ly it went on to men­tion the plane’s radar and its sud­den mal­func­tion­ing. Two nights lat­er the same pilots were fly­ing over the Rhine when they were ‘attacked’ by a glow­ing red ball that sud­den­ly ‘changed into an air­plane which did a wing over! Then it dived and dis­ap­peared.’ Addi­tion­al cen­sored lines. Knowl­edge of these facts, which were being increas­ing­ly repeat­ed, final­ly caught the atten­tion of mil­i­tary pub­li­ca­tions. Dur­ing the last days of Decem­ber 1944, sto­ries were leaked to the Amer­i­can Legion Mag­a­zine, which pub­lished the per­son­al opin­ions of sev­er­al U.S. Intel­li­gence offi­cers and sug­gest­ed that the Foo Fight­ers were radio-con­trolled devices that the Ger­mans sent up to baf­fle the radar of the night raiders. Pick­ing up the sto­ry, the news­pa­pers dug up Hitler’s threat­en­ing speech­es boast­ing of the immi­nent use of cer­tain secret weapons capa­ble of com­pro­mis­ing or at least delay­ing the Allied vic­to­ry. . . .”
(Intercept—But Don’t Shoot; by Rena­to Vesco; Grove Press [HC]; Eng­lish trans­la­tion Copy­right 1971 by Grove Press; Library of Con­gress Num­ber 76–125004; p. 82.) 

5. Vesco believes that anoth­er imme­di­ate fore­run­ner of the “UFO’s” was anoth­er Luft­waffe tech­ni­cal innovation–the Kubel­blitz or Ball Light­ning. “ . . . Par­al­lel with the for­ma­tion of the spe­cial S.S. Air Corps, the S.S. Tech­ni­cal Gen­er­al Staff had not only espoused Mar­shal Goer­ing’s press­ing demands for the prepa­ra­tion of the ‘deci­sive’ fight­er, but had imple­ment­ed them by hav­ing all the aero­nau­tic advances of the past two years sent to the indus­tri­al com­bine of the ‘G. Werke.’ Thus the prin­ci­ple of the sym­met­ri­cal cir­cu­lar air­craft was com­bined with direct gyro­scop­ic sta­bi­liza­tion; syn­thet­ic fire-damp was com­bined with the mul­ti­ple-bat­teried blow­er can­non; a gelati­nous organ­ic metal­lic hyper­com­bustible was com­bined with the total reac­tion tur­bine; tele­vi­sion-con­trolled fly­ing was com­bined with ver­ti­cal take-off and land­ing; armor that was sen­si­tive to small-cal­iber pro­jec­tiles and radio con­trol that was free of ene­my jam­ming were com­bined with the active blind­ing of ene­my radar; infrared search ‘eyes’ were com­bined with elec­tro­sta­t­ic weapon fir­ing. This marked the rapid devel­op­ment of the Feuer­ball, which final­ly became a weapon. The Kugel­blitz (Ball Light­ning), which appar­ent­ly for greater safe­ty com­bined the elec­tro­sta­t­ic fir­ing device with an anal­o­gous short-wave device man­u­fac­tured by the Patent-Ver­w­er­tungs Gesellschaft of Salzburg, lumped togeth­er in a sin­gle com­pact mass the wings, tail, and fuse­lage of ordi­nary planes, but it had noth­ing in com­mon with them in either form or per­for­mance. It was the first exam­ple of the ‘jet-lift’ air­craft. . . . ”
(Ibid.; pp. 156–157.)

6. Next, Vesco sets forth some of the many UFO sight­ings in North Amer­i­ca in the imme­di­ate after­math of World War II. Among those was the sight­ing of a for­ma­tion of UFO’s, sight­ed by a P‑38 recon­nais­sance plane over Yel­low­stone Park. Note that the P‑38 pilot iden­ti­fied an appar­ent­ly human pilot of one of the air­craft! “ . . .‘The mys­te­ri­ous air­craft seemed to be made of alu­minum. They were pearl-gray in col­or and on the upper side they all had a shin­ing bub­ble of some trans­par­ent mate­r­i­al.’ ‘Did you see who was fly­ing them? And why did­n’t you take any pic­tures?’ ‘We wast­ed some time watch­ing them fly by and try­ing to deter­mine whether there was any­one on board. They moved quick­er than we could act!’ ‘Did the leader by any chance graze your plane?’ ‘No, absolute­ly not. I have no idea why he fell. Per­haps he was already hav­ing mechan­i­cal trou­ble or per­haps he acci­den­tal­ly got into my slip­stream and was torn apart. As I said, we were going pret­ty fast.’ The pho­tog­ra­ph­er con­firmed that he did not have time to aim his large ver­ti­cal cam­era at the for­ma­tion because the objects flew by too rapid­ly, and his report on the event coin­cid­ed in its main par­tic­u­lars with that of the pilot (who was described by his direct supe­ri­ors as a ‘seri­ous and hon­est offi­cer, who takes his job seri­ous­ly’). He added that since he had con­cen­trat­ed his atten­tion on one of the craft that had briefly approached the P‑38 more close­ly than the oth­ers, it seemed to him that he had glimpsed a man, the pilot, inside, lying flat in the cab­in and look­ing out the glass port­hole in the front of the bub­ble. . . .”
(Ibid.; p. 14.)

7. One of the pri­ma­ry the­ses of Vesco’s book is the con­tention that the UFO’s are post­war British devel­op­ments of Ger­man aero­nau­ti­cal pro­to­types. Vesco doc­u­ments a huge, west­ward migra­tion of avi­a­tion tech­nol­o­gy in Cana­da in the imme­di­ate after­math of World War II. He is of the opin­ion that Cana­di­an sub­sidiaries of British air­craft man­u­fac­tur­ers were charged with the [suc­cess­ful] devel­op­ment of the Ger­man inno­va­tions. Accord­ing to Vesco, the appear­ance of these devices over the North­ern Unit­ed States was ini­tial­ly intend­ed to demon­strate to the Amer­i­cans that it was in their best inter­est to share the tech­nol­o­gy for the atom­ic bomb, because the British, too, had some remark­able tech­nol­o­gy to share. Is it pos­si­ble that Vesco’s hypoth­e­sis may be relat­ed to for­mer British and Cana­di­an defense offi­cials “leak­ing” infor­ma­tion about vis­its from space aliens!! Could this be part of an enor­mous psy-op?! “ . . . Among the frag­men­tary news sto­ries that report­ed the trans­fer by the Cana­di­an gov­ern­ment of the Tur­bo-Research Ltd. plants to the Hawk­er Sid­de­ley Group there were sev­er­al that referred to the immi­nence of oth­er rad­i­cal changes in the local air­craft indus­try, which because of war pro­duc­tion needs had grown quite large, espe­cial­ly in the east­ern part of the coun­try, over the pre­ced­ing five years. Plans were laid for a sort of gigan­tic ‘migra­tion’ to the west­ern area of the Domin­ion, with the for­ma­tion of research, test­ing and pro­duc­tion centers—centering on the urban area of Vancouver—for new types of planes and engines that would be ‘Cana­di­an designed and Cana­di­an built’ and for the local pro­duc­tion of ‘spe­cial fuels.’ The whole thing was to be accom­plished in record time. The great­est impulse toward this devel­op­ment, which was rapid­ly brought to a con­clu­sion, came in the spring of 1946, when Pro­fes­sor B. S, Shenstone—described by the tech­ni­cal jour­nals as a ‘Cana­di­an sci­en­tist with a bril­liant sci­en­tif­ic back­ground’ and an expert in, among oth­er things, prob­lems deal­ing with the con­trol of the bound­ary layer—was named gen­er­al man­ag­er and tech­ni­cal assis­tant to vice-pres­i­dent W. N. Deish­er of Avro-Cana­da. Pre­vi­ous­ly he had been an assis­tant direc­tor in the Min­istry of Air­craft Pro­duc­tion’s office in charge of the devel­op­ment of projects relat­ing to post­war air trans­port. But we had an author­i­ta­tive indi­ca­tion of what was devel­op­ing in Cana­da in the fall of 1945, when a bril­liant aero­nau­ti­cal future was open­ly being pre­dict­ed in Eng­land for its over­seas domin­ion. For exam­ple, The Aero­plane wrote: ‘The recent pur­chase [July 1] of the Vic­to­ry Air­craft, Ltd., plant at Mal­ton, Ontario, which is at present engaged in the pro­duc­tion of the Lin­coln bomber, by the Hawk­er-Sid­de­ley Co., might mean that Cana­da will become the British Empire’s air­craft pro­duc­tion cen­ter with­in the next ten years.’ At the begin­ning of 1946 the British group also took over the plants of Tur­bo-Research of Leav­side and put them under the admin­is­tra­tion of its Gas Tur­bine Divi­sion in Mal­ton. Tur­bo-Research was a gov­ern­ment body cre­at­ed in 1944 on the mod­el of the British Pow­er Jets for the study of local prob­lems of jet propul­sion. It had an exper­i­men­tal sta­tion in Win­nipeg. . . . .”
(Ibid.; pp.248–249.)

8. “Actu­al­ly, even the present twen­ty mil­lion pop­u­la­tion, for the most part inhab­it­ing the two coastal areas, on a land almost the size of a con­ti­nent (it is nine-tenths the size of Europe) com­pris­es a decid­ed­ly mod­est human nucle­us when com­pared with the tens of mil­lions who live in coun­tries with a long aero­nau­ti­cal tra­di­tion, such as Eng­land, Italy, France, and Ger­many. Describ­ing Cana­da as ‘the Promised Land of Avi­a­tion,’ the British aero­nau­ti­cal writer J. II. Slovens not­ed in 1952 that ‘the prin­ci­pal air­craft com­pa­nies (A. V. Roe, Canadair, De Hav­il­land) that build air­craft of their own design num­ber two in Toron­to and one in Mon­tre­al. Oth­er minor spe­cial­ist firms that con­tribute to mak­ing those places the cen­ters of nation­al aero­nau­ti­cal pro­duc­tion are locat­ed in both of these cities and in their sur­round­ing areas. The British Fairey Avi­a­tion Com­pa­ny has a well-known fac­to­ry near Hal­i­fax in Nova Sco­tia. Oth­er islands of air tech­nol­o­gy are on the Nia­gara penin­su­la, in Fort William, Win­nipeg and Van­cou­ver. The largest builder is, how­ev­er, A. V. Roe Cana­da, Ltd., or Avro-Cana­da, which derives from the ‘shade work­shop’ of Vic­to­ry Air­craft Ltd. and is a branch of the British Hawk­er Sid­de­ley Group. Nev­er­the­less, it has an inde­pen­dent board of direc­tors, like the oth­er divi­sions, over which Sir Frank Sprig­gs and Sir Roy Dob­son exer­cise only a gen­er­al pol­i­cy con­trol. Oth­er indus­tries cov­er the whole field of acces­sories, instru­ments and air­craft mate­ri­als. Hun­dreds of firms pro­duce var­i­ous parts accord­ing to the designs and stan­dards of air­craft con­struc­tion. Final­ly, Cana­da pro­duces steel and light alloys for all its own needs mak­ing use of its vast min­er­al deposits. There is also a ‘pilot plant’ for the pro­duc­tion of tita­ni­um. Cana­da pos­sess­es com­plete sci­en­tif­ic and exper­i­men­tal equip­ment in the Nation­al Research Coun­cil of Ottawa. Wind tun­nels, lab­o­ra­to­ries that are equipped to exam­ine mate­ri­als and con­struct mod­els make it pos­si­ble to car­ry out any kind of exper­i­ment. Anoth­er sign of Canada’s deter­mi­na­tion not to remain behind in aero­nau­ti­cal progress is the fact that there are two elec­tron­ic com­put­ers in Toron­to: one at Avro-Cana­da and the oth­er at the uni­ver­si­ty, which also has a hyper­son­ic wind tun­nel in Downsview. Dur­ing the win­ter, indus­tri­al pro­duc­tion remains unaf­fect­ed, for the fac­to­ries are all well-heat­ed. Even the hangars are kept at a tem­per­a­ture of 70 degrees, avoid­ing drafts in a way that seems mirac­u­lous. The work­ing con­di­tions, for exam­ple, are bet­ter than those in the aver­age British fac­to­ry, and it is com­mon prac­tice to work in shirt­sleeves dur­ing the win­ter, both in the offices and in the shops. The cold, how­ev­er, makes it nec­es­sary that all the planes be kept under roof.’”
(Ibid.; pp. 250–252.)

9. Next, the pro­gram sets forth Vesco’s research on the “Avro Car”—a cir­cu­lar fight­er air­craft devel­oped by the A.V. Roe company—a sub­sidiary of Hawk­er-Sid­dley. Although the Avro-Car offi­cial­ly did not achieve oper­a­tional sta­tus, Vesco believes that is dis­in­for­ma­tion. He feels that the Avro-Car was actu­al­ly suc­cess­ful­ly devel­oped. “At the begin­ning of 1953, when no one was think­ing about fly­ing discs, they sud­den­ly began to appear in the columns of Cana­di­an news­pa­pers. On Feb­ru­ary 11, the Toron­to Star announced in a ban­ner head­line that fly­ing saucers should no longer be con­fined to the realm of fan­ta­sy, because they were actu­al­ly being devel­oped in one of Avro-Canada’s hangars at the Mal­ton air­field. Two columns of details and the news that the device was sup­posed to have a top speed of 1500 mph gave the clear impres­sion that the writer had obtained his infor­ma­tion from a; very well-informed, if not com­plete­ly can­did, source that obvi­ous­ly worked some­where in the pow­er­ful com­pa­ny. Cer­tain gov­ern­ment experts who were imme­di­ate­ly inter­viewed by reporters from the near­by cap­i­tal sought to extri­cate them­selves from the awk­ward sit­u­a­tion by eva­sive­ly declar­ing: ‘The Defense author­i­ties are exam­in­ing all ideas, even rev­o­lu­tion­ary ones, that have been sug­gest­ed for the devel­op­ment of new types of super­son­ic air­craft, also includ­ing fly­ing discs. This, how­ev­er, is still in the begin­ning phase of research and it will be a num­ber of months before we are able to reach any­thing pos­i­tive and sev­en or more years before we come to actu­al pro­duc­tion.’ Accord­ing to the Star, on Feb­ru­ary 16 C. D. Howe, min­is­ter of defense pro­duc­tion, told the House of Com­mons that ‘the gov­ern­ment was con­stant­ly study­ing ‘new con­cepts and new designs’ for fight­ers . . . adding weight to reports that Avro is even now work­ing on a mock-up mod­el of a ‘fly­ing saucer’ capa­ble of fly­ing 1500 miles per hour and climb­ing straight up in the air.’ . . . ”
(Ibid.; pp. 252–253.)

10. More of Vesco’s research on the Avro-Car: “ . . . . For some time the leaks con­tin­ued along the same lines, although with­out adding any­thing new, favored by the fact that the organ of British mil­i­tary avi­a­tion, the R.A.F. Review, reprint­ed almost the whole of the orig­i­nal Cana­di­an inquiry, there­by con­fer­ring, so to speak, a semi­of­fi­cial sta­tus upon the news.’ As a pre­cau­tion, how­ev­er, the review felt oblig­ed to state that ‘none of the opin­ions expressed in the arti­cle’ had been con­firmed by the Air Min­istry. In fact, all dur­ing the peri­od that the news was break­ing, the Min­istry care­ful­ly kept its lips sealed. The Cana­di­an fly­ing saucer (the one in the news­pa­pers) did not con­cern the Min­istry, since, luck­i­ly for it, the truth about the real fly­ing saucers of the R.C.A.F. was not even touched. At this point began the dis­cus­sions that played direct­ly into the hands of the author­i­ties that were direct­ly inter­est­ed in keep­ing the secret. At the begin­ning of June, the dai­ly infor­ma­tion bul­letin of the Swiss review Inter­avia report­ed that on the basis of inquiries made by its Cana­di­an cor­re­spon­dent, the A. V. Roe fly­ing disc was prob­a­bly not in fact an air­plane in the shape of a disc but, more sim­ply, a delta-winged jet fight­er-inter­cep­tor, that is, it had the shape of a tri­an­gle. In oth­er words, it was a fur­ther devel­op­ment of the well-known Avro 707 heavy fight­er and the Avro 698 Vul­can bomber pow­ered with four jet engines. The cor­re­spon­dent of the review was mis­tak­en (or had he been delib­er­ate­ly mis­led?), since the firm had for some time been work­ing on at least a third exam­ple of a delta-winged plane: the super­son­ic CF-log Arrow, a twin-jet all-weath­er fight­er of thir­ty-five tons, the test­ing date of which had, how­ev­er, been sched­uled at the ear­li­est for the end of 1955. Evi­dent­ly this project had noth­ing to do with the discs, which were sev­er­al years in advance of it and had a rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent shape. And the proof of it is that when the press had com­plete­ly for­got­ten the sub­ject, a new, very brief sto­ry that appeared in Toron­to on Novem­ber 1 unex­pect­ed­ly brought the sub­ject up again. The sto­ry read: ‘A mock-up of the Cana­di­an fly­ing saucer, the high­ly secret air­craft in whose exis­tence few believe, was yes­ter­day shown to a group of twen­ty-five Amer­i­can experts, includ­ing mil­i­tary offi­cers and sci­en­tists.’ Fur­ther news on the Avro pseu­do-disc, which had in the mean­time been offi­cial­ly bap­tized the Avro Omega, came on the fol­low­ing Octo­ber 21, when the press declared that the air­craft had been under study for at least two years and that the cost of the pro­to­type was report­ed to have been in the area of $200 mil­lion. Accord­ing to the papers, the Cana­di­an gov­ern­ment was plan­ning to form entire squadrons of fly­ing saucers for the defense of Alas­ka and the frozen reach­es of the Far North. Their claimed low cost of man­u­fac­ture and main­te­nance, their abil­i­ty to inter­cept any high-speed plane in oper­a­tion and to take off ver­ti­cal­ly, made them the ide­al weapon for oper­a­tions in wood­ed areas of Cana­da and in the sub­arc­tic and polar regions, for they were ‘com­plete­ly inde­pen­dent of vul­ner­a­ble run­ways or any fixed spe­cial equip­ment.’ The press of the West­ern world nat­u­ral­ly received the news with a great sense of relief, and it unre­served­ly pro­claimed: ‘The fly­ing discs are real!’”
(Ibid.; pp. 254–255.)

11. Con­clud­ing with author Jacques Vallee’s reflec­tions on the polit­i­cal and soci­o­log­i­cal impli­ca­tions of the UFO phe­nom­e­non, the pro­gram excerpts The Mes­sen­gers of Decep­tion. Vallee main­tains that UFO con­tactees are being deceived into believ­ing that their expe­ri­ences are encoun­ters with “space” beings. It is his view that the prop­a­ga­tion of the belief in space aliens is a delib­er­ate decep­tion, being per­pet­u­at­ed by peo­ple right here on earth. “ . . . If we are not deal­ing with space vis­i­tors at all, but with pow­er­ful imagery pro­ject­ed in order to alter indi­vid­ual belief sys­tems, then the dream-like, hal­lu­ci­na­to­ry nature of the expe­ri­ence begins to make more sense. We could even imag­ine that the object is a form of nat­ur­al ener­gy; that close expo­sure to it trig­gered the vision; and that the most impor­tant ques­tion to ask is, what effect do such visions have on the soci­ety around the wit­ness­es? Let us not for­get that the soci­ety in ques­tion is bad­ly in need of ‘space broth­ers,’ and has lost much of its faith in the sci­en­tif­ic genius of mankind. Such is the social matrix with­in which we must con­sid­er an expe­ri­ence like Helen’s abduc­tion. Cer­tain fac­tors com­bine to sug­gest we should believe that she was inter­viewed by space crea­tures, but all the facts tak­en togeth­er sug­gest a dif­fer­ent, more sub­tle inter­pre­ta­tion: what she though was a ‘con­tact’ may have been mes­sen­gers of decep­tion. Wit­ness­es to close encoun­ters with UFOs give reports sim­i­lar to this one in case after case. The phe­nom­e­non involves more than a sim­ple craft using an advanced form of propul­sion; it involves a tech­nol­o­gy that can dis­tort the observer’s sense of real­i­ty.”
(The Mes­sen­gers of Decep­tion; by Jacques Val­lée; And/Or Books 1979; Copy­right 1979 by Jacques Vallee; ISBN 0–915904-38–1; pp. 62–63.)

12. “We already have human tech­nolo­gies that are both phys­i­cal and ‘psy­chic’ (in the sense of influ­enc­ing the con­scious­ness of an observ­er). An exam­ple of such a tech­nol­o­gy is giv­en, very sim­ply, by your tele­vi­sion set. There is no ques­tion that it is phys­i­cal. You can talk about its size, vol­ume, weight, and tem­per­a­ture. But if you turn it on, it will begin to con­trol your aware­ness in pecu­liar ways. You will observe scenes that, as far as you can tell, could be either ‘real’ or faked. You may be a wit­ness to an actu­al crime com­mit­ted right now, or to some­thing that hap­pened years ago. You may also believe a scene to be absolute­ly real, when in fact it is actu­al­ly staged in a stu­dio in Hol­ly­wood. Based on what you can observe, you have no way to know the truth, even if you have a Nobel Prize in physics. Besides, your tele­vi­sion set influ­ences you in oth­er ways. It deter­mines what tooth­paste you use, how you shave, who you go to bed with, and how you will vote in the next elec­tion. In some respects I think UFOs are sim­i­lar to tele­vi­sion sets. They are phys­i­cal objects, the prod­ucts of a tech­nol­o­gy, but they are also some­thing else: the tools of a major cul­tur­al change. I think UFOs are per­pe­trat­ing a decep­tion by pre­sent­ing their so-called ‘occu­pants’ as being mes­sen­gers from out­er space, and I sus­pect there are groups of peo­ple on earth exploit­ing this decep­tion. [Empha­sis added.]. . .”
(Ibid.; p. 63.)

13. In addi­tion to not­ing the irra­tional­i­ty of the con­tactee belief sys­tem, Vallee notes the poten­tial for that view­point for dis­rupt­ing a bad­ly dis­il­lu­sioned human­i­ty is enor­mous. Of par­tic­u­lar sig­nif­i­cance for our pur­pos­es are Vallee’s reflec­tions about the effect of not­ed pub­lic fig­ures giv­ing voice to beliefs in “ET’s.” Vallee’s book was pub­lished in 1979. One won­ders what he would say about the com­ments of Pope and Helly­er doc­u­ment­ed above?! “ . . . The new belief is com­plete­ly lack­ing in log­ic. That is the key to its pow­er. It serves to keep sci­en­tists away. The more absurd the state­ment, the stronger its effect. When the Estab­lish­ment is ratio­nal, absur­di­ty is dyna­mite. Through the con­tactees, the Manip­u­la­tors are under­min­ing both reli­gion and sci­ence. Con­tact with alien intel­li­gence is a social issue, too. Yes­ter­day any politi­cian would have avoid­ed UFOs like the plague. Today men like Jim­my Carter pro­claim that they have seen uniden­ti­fied lights in the sky and are ‘no longer laugh­ing at those who report fly­ing saucers.’ Var­i­ous ‘rev­e­la­tions’ by for­mer gov­ern­ment employ­ees have sug­gest­ed that evi­dence of extrater­res­tri­al vis­i­tors may exist in Wash­ing­ton. Even a man like Arthur Lun­dahl, for­mer direc­tor of the Pho­to­graph­ic Inter­pre­ta­tion Cen­ter of the CIA, has stat­ed pub­licly that he had exam­ined a num­ber of UFO films for the gov­ern­ment and had judged them to be authen­tic. Tomor­row some­one might announce that proof has been found for the exis­tence of alien life forms. Such an announce­ment would make pos­si­ble aston­ish­ing social, polit­i­cal, and eco­nom­ic changes. To pave the way for such changes is the stat­ed goal of many con­tactees. Their pur­pose is Utopia today. It could be real­i­ty tomor­row. . . .”
(Ibid.; p. 64.)

14. In light of the recent com­ments by Pope and Helly­er, one can only won­der whether human­i­ty is being pre­pared for some kind of delib­er­ate man­i­fes­ta­tion of these tech­nolo­gies.

“ . . . The propen­si­ty of most sci­en­tists to ignore these [UFO ‘con­tactee’] phenomena—or even to ridicule indis­crim­i­nate­ly those who report them—has cre­at­ed an unfor­tu­nate gap that these new sects are nat­u­ral­ly begin­ning to fill. The ques­tion that remains to dis­cov­er how seri­ous a threat these groups rep­re­sent to estab­lished social struc­tures. . . . Now, sup­pose the arrival of these alleged vis­i­tors was a hoax, a delib­er­ate decep­tion. Would we ever know?’ Great social changes often come from the least expect­ed area. I believe that the most pow­er­ful fac­tor that can change a society’s struc­tures is not a sim­ple ter­res­tri­al ‘ene­my’ beyond its bor­ders. This change can come from with­in, if the gap between the sci­en­tif­ic elite and the frus­trat­ed pub­lic gets wider and is delib­er­ate­ly exploit­ed. The instru­ments of this pro­found change are the con­tactees, the believ­ers in celes­tial inter­ven­tions of all kinds, the scouts of cos­mic armies. . . .” (Ibid.; p. 66.)


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