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FTR #604 Kicking Over the Traces

Record­ed July 15, 2007
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Intro­duc­tion: Pow­er­ful coun­tries main­tain the effec­tive­ness of those his­tor­i­cal lies deemed essen­tial for the preser­va­tion of the cog­ni­tive sta­tus quo. Just as the Unit­ed States clings to the offi­cial fic­tion of the War­ren Commission’s find­ings about Pres­i­dent Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion, the Fed­er­al Repub­lic of Ger­many duti­ful­ly adheres to the fic­tion that Mar­tin Bor­mann died in the ruins of Berlin dur­ing the clos­ing days of World War II.

The pow­er behind the throne dur­ing the Third Reich, Mar­tin Bor­mann arranged for the secret­ing of Germany’s wealth in neu­tral coun­tries and then presided over the result­ing eco­nom­ic and polit­i­cal net­work in the post­war peri­od. Dom­i­nat­ing Ger­man polit­i­cal and eco­nom­ic life and play­ing a deci­sive role in the affairs of oth­er coun­tries (includ­ing and espe­cial­ly the Unit­ed States), the net­work cre­at­ed by Bor­mann is lit­er­al­ly an Under­ground Reich, per­pet­u­at­ed in Mafia-like fash­ion.

In response to inves­ti­ga­tions that revealed Bormann’s escape and post­war activ­i­ties, the Ger­man gov­ern­ment arranged for a DNA test­ing of the remains—supposedly of Bormann—that were found in Berlin in the 1970’s. The DNA tests were nev­er inde­pen­dent­ly ver­i­fied and the remains that were sup­posed to be Bormann’s were dis­posed of in a secret loca­tion, pre­clud­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty of future ver­i­fi­ca­tion of the test. The corpses placed in the ruins of Berlin were, in fact, con­cen­tra­tion camp inmates whose den­tal work was metic­u­lous­ly altered under the super­vi­sion of Dr. Hugo Blaschke, Hitler and Bormann’s per­son­al den­tist. The inmates’ den­tal work was made iden­ti­cal to Bormann’s, right down to the wear and aging of the oral archi­tec­ture.

The inmates were then killed, and their remains buried in the rub­ble of Berlin. These corpses were the remains found—and tested—by the Ger­man gov­ern­ment to “ver­i­fy” Bormann’s sup­posed death in World War II! Most of the sec­ond half of the pro­gram is devot­ed to detail­ing the efforts of the pow­er­ful Thyssen fam­i­ly, Ger­man cor­po­ra­tions and for­mer Gestapo chief [and Bor­mann secu­ri­ty direc­tor] Hein­rich Mueller’s efforts at block­ing inves­ti­ga­tion of the Bor­mann net­work and its asso­ciates. For more about the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion, see FTR#305, as well as read­ing Mar­tin Bor­mann: Nazi in Exile. To learn more about the Bush family’s involve­ment with the Bor­mann net­work, check out the declas­si­fied doc­u­ments avail­able on this web­site. Note that the lever­age main­tained by the Bor­mann net­work derives from its con­sum­mate eco­nom­ic pow­er, termed by one banker as “the great­est con­cen­tra­tion of mon­ey pow­er under a sin­gle con­trol in his­to­ry.”

Pro­gram High­lights Include: The mur­ders com­mit­ted to cov­er up the exis­tence of the Bor­mann net­work; the mur­ders com­mit­ted to cov­er-up the Bush family’s involve­ment with the Bor­mann net­work; for­mer Gestapo chief Hein­rich Mueller’s dis­cred­it­ing of writer Ladis­las Fara­go; author Ger­ald Posner’s efforts at lead­ing the media charge to dis­cred­it Fara­go; checks writ­ten by Mar­tin Bor­mann on accounts in three demand accounts in New York banks in August of 1967, twen­ty-two years after he sup­pos­ed­ly died.

1. Begin­ning with the gam­bit gen­er­at­ed by Hein­rich Mueller to obscure Bormann’s escape by plant­i­ng a fake Bor­mann corpse in the ruins of Berlin for lat­er dis­cov­ery, the pro­gram notes that Mueller faked his own death. When his “grave” was opened after the war, it was found to con­tain three skele­tons, none of which was Mueller’s. (In FTR#283, we exam­ined indi­ca­tions that Mueller went to work for ele­ments of U.S. intel­li­gence at the end of World War II.) “ . . . Mueller had already ini­ti­at­ed a strat­e­gy of decep­tion to explain his own dis­ap­pear­ance from promi­nent cir­cles in Berlin. The week he slipped out of the Ger­man cap­i­tal, his griev­ing fam­i­ly gath­ered for his ‘funer­al.’ A cof­fin was borne to a ceme­tery where it was buried with appro­pri­ate cer­e­mo­ny. The grave was marked with a head­stone bear­ing the words ‘Our Dear Dad­dy,’ Mueller’s name, his birth­date, and the date of his alleged death in Berlin in 1945. Sev­er­al years fol­low­ing this inci­dent, an edi­tor of a Ger­man news mag­a­zine, act­ing on an informer’s tip gen­er­at­ed by the mas­ter decep­tion­ist Mueller him­self, from South Amer­i­ca, obtained a court order in 1963, and the grave was opened. When the cof­fin in ques­tion was unearthed and opened, the edi­tor and the attend­ing offi­cials found three skele­tons, none remote­ly match­ing Hein­rich Mueller’s short and thick-set mea­sure­ments, or his marked­ly promi­nent fore­head. . . .”
(Mar­tin Bor­mann: Nazi in Exile; Paul Man­ning; Copy­right 1981 [HC]; Lyle Stu­art Inc.; ISBN 0–8184-0309–8; pp. 179; see archived excerpt.)

2. Select­ing two Sach­sen­hausen inmates who bore a phys­i­cal resem­blance to Bor­mann, Mueller arranged to have their den­tal work struc­tured to look like Bormann’s. After their den­tal work had time to “age” appro­pri­ate­ly, the two inmates were killed, and their corpses placed in the rub­ble of Berlin. These were the remains that were used for the DNA “test” that sup­pos­ed­ly proved that Bor­mann was dead. “A decep­tion plan for Bor­mann had been com­plet­ed by Mueller in Berlin. Tops in police work and crafty beyond imag­in­ing, he pro­vid­ed for a match­ing skele­ton and skull, com­plete with iden­ti­cal den­tal work, for future foren­sic experts to pon­der over and to reach con­clu­sions that suit­ed his pur­pose. . . . When Hein­rich Mueller vis­it­ed Sach­sen­hausen he walked through the engrav­ing, print­ing, and doc­u­ment areas look­ing for any inmates who might resem­ble Bor­mann. In one he noticed two indi­vid­u­als who did bear a resem­blance in stature and facial struc­ture to the Reich­sleit­er. He had them placed in sep­a­rate con­fine­ment. There­upon a spe­cial den­tal room was made ready for “treat­ment” of the two men. A par­ty den­tist was brought in to work over and over again on the mouth of each man, until his teeth, real and arti­fi­cial, matched pre­cise­ly the Reichsleiter’s. In April 1945, upon com­ple­tion of these alter­ations, the two vic­tim­ized men were brought to the Kur­fuer­sten­strasse build­ing to be held until need­ed. Dr. Blaschke had advised Mueller to use live inmates to insure a believ­able aging process for den­tures and gums; hence the need for sev­er­al months of prepa­ra­tion. Exact den­tal fideli­ty was to play a major part in the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of Hitler’s body by the invad­ing Rus­sians. It was to be of sig­nif­i­cance in Frank­furt twen­ty-eight years lat­er, when the West Ger­man gov­ern­ment staged a press con­fer­ence to declare that they had ‘found Bormann’s skele­ton prov­ing he had died in Berlin’s freight yards May 1–2, 1945.’ Dr. Hugo Blaschke was the den­tist who had served both Hitler and Bor­mann. . . . In Bormann’s case, the prob­lem was more com­plex, more chal­leng­ing. Yet under Mueller’s skill­ful guid­ance, two bod­ies were plant­ed; their dis­cov­ery was made pos­si­ble when an SS man, act­ing on Mueller’s orders, leaked the infor­ma­tion to a Stern mag­a­zine edi­tor as part of a ploy to “prove” that Bor­mann had died in the Berlin freight yard. The stand-ins for Bor­mann were two unfor­tu­nates from Con­cen­tra­tion Camp Sach­sen­hausen, who had been killed gen­tly in the Gestapo base­ment secret cham­bers with cyanide spray blown from a cig­a­rette lighter (a killing device used lat­er by the KGB in 1957 and 1959 against Lev Rebet and Stephen Ban­dera, two lead­ers of the Ukrain­ian immi­grants in Munich). At Gestapo head­quar­ters, the night of April 30, the bod­ies were tak­en by a spe­cial SS team to the freight yards near the Wei­den­damm Bridge and buried not too deep beneath rub­ble in two dif­fer­ent areas. The Gestapo squad then made a hur­ried retreat from Berlin, join­ing their leader, SS Senior Gen­er­al Hein­rich Mueller, in Flens­burg. The funer­al and bur­ial caper was to be a Mueller trade­mark through­out the years of search­ing for Mar­tin Bor­mann. The Mossad was to point out that they have been wit­ness­es over the years to the exhuma­tion of six skele­tons, two in Berlin and four in South Amer­i­ca, pur­port­ed to be that of Mar­tin Bor­mann. All turned out to be those of oth­ers . . .”
(Ibid.; pp. 180–183; archived excerpt.)

3. Of pri­ma­ry inter­est here is the fact that the Bush family’s involve­ment with Nazi indus­try was pro­found. On August 10, 1944, SS Gen­er­al Dr. Scheid was brief­ing assem­bled indus­tri­al­ists and financiers on behalf of Bor­mann. One of the firms Scheid cit­ed as a com­pa­ny that had been par­tic­u­lar­ly use­ful to Ger­many was the Ham­burg-Ameri­ka Line. The Ham­burg-Ameri­ka Line was part of the Bush family’s busi­ness oper­a­tions on behalf of the Third Reich. “Dr. Scheid also affirmed, ‘The ground must now be laid on the finan­cial lev­el for bor­row­ing con­sid­er­able sums from for­eign coun­tries after the war.’ As an exam­ple of the kind of sup­port that had been most use­ful to Ger­many in the past, Dr. Scheid cit­ed the fact that ‘patents for stain­less steel belonged to the Chem­i­cal Foun­da­tion, Inc. New York, and the Krupp Com­pa­ny of Ger­many, joint­ly, and that of the Unit­ed States Steel Cor­po­ra­tion, Carnegie, Illi­nois, Amer­i­can Steel & Wire, Nation­al Tube, etc., were there­by under an oblig­a­tion to work with the Krupp con­cern.’ He also cit­ed the Zeiss Com­pa­ny, the Leica Com­pa­ny, and the Ham­burg-Ameri­ka line as typ­i­cal firms that had been espe­cial­ly effec­tive in pro­tect­ing Ger­man inter­ests abroad. He gave New York address­es to the twelve men.” (Ibid.; p. 25)

4. When the man­ag­er of the Dutch bank used by the Thyssens and their Amer­i­can busi­ness part­ners the Bush­es attempt­ed to alert the allies about the truth of the Thyssen family’s busi­ness affairs, he died under strange and pre­cip­i­tous cir­cum­stances. This pas­sage and the one that fol­lows are excerpt­ed from FTR#
370, which fur­ther doc­u­ments the rela­tion­ship between the Bush fam­i­ly and the Thyssen inter­ests.
“In 1945, the for­mer Dutch man­ag­er of the Rot­ter­dam bank resumed con­trol only to dis­cov­er that he was sit­ting on a huge pile of hid­den Nazi assets. In 1947, the man­ag­er threat­ened to inform Dutch author­i­ties, and was imme­di­ate­ly fired by the Thyssens. The some­what naïve bank man­ag­er then fled to New York City where he intend­ed to talk to Union Bank direc­tor Prescott Bush. As Gowen’s Dutch source recalled, the man­ag­er intend­ed ‘to reveal [to Prescott Bush] the truth about Baron Hein­rich and the Rot­ter­dam Bank, [in order that] some or all of the Thyssen inter­ests in the Thyssen Group might be seized and con­fis­cat­ed as Ger­man ene­my prop­er­ty. ‘The manager’s body was found in New York two weeks lat­er.”
(“How the Bush Fam­i­ly Made its For­tune from the Nazis” by John Lof­tus; p. 4.)

5. A Dutch jour­nal­ist also expe­ri­enced a sud­den bout of mor­tal­i­ty when he attempt­ed to unearth the truth about the Thyssen-Borne­misza empire, near­ly fifty years after the death of the Dutch bank man­ag­er. “Sim­i­lar­ly, in 1996, a Dutch jour­nal­ist Eddy Roev­er went to Lon­don to inter­view the Baron, who was neigh­bors with Mar­garet Thatch­er. Roever’s body was dis­cov­ered two days lat­er. Per­haps, Gowen remarked dry­ly, it was only a coin­ci­dence that both healthy men had died of heart attacks imme­di­ate­ly after try­ing to uncov­er the truth about the Thyssens.” (Idem.)

6. Author Frank Bran­den­burg learned of the lethal nature of the Bor­mann organization’s ret­ri­bu­tion. When con­tact­ing a Wehrma­cht vet­er­an and Ger­man art expert named Georg Stein, Bran­den­burg car­ried a mes­sage from the Bor­mann net­work, which was expect­ing Stein’s assis­tance in locat­ing the price­less Amber Room. (For more about the search for the Amber Room, see FTR#234.) Bran­den­burg did not car­ry Stein’s mes­sage back to the Bor­mann group. Stein was found mur­dered in a forest–two kitchen knives stuck in his naked corpse. “Frank stood up. ‘Thank you for your time,’ he said, ‘and the infor­ma­tion you have giv­en me. But I must cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly decline any active involve­ment on my part with the activ­i­ties of Mari­bor­sol or you. A year lat­er, Georg Stein was found mur­dered in a for­est near Munich, naked, stabbed to death with two table knives that were still stick in his body.’”
(Quest: Search­ing for the Truth of Ger­many’s Nazi Past, Ib Mel­chior and Frank Bran­den­burg, Pre­sidio Press, copy­right 1990, ISBN 0–89141-397–9, p. 306.)

7. The Bor­mann network’s mem­bers are very aware of the dead­ly nature of the reci­procity that awaits any­one break­ing the offi­cial silence sur­round­ing Bormann’s escape and the fak­ing of his “death” over the years. “ . . . Israeli agents who move too close­ly to these cen­ters of pow­er are elim­i­nat­ed. One such ter­mi­na­tion was Fritz Bauer, for­mer­ly attor­ney gen­er­al for the State of Hesse in Frank­furt, a sur­vivor of Auschwitz and the man who tipped off the Israeli Mossad about the pres­ence of Adolf Eich­mann in Buenos Aires, who was killed on orders of Gen­er­al Mueller. . . .Mueller’s ruth­less­ness even today is what deters Artur Axmann from alter­ing his tes­ti­mo­ny that he saw Bor­mann lying dead on the road­way the night of their escape from the Fuehrerbunker, May 1–2, 1945. The sto­ry had been com­posed by Mueller. To this day, Axmann, the only so-called liv­ing wit­ness to the ‘death’ of Bor­mann in Berlin, knows his life is in jeop­ardy if he revers­es him­self. Gen­er­al Mueller is thor­ough and has a long mem­o­ry, and for a Nazi such as Axmann to go against Mueller’s orig­i­nal direc­tive would make him a trai­tor; ret­ri­bu­tion would sure­ly fol­low. When I ques­tioned one SS man who had once worked close­ly with Mar­tin Bor­mann in South Amer­i­ca about the Axmann tes­ti­mo­ny, he said, ‘Axmann knows Bor­mann is in South Amer­i­ca. I don’t know why he per­sists in lying about the fact.’ He thought a moment, then went on, ‘But per­haps he wants to go on liv­ing, which is rea­son enough.’ . . . ”
Mar­tin Bor­mann: Nazi in Exile; pp. 289–90.)


8. Illus­trat­ing the dif­fi­cul­ty of telling the truth about the Bor­mann net­work, the pro­gram relates the active frus­tra­tion of Paul Manning’s lit­er­ary cru­sade to write about the group. Time after time, inter­ests asso­ci­at­ed with the Thyssens and/or oth­er ele­ments of the Bor­mann net­work direct­ly inter­fered with Paul Manning’s pub­lish­ing con­tracts. [Recall, in this con­text, that the Thyssen inter­ests were heav­i­ly involved with the Bush fam­i­ly over sev­er­al gen­er­a­tions, as we saw in—among oth­er programs—FTR#305.] When Paul Man­ning final­ly did get his book pub­lished by Lyle Stu­art, Mr. Stu­art had both of his legs bro­ken the week of pub­li­ca­tion. (Excerpt­ed from side “A” of FTR#152. The text, in turn, is excerpt­ed from two arti­cles writ­ten by Paul Man­ning him­self, and pub­lished on August 24 and 25 of 1982 by the now-defunct peri­od­i­cal News World. The two-part series was titled “Pub­lish­ing Con­spir­a­cy to Deep Six Bor­mann Book”.)

9. In addi­tion to set­ting forth the block­ing of Paul Manning’s writ­ing about the Bor­mann net­work, the News World excerpts dis­cuss Hein­rich Mueller’s dis­cred­it­ing of author Ladis­las Fara­go, the author of After­math, a 1974 book about Bormann’s escape to Latin Amer­i­ca. Rather than have Fara­go killed, Mueller arranged for dis­in­for­ma­tion to be chan­neled to Fara­go. In turn, the result­ing inac­cu­ra­cies in his book were leaked to the New York Times, which then report­ed them and used the mate­r­i­al to dis­cred­it Fara­go.

10. Excerpt­ing FTR#134, the broad­cast sheds more light on Mueller’s dis­cred­it­ing of Fara­go. Inter­est­ing­ly, and per­haps sig­nif­i­cant­ly, writer Ger­ald Pos­ner was high­ly vis­i­ble in the media attack on Farago’s cred­i­bil­i­ty. Pos­ner has achieved con­sid­er­able noto­ri­ety in con­nec­tion with his lit­er­ary defens­es of the offi­cial [and dis­cred­it­ed] “long nut” the­o­ries of the assas­si­na­tions of both Pres­i­dent Kennedy and Mar­tin Luther King. (The infor­ma­tion about Mueller’s dis­cred­it­ing of Fara­go is excerpt­ed from a let­ter writ­ten in 1981 to William Leonard, then the head of CBS news. Paul Manning’s let­ters to col­leagues can be accessed in FTR#145. The mate­r­i­al about Pos­ner lead­ing the media charge to dis­cred­it Fara­go comes from Unholy Alliance by Peter Lev­en­da [pub­lished in soft­cov­er by Avon Books in 1995].)

11. At Pres­i­dent Har­ry Truman’s request, the FBI began a post­war file on Mar­tin Bor­mann. The file revealed that he had been bank­ing under his own name in for some time. em>In August of 1967, he wrote three checks on demand accounts in New York City. Not bad for some­one who sup­pos­ed­ly died in 1945. “The file revealed that he had been bank­ing under his own name from his office in Ger­many in Deutsche Bank of Buenos Aires since 1941; that he held one joint account with the Argen­tin­ian dic­ta­tor Juan Per­on, and on August 4, 5 and 14, 1967, had writ­ten checks on demand accounts in first Nation­al City Bank (Over­seas Divi­sion) of New York, The Chase Man­hat­tan Bank, and Man­u­fac­tur­ers Hanover Trust Co., all cleared through Deutsche Bank of Buenos Aires.”
(Mar­tin Bor­mann: Nazi in Exile; pp. 205.)

12. The Bor­mann group’s enor­mous influ­ence has led to an effec­tive cov­er-up over the years. The fol­low­ing text pas­sage encap­su­lates the nature of the forces that applied pres­sure to Man­ning and oth­ers, through a com­bi­na­tion of polit­i­cal pres­sure, cor­po­rate influ­ence and [when deemed nec­es­sary] dead­ly force or the threat of it. “. . .were he to emerge, it would embar­rass the gov­ern­ments that assist­ed in his escape, the indus­tri­al and finan­cial lead­ers who ben­e­fit­ed from his acu­men and trans­ferred their cap­i­tal to neu­tral nations in the clos­ing days of World War II, and the busi­ness­men of four con­ti­nents who prof­it­ed from the 750 cor­po­ra­tions he estab­lished through­out the world as depos­i­to­ries of mon­ey, patents, bear­er bonds, and shares in blue chip indus­tries of the Unit­ed States and Europe. . . When I pen­e­trat­ed the silence cloak­ing this sto­ry, after count­less inter­views and labo­ri­ous research in Ger­man and Amer­i­can archives for reveal­ing doc­u­ments of World War II, I knew that the Bor­mann saga of flight cap­i­tal and his escape to South Amer­i­ca was real­ly true. It had been cov­ered up by an unpar­al­leled manip­u­la­tion of pub­lic opin­ion and the media. The clos­er I got to the truth, the more qui­et atten­tion I received from the forces sur­round­ing and pro­tect­ing Mar­tin Bor­mann, and also from those who had a direct inter­est in halt­ing my inves­ti­ga­tion. Over the peri­od of years it took to research this book, I was the object of dili­gent obser­va­tion by squads of Gestapo agents dis­patched from South Amer­i­ca by Gen­er­al ‘Gestapo’ Mul­ller, who directs all secu­ri­ty mat­ters for Mar­tin Bor­mann, Nazi in exile, and his orga­ni­za­tion, the most remark­able busi­ness group any­where in the secret world of today. Mueller’s inter­est in me, an Amer­i­can jour­nal­ist, con­firmed the truth of my many inter­views and my ongo­ing inves­ti­ga­tion. . .There are also those in inter­na­tion­al gov­ern­ment and busi­ness who have attempt­ed to stop my for­ward move­ment on this inves­ti­ga­tion. In Ger­many, France, Eng­land, and the Unit­ed States, too many lead­ers in gov­ern­ment and finance still adhere to Win­ston Churchill’s state­ment to his Cab­i­net in 1943 ‘In wartime, truth is so pre­cious that she should always be attend­ed by a body­guard of lies’ . . .Odd­ly, I encoun­tered less resis­tance from Mar­tin Bor­mann and his aging peers than I did from the cov­er-up groups in West Ger­many, Paris, Lon­don, Wash­ing­ton, and Wall Street.” (Ibid.; pp. 11–12.)


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