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FTR #66 The Truth About So-Called “UFOs”

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Excerpt­ed from a lec­ture enti­tled The Polit­i­cal Impli­ca­tions of The UFO Phe­nom­e­non and the E.T. Myth, this pro­gram presents doc­u­men­ta­tion of the Third Reich’s devel­op­ment of cir­cu­lar fly­ing machines. In the clos­ing months of World War II, Amer­i­can air­men observed strange, cir­cu­lar fly­ing lights in the skies over Europe. (U.S. fliers attack­ing Japan also noticed some of these strange lights.) The “Foo Fight­ers” or “Kraut Balls” as these lights were called by U.S. air­men, were almost cer­tain­ly the vis­i­ble exhaust of advanced Ger­man anti-air­craft devices, which dis­rupt­ed the radar and elec­tron­ics of Allied air­craft. These machines were the appar­ent fore­run­ners of mod­ern UFOs’ cir­cu­lar and uncon­ven­tion­al­ly shaped fly­ing machines that were secret­ly devel­oped in the post World War II peri­od, prob­a­bly uti­liz­ing some of the Ger­man tech­nol­o­gy.


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