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FTR #660 Walkin’ the Snake in the Middle East, Part I: The Von Bolschwing Legacy

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Apply­ing the strate­gies set forth in the Nazi tract Ser­pen­t’s Walk against the back­ground of the recent war in the Mid­dle East, the pro­gram (and FTR #661) sug­gests that we are wit­ness­ing the real­iza­tion of the Nazi ascent that is the book’s foun­da­tion. In addi­tion, the pro­gram presents this devel­op­ment against the back­ground of the ide­ol­o­gy and career of SS man Otto Von Bolschwing, whose pro­tege (Helene Von Damm) select­ed the per­son­nel who have staffed the GOP over the years. The junior play­ers in the Rea­gan admin­is­tra­tions became some of the senior figures–the so-called neo-cons–in the Bush II years. In the pre-World War II peri­od, Von Bolschwing hatched a plan to use Zion­ism as a sort of “glob­al agent-prova­ca­teur” to alien­ate the Arab and Mus­lim worlds, dri­ving them toward align­ment with the Axis pow­ers and giv­ing the fas­cist forces con­trol over the piv­otal petro­le­um resources of the earth island. Hatched in league with Axis sym­pa­thiz­er Ibn Saud (King of Sau­di Ara­bia and the founder of the House of Saud) and Nazi spy Jack Phil­by, Von Bolschwing’s plan entailed lur­ing the British into sup­port­ing Jew­ish emi­gra­tion into the Mid­dle East in order to entice them into erod­ing their own polit­i­cal and diplo­mat­ic sit­u­a­tion in that crit­i­cal part of the world. Uti­liz­ing con­trol over the opin­ion-form­ing media, the Under­ground Reich appears to be real­iz­ing the Von Bolschwing gam­bit and manip­u­lat­ing it in such a way as to dis­cred­it the Unit­ed States (in lieu of Britain) and to demo­nize Israel, with an even­tu­al eye toward its anni­hi­la­tion. (Ser­pen­t’s Walk ends with a pre-emp­tive nuclear strike on israel by a num­ber of coun­tries allied with the Under­ground Reich.)

The pro­gram opens with a quote from al-Taqwa direc­tor, Islamist and neo-Nazi Achmed Huber, in which Huber pre­dicts that pop­u­lar opin­ion about Israel will be changed in the Unit­ed States. Review­ing the Gehlen spy orga­ni­za­tion, the pro­gram high­lights the piv­otal role of that orga­ni­za­tion in the Third Reich’s suc­cess­ful plans to go under­ground. The pro­gram illus­trates that the Gehlen orga­ni­za­tion was the vehi­cle for pro­ject­ing Von Bolschwing into his piv­otal posi­tion in the Unit­ed States, a posi­tion which enabled Von Damm to select the cast of char­ac­ters who have dom­i­nat­ed the Amer­i­can and world polit­i­cal stages for the last sev­er­al decades. After not­ing his influ­ence on the GOP and after detail­ing his 1930’s era plans to manip­u­late Zion­ism to the advan­tage of the Axis pow­ers, the pro­gram notes that Von Bolschwing also con­spired with Axis sym­pa­thiz­ers to ship oil to Nazi Ger­many. One of Von Bolschwing’s allies in that scheme was Nazi sym­pa­thiz­er and per­son­al friend of Hitler J. Paul Get­ty, whose fam­i­ly remained close to Von Bolschwing dur­ing his post­war, Amer­i­can career. The broad­cast con­cludes with dis­cus­sion of links between the Von Bolschwing/Getty milieu and promi­nent Bay Area Democ­rats, includ­ing San Fran­cis­co may­or Gavin New­som and House Speak­er Nan­cy Pelosi. On the oth­er side of the polit­i­cal aisle, Karl Rove’s father [to whom Rove was very close] was the chief geol­o­gist for Get­ty Oil.

Pro­gram High­lights Include: Review of the Cru­sade for Free­dom, the pro­gram that brought Von Bolschwing and oth­er Nazi war crim­i­nals into the GOP; review of the own­er­ship of key media cor­po­ra­tions by the Under­ground Reich and its Arab and Mus­lim Broth­er­hood allies; review of the Gehlen Orga­ni­za­tion’s sta­tus as a pro­jec­tion of the Third Reich’s nation­al secu­ri­ty estab­lish­ment across the Atlantic and through the years; review of the Gehlen Orga­ni­za­tion’s sta­tus as a front for the ODESSA–the post­war SS under­ground.

1. Fol­low­ing the quote from al-Taqwa direc­tor, Islamist and neo-Nazi Achmed Huber, the broad­cast sets forth infor­ma­tion sug­gest­ing that Huber’s pre­dic­tion is actu­al­ly tak­ing place, deci­sive­ly enabled by Under­ground Reich con­trol of the “opin­ion form­ing media” as set forth in the Nazi tract Ser­pen­t’s Walk. For The Record has long pre­sent­ed the case that, like The Turn­er Diaries, a com­pan­ion vol­ume pub­lished by Nation­al Van­guard Books, Ser­pen­t’s Walk is in fact a blue­print and man­i­festo detail­ing Under­ground Reich strat­e­gy for its foot sol­diers.

“The U.S. is the ally of 15 mil­lion Jews against 1.3 bil­lion Mus­lims; it is allied with 5 mil­lion Israelis against 200 mil­lion Arabs. . . We will bring down the Israel lob­by and change for­eign pol­i­cy. We’ll do it in Amer­i­ca. When it hap­pens, you’ll under­stand.”

“Swiss Probe Anti‑U.S. Neo-Nazi”; San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle; 3/12/2002; p. A12.

2. Review­ing the Gehlen spy orga­ni­za­tion, the pro­gram high­lights the piv­otal role of that orga­ni­za­tion in the Third Reich’s suc­cess­ful plans to go under­ground. Von Bolschwing’s entree into the Unit­ed States was enabled by this orga­ni­za­tion, a pro­jec­tion of the Third Reich’s nation­al secu­ri­ty estab­lish­ment across the Atlantic and through the decades.

“William Shir­er closed his 1960 mas­ter­piece, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, with the judg­ment that the Nazi regime “had passed into his­to­ry,“1 but we can­not be so con­fi­dent today. On the con­trary, the evi­dence as of 1990 is that World War II did not end as Shir­er believed it did, That Nazism did not sur­ren­der uncon­di­tion­al­ly and dis­ap­pear, that indeed it finessed a lim­it­ed but cru­cial vic­to­ry over the Allies, a vic­to­ry no less sig­nif­i­cant for hav­ing been kept a secret from all but the few Amer­i­cans who were direct­ly involved. . . . But Mar­tin Bor­mann, who was even more pow­er­ful than Himm­ler, did not accept the premise of the sep­a­rate-peace idea. Bor­mann was an inti­mate of Hitler’s, the deputy fuhrer and the head of the Nazi Par­ty, thus supe­ri­or to Himm­ler in rank. Bor­mann wield­ed addi­tion­al pow­er as Hitler’s link to the indus­tri­al and finan­cial car­tels that ran the Nazi econ­o­my and was par­tic­u­lar­ly close to Her­mann Schmitz, chief exec­u­tive of I.G. Far­ben, the giant chem­i­cal firm that was Nazi Ger­many’s great­est indus­tri­al pow­er. . . With the sup­port of Schmitz, Bor­mann reject­ed Himm­ler’s sep­a­rate-peace strat­e­gy on the ground that it was far too opti­mistic.6 The Allied mil­i­tary advan­tage was too great, Bor­mann believed, for Roo­sevelt to be talked into a sep­a­rate peace. Roo­sevelt, after all, had tak­en the lead in pro­claim­ing the Allies’ demand for Ger­many’s uncon­di­tion­al sur­ren­der and total de-Naz­i­fi­ca­tion. Bor­mann rea­soned, rather, that the Naz­i’s best hope of sur­viv­ing mil­i­tary defeat lay with­in their own resources, chief of which was the cohe­sion of tens of thou­sands of SS men for whom the prospect of sur­ren­der could offer only the gal­lows.

Bor­mann and Schmitz devel­oped a more aggres­sive self-con­tained approach to the prob­lem of the loom­ing mil­i­tary defeat. the cen­tral con­cept of which was that large num­bers of Nazis would have to leave Europe and at least for a time, find places in the world in which to recov­er their strength. . . .

The inter­na­tion­al orga­ni­za­tion cre­at­ed to accom­mo­date Bor­man­n’s plans is most often called ‘The Odessa,’ a Ger­man acronym for ‘Orga­ni­za­tion of Vet­er­ans of the SS.’ It has remained active as a shad­owy pres­ence since the war and may indeed con­sti­tute Nazis­m’s most notable orga­ni­za­tion­al achieve­ment. But we must under­stand that none of Bor­man­n’s, Sko­rzeny’s, and Schacht’s well-laid plans would have stood the least chance of suc­cess had it not been for a final com­po­nent of their orga­ni­za­tion, one not usu­al­ly asso­ci­at­ed with the Odessa at all but very pos­si­bly the linch­pin of the entire project.

This final ele­ment of the Odessa was the so-called Gehlen Orga­ni­za­tion (the Org), the Nazi intel­li­gence sys­tem that sold itself to the U.S. at the end of the war. It was by far the most auda­cious, most crit­i­cal, and most essen­tial part of the entire Odessa under­tak­ing. The lit­er­a­ture on the Odessa and that on the Gehlen Orga­ni­za­tion, how­ev­er, are two dif­fer­ent things. No writer in the field Of Nazi stud­ies has yet explic­it­ly asso­ci­at­ed the two, despite the fact that Gen­er­al Rein­hard Gehlen was tied polit­i­cal­ly as well as per­son­al­ly with Sko­rzeny and Schacht. More­over, Gehlen’s fabled post-war orga­ni­za­tion was in large part staffed by SS Nazis who are pos­i­tive­ly iden­ti­fied with the Odessa, men such as the infa­mous Franz Alfred Six and Emil Augs­burg of the Wannsee Insti­tute. An even more com­pelling rea­son for asso­ci­at­ing Gehlen with the Odessa is that, with­out his orga­ni­za­tion as a screen, the var­i­ous Odessa projects would have been direct­ly exposed to Amer­i­can intel­li­gence. If the Counter Intel­li­gence Corps (CIC) and the Office of Strate­gic Ser­vices (OSS) had not been neu­tral­ized by the Gehlen ploy, the Odessa’s great escape scheme would have been dis­cov­ered and bro­ken up. . . .”

“The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt” by Carl Ogles­by; Covert Action Infor­ma­tion Bul­letin [Fall 1990].

3. Note that Gehlen cleared his oper­a­tions with Admi­ral Von Doenitz [who assumed the offi­cial reins of Nazi com­mand after Hitler’s death] and Gen­er­al Franz Halder, his for­mer chief of staff. This indi­cates that the Ger­man chain of com­mand was still in place while Gehlen was going to work for the U.S.!

” . . . As Gehlen was about to leave for the Unit­ed States, he left a mes­sage for Baun with anoth­er of his top aides, Ger­hard Wes­sel: ‘I am to tell you from Gehlen that he has dis­cussed with [Hitler’s suc­ces­sor Admi­ral Karl] Doenitz and [Gehlen’s supe­ri­or and chief of staff Gen­er­al Franz] Halder the ques­tion of con­tin­u­ing his work with the Amer­i­cans. Both were in agree­ment.’ ”


4. Before detail­ing Otto Von Bolschwing’s con­cept for manip­u­lat­ing Zion­ism as a vehi­cle for alien­at­ing the Arab and Mus­lim worlds and boost­ing Nazi for­tunes, the pro­gram reviews von Bolschwing’s entrance into the coun­try as part of the Gehlen spy orga­ni­za­tion and a par­tic­i­pant in the Cru­sade for Free­dom. Note that this pro­gram paved the way for key Nazis–many of them war criminals–to move into the GOP. Von Bolschwing’s pro­tege Helene Von Damm select­ed the per­son­nel from which Ronald Rea­gan made his cab­i­net appoint­ments. The cast of char­ac­ters who occu­pied the stage dur­ing the Bush admin­is­tra­tions were junior play­ers on the Rea­gan team who moved up the pro­fes­sion­al lad­der. This is a crit­i­cal ele­ment of the Von Bolschwing lega­cy.

5. A key por­tion of the pro­gram deals with Otto von Bolschwing’s cyn­i­cal manip­u­la­tion of Zion­ism as a vehi­cle for alien­at­ing the Arabs and inflam­ing their anger toward the British. In effect, the Jews were being used as “agents prova­ca­teurs,” in order to win the Arabs’ sym­pa­thies over to the Axis. The cen­tral ques­tion to be con­sid­ered here is the extent to which the “neo-con­ser­v­a­tives” [read “Jews”] may have been includ­ed in Von Bolschwing pro­tégé von Damm’s list of Rea­gan appointees in order to scape­goat them at a future time. To what extent are Wol­fowitz & com­pa­ny fall guys for the Under­ground Reich?

“Eich­mann was replaced on the Mid­dle East­ern scene by a far more skilled intel­li­gence offi­cer, Otto Von Bolschwing. Before World War II, Von Bolschwing set up an import-export busi­ness in Pales­tine as a cov­er for his espi­onage ini­tia­tives. He was an edu­cat­ed man from a good fam­i­ly and an enthu­si­as­tic sup­port­er of Hitler. After the war, Von Bolschwing became one of Allen Dulles’s senior agents in the CIA.”

(The Secret War Against the Jews: How West­ern Espi­onage Betrayed the Jew­ish Peo­ple; John Lof­tus and Mark Aarons; Copy­right 1994 [SC]; St. Martin’s Press; ISBN 0–312-15648–0; p. 46.)

6. It should be not­ed that Bush fam­i­ly busi­ness asso­ciate Allen Dulles brought Von Bolschwing to the Unit­ed States. Dulles and British spy (and Nazi dou­ble agent) Jack Phil­by were instru­men­tal in help­ing Ibn Saud estab­lish Sau­di Ara­bia.

“Dulles helped Von Bolschwing emi­grate to Cal­i­for­nia, where he estab­lished a busi­ness asso­ci­a­tion with Helene Von Damm, lat­er Ronald Reagan’s ambas­sador to Aus­tria. In lat­er years, his busi­ness went bank­rupt and he was forced to sur­ren­der his Amer­i­can cit­i­zen­ship on the grounds that he was a Nazi war crim­i­nal. He was just the sort of fel­low to get along well with jack Phil­by. He hat­ed Jews.”


7. “In the 1930’s, Otto Von Bolschwing was a real­ist. He knew full well that the Moslem big­ots would nev­er accept even a token immi­gra­tion of Jews to Pales­tine. Phil­by agreed. After more than a decade of anti-Zion­ist pro­pa­gan­da, qui­et­ly super­vised by the British secret ser­vice, the cli­mate was hard­ly recep­tive toward a home­land for the Jews in the Mid­dle East. Still, there was prof­it to be made in the attempt.”


8. “In any future war, Von Bolschwing said, the sup­port of the Moslem world was essen­tial to Hitler’s plans. Not to men­tion that Phil­by and Ibn Saud could make a healthy prof­it by secret­ly ensur­ing Germany’s sup­ply of oil. Hitler would guar­an­tee that the Moslems received favored sta­tus. Indeed, they lat­er had their own SS divi­sion, raised, iron­i­cal­ly, from among the Bosn­ian-Moslem pop­u­la­tion sub­ject­ed to ‘eth­nic cleans­ing’ by the Serbs and Croats fifty years lat­er.”


9. “The SS divi­sion was per­son­al­ly blessed by Philby’s old friend, the grand mufti of Jerusalem. The mufti had been Hitler’s hon­ored guest and was even tak­en on guid­ed tours of the Nazi death camps. Hitler promised that when Ger­many won the war, he would guar­an­tee that the Arab states would be free of British colo­nial dom­i­na­tion. They would be inde­pen­dent states, and full allies with the Third Reich. All of Philby’s dreams could come to pass. All that was need­ed was a lit­tle push.”


10. “Von Bolschwing’s propo­si­tion was sim­ple. Phil­by should encour­age British sup­port for Zion­ist emi­gra­tion schemes, pen­e­trate the secret nego­ti­a­tions, and then leak them to the press, with the cer­tain knowl­edge of the pop­u­lar dis­con­tent that would result among Moslems. The Arab back­lash to a new British-Zion­ist ini­tia­tive might not dri­ve the region into the arms of the Third Reich, but it would cer­tain­ly keep the oil-pro­duc­ing Arabs ‘neu­tral,’ but actu­al­ly tilt­ing toward the Nazis.”

(Ibid.; pp. 46–47.)

11. “It was no secret that Ibn Saud had more than a lit­tle sym­pa­thy for the Ger­man posi­tion on the Zion­ist issue. His extreme anti-Jew­ish feel­ings were made clear to a British diplo­mat in 1937. The king said his ‘hatred for the Jews’ stemmed from ‘their per­se­cu­tion and rejec­tion’ of Christ and ‘their sub­se­quent rejec­tion’ of Muhammed. Ibn Saud added that ‘for a Mus­lim to kill a Jew [in war], or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him an imme­di­ate entry in Heav­en and into the august pres­ence of God Almighty.”

(Ibid.; p. 47.)

12. “Accord­ing to sev­er­al of our sources, this was one of the aspects of Islam that most appealed to Phil­by. He had all sorts of schemes that could aid the Nazis, who meant busi­ness when it came to the Jews. Our sources say Jack obtained the king’s per­mis­sion to become a dou­ble agent for the Third Reich, pub­licly help­ing the Jews, pri­vate­ly aid­ing the Nazis, always mak­ing a prof­it for the House of Saud and, nat­u­ral­ly, him­self. The scheme appealed to Philby’s clan­des­tine nature. The more he worked to link Britain and Zion­ism pub­licly, the more dam­age he could do to the empire’s posi­tion in the Mid­dle East. . . .”


13. “In fact, the king and Jack were play­ing a nasty lit­tle game with the Jews. Despite their ‘dis­agree­ment’ over the par­ti­tion plan, in ear­ly 1939, Ibn Saud sent Phil­by to Lon­don to be on hand for the Pales­tine Round Table Con­fer­ence. It does seem rather strange that the king would send some­one whose views con­flict­ed so clear­ly with his own. Appar­ent­ly, Philby’s true mis­sion was sab­o­tage.”


14. “In order to set all sides against each oth­er, Phil­by devel­oped his own plan on the Pales­tine ques­tion, which he put to British offi­cials as well as to the Jews and Arabs. In Feb­ru­ary 1939, he had a secret lunch with [Chaim] Weiz­mann and [David] Ben-Guri­on, and intro­duced the Zion­ist lead­ers to Fuad Hamza, Ibn Saud’s long-time for­eign affairs offi­cial. Phil­by offered the Zion­ists sub­stan­tial Jew­ish immi­gra­tion into Pales­tine if they would sup­port the coun­try com­ing under Sau­di dom­i­na­tion.”

(Ibid.; pp. 47–48.)

15. “Weiz­mann was blamed when the ‘secret’ plan was leaked to the press, and there was no fur­ther progress. As will be seen, all of Philby’s schemes with the Zion­ists had a sus­pi­cious habit of com­ing to noth­ing. There is a def­i­nite pat­tern of sab­o­tage, with the Zion­ists as ‘fall guys’ every time. Amaz­ing­ly, the Zion­ists stuck by Phil­by for near­ly five crit­i­cal years, while he treat­ed the game as an auc­tion.”

(Ibid.; p. 48.)

16. Phil­by then con­spired with the Third Reich to try to secure Sau­di oil for Hitler, using Franco’s Spain as a trans-ship­ment point. (Ibid.; p. 51.)

17. In 1940, Phil­by, Ibn Saud, Allen Dulles, Dulles’ broth­er (and law part­ner in the pow­er­ful Sul­li­van & Cromwell firm) and Dil­lon, Read invest­ment pro­fes­sion­als Paul Nitze and James For­re­stall worked a three-way deal in order to secure Sau­di oil for the Third Reich. (Ibid.; pp. 63–64.)

18. Ibn Saud, the Third Reich, Phil­by and the Grand Mufti active­ly con­spired to secure the Mid­dle East for Nazi Ger­many, with Ibn Saud as the head of the “caliphate.” This broad­cast sug­gests that the Von Bolschwing lega­cy entails using Israel/Zionism as “glob­al agent prova­ca­teurs” to secure the Mid­dle East for the Under­ground Reich. (Ibid.; p. 68.)

19. Not­ing that J. Paul Get­ty was one of the oil barons who worked with Phil­by, Von Bolschwing et al to sup­ply oil to the Nazis, the broad­cast high­lights Get­ty’s affil­i­a­tion with Hitler.

“The Tex­an oil bil­lion­aire Jean Paul Get­ty was at the heart of a con­spir­a­cy to pro­vide sup­port to Hitler’s Ger­many ear­ly in the Sec­ond World War, accord­ing to new­ly released intel­li­gence doc­u­ments.

The file links Get­ty to a shad­owy net­work of financiers who sup­plied the Nazis with fuel in defi­ance of a British block­ade and accus­es him of gath­er­ing spies and trai­tors around him at his fash­ion­able Hotel Pierre in New York.

It records that he returned from Berlin in 1939 ‘talk­ing breezi­ly of his old friend Hitler’ and that his busi­ness con­tacts includ­ed Serge Rubin­stein, a noto­ri­ous fraud­ster who ran part of his empire through Lon­don.

The ‘Sus­pect Per­sons’ file pre­pared by the For­eign Office for the Min­istry of Eco­nom­ic War­fare has just been declas­si­fied at the Nation­al Archives at Kew, south-west Lon­don. It appears to be the work of the British Secu­ri­ty Co-ordi­na­tion team in New York, run by William Stephen­son, Churchill’s secret envoy to Pres­i­dent Roo­sevelt, code­named Intre­pid.

He was rumored to be behind the assas­si­na­tion of one of the lead­ing fig­ures in the deal to try to stop it con­tin­u­ing. The dossier was com­piled after the deten­tion in Trinidad in Octo­ber 1941 of the banker who worked for Her­mann Goer­ing, shift­ing Nazi funds out of Europe. He was car­ry­ing $100,000 cash and had anoth­er $1 mil­lion in a South Amer­i­can bank. . . .”

“Get­ty Helped Trai­tors Sell Oil to Hitler” by Peter Day; Dai­ly Tele­graph; 8/25/2003.

20. The Get­ty inter­ests were very close to Otto Von Bolschwing, with J. Paul Get­ty, Jr. being a direc­tor of Von Bolschwing’s TCI firm. (“Ex-Nazi’s Bril­liant U.S. Career Stran­gled in a Web of Lies” by Pete Carey; San Jose Mer­cury News; 11/20/81; pp. 1A-24A.)

21. Not­ing anoth­er part of the Von Bolschwing lega­cy, the pro­gram notes pro­found Get­ty fam­i­ly influ­ence on Bay Area Democ­rats. Judge William New­som was one of Von Bolschwing’s close per­son­al friends and a direc­tor of TCI, Von Bolschwing’s elec­tron­ics firm. His son Gavin New­som is may­or of San Fran­cis­co. (In 2004, New­som ini­ti­at­ed the gay mar­riage pro­gram in San Fran­cis­co, in direct con­tra­ven­tion of Cal­i­for­nia law (under which gay mar­riage was ille­gal). Many key Democ­rats feel that New­som’s actions had much to do with get­ting the Chris­t­ian right to turn out in force for the 2004 elec­tion, there­by mak­ing it close enough for the Repub­li­cans to steal. When inter­viewed about his motives, New­som replied with a George W. Bushi­an smirk. House Speak­er Nan­cy Pelosi is also very close to the Newsom/Getty axis. Again, the Get­tys are VERY close to this bunch, and some mem­bers of the fam­i­ly have per­pet­u­at­ed the reac­tionary fam­i­ly polit­i­cal her­itage. What we may well be see­ing here are “Bor­mann Democ­rats.”

“Belin­da Bar­bara New­som, who was born into one polit­i­cal­ly promi­nent Bay Area fam­i­ly and mar­ried into anoth­er, died Sat­ur­day at their home in San Fran­cis­co at age 73. . . . Ms. New­som, who went by Bar­bara and whose mar­ried name was Pelosi, was the sis­ter-in-law of House Speak­er Nan­cy Pelosi and the aunt of San Fran­cis­co May­or Gavin New­som. . . ‘We were bap­tized Catholic and Demo­c­rat,’ chuck­led [Von Bolschwing friend and busi­ness part­ner] Bill New­som, the retired state appel­late court jus­tice and father of May­or New­som. . . .”

“Belin­da Bar­bara Newsom–Politics Filled Her Life” by Julian Guthrie; San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle; 11/24/2008; p. B3.

22. Flesh­ing out the “Get­ty Axis”–the pro­gram notes that Karl Rove’s father Louis was the head geol­o­gist for Get­ty Oil!

” . . . His [Karl Rove’s] response was: Well, my senior year in high school, my Dad was com­ing home on Christ­mas Eve. He had got­ten a new job, a huge job as the chief geol­o­gist at Get­ty Oil Com­pa­ny in Los Ange­les. We were going to cel­e­brate my birth­day the next day. . . .”

“James Moore Explains Karl Rove, the Archi­tect of Bush’s Mas­ter Plan” [Buz­zflash Inter­view]; Buzzflash.com;9/19/2006.

23. Tack­ling an Inter­net sto­ry that’s made the rounds for the last five years, the pro­gram sets forth alle­ga­tions that Karl Rove has an overt Nazi her­itage. [This turned out to be dis­in­for­ma­tion, as I suspected–D.E.]

” . . . Karl Rove has par­al­lel ties. The shad­owy Rove serves as ‘Bush’s Brain’ in the cur­rent White House. He is the polit­i­cal mas­ter­mind behind the Cal­i­for­nia coup, and is now in the head­lines for out­ing Valerie Plame, the CIA wife of Ambas­sador Joseph Wil­son. A con­sum­mate strate­gist, Rove may have out­ed Plame in retal­i­a­tion for Wilson’s fail­ure to back up the Bush claim that Sad­dam Hus­sein was buy­ing nuclear weapons mate­ri­als in Africa. Accord­ing to some pub­lished reports, as many as sev­en­ty CIA oper­a­tives have been put at risk by Rove’s retal­ia­to­ry strike.

Accord­ing to Wil­son, and to Retired U.S. Navy Lt. Com­man­der Al Mar­tin (www.almartinraw.com), Rove’s grand­fa­ther was Karl Heinz Rover­er, the Gauleit­er of Old­en­burg. Rover­er was Reich-Statthal­ter — Nazi State Par­ty Chair­man — for his region. He was also a part­ner and senior engi­neer in the Rover­er Sud-Deutche Inge­nieur­buro A. G. engi­neer­ing firm, which built the Birke­nau death camp, at which tens of thou­sands of Jews, Gyp­sies, dis­si­dents and oth­er were slaugh­tered en masse. . . . ”

“Fourth Reich? The Bush-Rove-Schwarzeneg­ger Nazi Nexus” by Bob Fitrakis and Har­vey Wasser­man;Coun­ter­punch; 10/6/2003.


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