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Repost: FTR #69 Even MORE Fun With Science: Earthquake Weaponry

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Dur­ing World War II, Win­ston Churchill observed that, in wartime, truth is so pre­cious that it should, at all times, be attend­ed by “a body­guard of lies.” For decades, the Unit­ed States and for­mer U.S.S.R. researched the pos­si­bil­i­ty of manip­u­lat­ing nat­ur­al dis­as­ters, includ­ing earth­quakes, as weapons of mass destruc­tion. This type of weapon­ry was the focus of a treaty between the two super­pow­ers nego­ti­at­ed in the late 1970’s. Yet, despite a grow­ing body of evi­dence that seis­mic weapon­ry may very well be a fact of life in the late 1990’s, offi­cial­dom con­tin­ues to down­play that omi­nous pos­si­bil­i­ty. This pro­gram explores that evi­dence. In addi­tion to exam­in­ing evi­dence of the exis­tence of seis­mic weapons and/or research into such weapons, the seg­ments high­light the research of Niko­la Tes­la, who used mechan­i­cal res­o­nance to cause a small earth­quake in New York City in 1896! After dis­cus­sion of a press con­fer­ence giv­en on April 28, 1997 by Defense Sec­re­tary William S. Cohen, in which he says that “ter­ror­ist nations” are cur­rent­ly devel­op­ing means of trig­ger­ing earth­quakes, vol­canic erup­tions and dis­as­trous weath­er events, the pro­gram reviews some of the his­to­ry of the Cold War research and devel­op­ment of seis­mic weapons. The broad­cast also touch­es on the Japan­ese Aum Shinrikyo’s attempt to use Tesla’s dis­cov­er­ies to devel­op tec­ton­ic weapons and their pro­fessed belief that the Kobe earth­quake was caused by the Unit­ed States


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  1. Do you think the fol­low­ing “drill” is being car­ried out in antic­i­pa­tion of an event like those described in FTR-069?


    It’s going to be a long time ’till Jan­u­ary! And then, I’m not so sure that the new admin­is­tra­tion’s any bet­ter. Thank you for the work you’ve done, and I’m glad to see some of those old series avail­able on your site (such as Richard Nixon’s Great­est Hits, which I orig­i­nal­ly heard back in 94 on Roy of Hol­ly­wood’s show).

    Posted by Jonathan Sellers | November 12, 2008, 4:19 pm
  2. Posted by z | February 23, 2012, 8:27 am
  3. @ “z”–

    Extreme­ly unlike­ly. Sko­rzeny was high­ly rec­og­niz­able and oth­er­wise engaged.

    Vet­er­ans Today is not a cred­i­ble pub­li­ca­tion. It is a far-right, Nazi-linked and overt­ly anti-Semit­ic rag.

    It’s clever–targeting vet­er­ans. It is, how­ev­er, a vir­u­lent­ly fas­cist rag that would have gen­uine util­i­ty if it were print­ed on soft­er paper.


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | February 23, 2012, 10:04 am
  4. @Dave: “It is, how­ev­er, a vir­u­lent­ly fas­cist rag that would have gen­uine util­i­ty if it were print­ed on soft­er paper.” I had to chuck­le at that thought. =) Frankly, I have the same opin­ion about sites such as Occi­den­tal Quar­ter­ly, V‑Dare, and what­ev­er Eric Huf­schmid’s site is called.....all a bunch of dis­in­fo hives whose sole true pur­pose appears to be obfus­ca­tion and shilling for the world crime net­work, and there’s many oth­ers, too.

    I have also heard alle­ga­tions that cer­tain mem­bers of the Roth­schild fam­i­ly are basi­cal­ly set­ting the price of gold in Lon­don every so often. Frankly, I don’t believe it myself, but what do you think? Could there be some truth to this? Or it is just anoth­er piece of well-craft­ed dis­in­fo?
    @ Steven–Read Gold War­riors. Cheers, DE.

    Posted by Steven L. | February 23, 2012, 2:20 pm
  5. @ “Z”: I have to agree with Dave and Steven on that. I looked at the arti­cle from “Vet­er­ans Today”. Just after a brief look, I imme­di­ate­ly noticed that it had the feel­ing and impres­sions of that kind of pro­pa­gan­da that I have seen so often over the web. Just by the way the arti­cle presents the lin­eage from Gehlen to the CIA and the BND is a good exam­ple. The arti­cle says that Gehlen “cre­at­ed” the CIA. Of course, after the excel­lent works of Mae Brus­sel, Dave Emory, John Lof­tus and oth­ers, we know that Gehlen was HIRED by the CIA to con­tin­ue to spy on the Sovi­ets, which is high­ly dif­fer­ent from cre­at­ing it.

    What I am try­ing to say is that truth is in the details. If you got the details wrong, it does­n’t mat­ter whether or not you have the gen­er­al pat­tern. On the ground, things are very com­plex and good researchers must always pay atten­tion to every sin­gle detail.

    The real ques­tion for me is: What inter­est have VT in say­ing that Tes­la was killed by Sko­rzeny? How does it play into their pro­pa­gan­da?

    Posted by Claude | February 23, 2012, 8:02 pm
  6. @Dave: Thanks for the point­er.

    @Claude: I have my ques­tions, as well.

    Posted by Steven L. | February 23, 2012, 8:25 pm
  7. Tes­la, Tesla,da si svo­je znan­je ostavio Srbima nika­da nas djubrad ne bi bom­bar­dovala 1999te jer bi NJIH drza­li MI u saci...steta sto nisi mario za Srbe malo vise...umesto toga bacio si bis­ere pred svin­je

    Posted by ana | March 1, 2012, 1:13 pm
  8. @ ana–

    I decid­ed to post this, although I don’t under­stand what you’re say­ing, oth­er than writ­ing of Niko­la Tes­la.

    The peo­ple who use this site in the U.S. will need Eng­lish trans­la­tions.

    If you can pro­vide those for future posts, it will be wel­come.

    Posted by Dave Emory | March 1, 2012, 2:21 pm
  9. Dave, it looks like a lan­guage from the Balka­ns. Using my nose, I tried the Croa­t­ian lan­guage with Google Trans­late and it gives this. Ser­bian gives some­thing sim­i­lar. If any­one has anoth­er sug­ges­tion, please con­tribute:

    “Tes­la, Tes­la their knowl­edge that you nev­er left us, the Serbs would not have bombed djubrad 1999te because their nation­als at the hands of WE ... too bad that did not care for the Serbs bit more ... instead you throw pearls before swine”

    Posted by Claude | March 1, 2012, 9:10 pm
  10. 4–8‑13 Nature or 21st Cen­tu­ry War­fare?
    “Quake hits near Iran’s nuclear city Bushehr, 37 dead
    By Yeganeh Tor­bati and Mar­cus George | Reuters – 1 hr 45 mins ago”

    Excerpt-DUBAI (Reuters) — A pow­er­ful earth­quake struck close to Iran’s only nuclear pow­er sta­tion on Tues­day, killing 37 peo­ple and injur­ing 850 as it destroyed homes and dev­as­tat­ed two small vil­lages, Iran­ian media report­ed.


    Posted by GK | April 9, 2013, 4:37 pm

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