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FTR #72 More Discussion With Martin A. Lee

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This pro­gram begins with an analy­sis of con­nec­tions between the Rein­hard Gehlen Nazi spy orga­ni­za­tion and Ger­hard Frey, a Ger­man fas­cist who was a major financier of the rise of Russ­ian fas­cist Vladimir Zhiri­novsky. The seg­ments also touch on Nazi agent H. Kei­th Thomp­son’s role as the P.R. per­son for Lee Har­vey Oswald’s moth­er after the assas­si­na­tion of Pres­i­dent Kennedy.

Much of the pro­gram focus­es on the exploita­tion of the issue of immi­gra­tion by neo-fas­cists around the world, as well as sim­i­lar­i­ties between Euro­pean neo-fas­cists and their coun­ter­parts in the Unit­ed States. The broad­cast also high­lights attempts by Amer­i­can fas­cists to appear to be “Chris­tians” or “con­ser­v­a­tives” in order to broad­en their polit­i­cal appeal. One of the most impor­tant points of dis­cus­sion con­cerns the revival of the fas­cist pseu­do-sci­ence of eugen­ics, exem­pli­fied by the main­stream back­ing for and accep­tance of the racist best-sell­er The Bell Curve.


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