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FTR #76 Epilogue To Mary, Ferrie and The Monkey Virus

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In 1995, researcher Ed Haslam pub­lished a remark­able text, in which he high­light­ed con­nec­tions between some of the New Orleans ele­ments of the JFK Assas­si­na­tion milieu and peo­ple doing research into can­cer-caus­ing mon­key virus­es. In turn, this rela­tion­ship may very well be con­nect­ed to a soft-tis­sue can­cer epi­dem­ic cur­rent­ly sweep­ing the Unit­ed States and (con­ceiv­ably) the lab­o­ra­to­ry devel­op­ment of AIDS. (For a detailed descrip­tion of Haslam’s the­sis, explore a 3‑hour inter­view done with Haslam in June of 1996 and two one-hour inter­views with Ed done in June of 1997.) Haslam’s inves­ti­ga­tion cen­ters on the 1964 mur­der of Dr. Mary Sher­man, one of this coun­try’s fore­most can­cer researchers. Hav­ing devel­oped cir­cum­stan­tial evi­dence that Sher­man was work­ing with a lin­ear par­ti­cle accel­er­a­tor in an effort to mutate the car­cino­genic mon­key virus SV40 for the pur­pose of devel­op­ing an anti-can­cer vac­cine, Haslam sup­ple­ments his orig­i­nal work with a bril­liant addi­tion­al chap­ter in which he locates where the accel­er­a­tor was locat­ed and the cir­cum­stances under which it was installed. These two seg­ments con­sist of a com­plete read­ing of Ed’s sup­ple­men­tal chap­ter.


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