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FTR #81 Interview IV with Martin A. Lee

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The fourth of Mr. Emory’s inter­views with Lee (the author of The Beast Reawak­ens [3], hard­cov­er, Lit­tle Brown & Co., copy­right 1997), these seg­ments begin with dis­cus­sion of the re-insti­tu­tion of Nazi ele­ments in the Ger­man Army after World War II and dis­turb­ing signs that the seeds sown at that time are now result­ing in a resur­gence of fas­cism in the Bun­deswehr.

In addi­tion, the broad­cast high­lights Oper­a­tion Stay Behind, a NATO con­tin­gency oper­a­tion to set up anti-com­mu­nist guer­ril­la groups in Europe (see numer­ous pre­vi­ous seg­ments and archive pro­grams on “the Strat­e­gy of Ten­sion” and “Oper­a­tion Glad­io.”)

Oth­er top­ics include: the re-emer­gence of Nazism in Ger­many; the ana­lyt­i­cal com­plex­i­ties of the sub­ject of Amer­i­can and Ger­man agents who belong to fas­cist groups; the career of Amer­i­can fas­cist and U.S. gov­ern­ment agent Roy Frankhouser; the Okla­homa City Bomb­ing; the career of Ger­man fas­cist Andreas Strass­meier; internecine war­fare with­in the Amer­i­can Nazi move­ment; David Duke and his con­nec­tions to the Chris­t­ian Coali­tion and the pro­to-fas­cist ide­ol­o­gy of Pat Robert­son.