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FTR#‘s 1283 & 1284 Interviews #20 and #21 with Jim DiEugenio about JFK Revisited

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“Polit­i­cal language…is designed to make lies sound truth­ful and mur­der respectable, and to give an appear­ance of solid­i­ty to pure wind.”

— George Orwell, 1946



Dr. Jef­frey Sachs “pret­ty con­vinced” Covid came from a U.S. Bio-Lab.

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FTR#1283 This pro­gram was record­ed in one, 60-minute seg­ment.

FTR#1284 This pro­gram was record­ed in one, 60-minute seg­ment.

Intro­duc­tion: This broad­cast con­tin­ues our vis­its with Jim DiEugenio–author of Des­tiny Betrayed and JFK Revis­it­ed–select­ed by Oliv­er Stone to write the screen­play for his lat­est doc­u­men­tary.

We begin with three quick cor­rec­tions: Paul Bleau didn’t say that in the sum­mer of ’63 Oswald applied for jobs for peo­ple who worked for Clay Shaw—they knew Clay Shaw; Yaroslav Stet­sko didn’t become head of the OUN/B fol­low­ing Bandera’s death in ’59—he became head of the OUN/B in ’68; Stet­sko was head of the ABN when Spas Raikin met with Lee Har­vey Oswald; Ander­son Coop­er was not Cok­ie Roberts’ son, he was the son of Glo­ria Van­der­bilt.

1.–Next, we high­light Jef­fer­son Morley’s obser­va­tion that recent release of doc­u­ments by Biden is inadequate—many doc­u­ments remain clas­si­fied, includ­ing many impor­tant ones.

2.–Fol­low­ing dis­cus­sion of Biden’s fail­ure to release key doc­u­ments about the JFK assas­si­na­tion, we recap the dis­cus­sion of Admi­ral Burkley’s aide James Young and his aides Mills and Martinell’s retrieval of mate­r­i­al from the lim­ou­sine: They locat­ed three skull frag­ments which then dis­ap­peared (appar­ent­ly after being giv­en to Dr. Humes); In addi­tion, an intact, bent bul­let that appar­ent­ly hit the met­al rim/lining of the wind­shield, leav­ing a promi­nent inden­ta­tion in it, was discovered—it, too, went miss­ing; We also note the cracked glass pan­el of the wind­shield (like the bullet’s impact­ing against the met­al rim, this dis­proves the War­ren Commission’s the­sis); We emphasize—again—the impor­tance of the visu­al medi­um in the evo­lu­tion of the inquiry (the Zaprud­er film’s show­ing on Ger­al­do Rivera’s show lead to the House Select Com­mit­tee on Assas­si­na­tions) and the crawl at the end of “JFK” lead to for­ma­tion of the ARRB); We also describe the clean­ing up of the lim­ou­sine and its par­tial rebuild­ing in the imme­di­ate after­math of the killing.

3.–Our next major focal point is Jack Ruby: We dis­cuss Ruby’s numer­ous Mob con­nec­tions, and RFK’s role going after Mob; We note Ruby’s net­work­ing with Cuban-con­nect­ed Mobsters—including a vis­it to San­tos Traf­fi­cante in a Cuban prison; We note Ruby’s links to orga­nized crime fig­ure Lewis McWillie; We syn­op­size Trafficante’s con­nec­tions to the assas­si­na­tion, includ­ing the fact that he was among the Mob fig­ures recruit­ed by the Agency to kill Cas­tro; We note Jose Ale­man account of Traf­fi­cante say­ing “No, Jose, he is going to be hit, and a ‘nut’” was going to be recruit­ed for the job, in response to Aleman’s obser­va­tion that JFK would prob­a­bly be reelect­ed; The sub­ject of Ruby’s gun-run­ning is high­light­ed as well; Mr. Emory notes Ruby’s ques­tion to anoth­er FBI infor­mant “Want to go down to Dealey Plaza to see the fire­works?); We also ana­lyze the real pos­si­bil­i­ty that some par­tic­i­pants in killing were told there would be a staged Cuban attempt to kill JFK in order to dri­ve his Cuban pol­i­cy to the right; We note Ruby as FBI infor­mant, as dis­closed by Richard Schweik­er; Curi­ous­ly, there were two horn blasts as Ruby was in the base­ment of Dal­las PD building—one as Oswald emerges into view and one just before Ruby lunges and shoots Oswald; We also touch briefly on spec­u­la­tive con­sid­er­a­tion of Ruby and mind con­trol, as dis­cussed in the book Were We Con­trolled; We review the CIA mind con­trol spe­cial­ist Louis Joly­on West’s vis­it to Ruby in jail; Jim also notes Ruby’s provoca­tive state­ment about cer­tain peo­ple would not allow the truth to come out about why he was in the base­ment of the Dal­las Police head­quar­ters; Ruby’s state­ment (not dis­cussed in JFK Revis­it­ed but accessed in JFK) that “a whole new form of gov­ern­ment is going to take over this coun­try” [“and I know I will not live to see you anoth­er time”]. 

NB: The Yan­kee and Cow­boy War  by Carl Ogles­by is avail­able online. Mr. Emory dis­cussed Jack Ruby’s War­ren Com­mis­sion tes­ti­mo­ny in the dis­cus­sion with Jim DiEu­ge­nio. The book is avail­able HERE. The mate­r­i­al about Ruby is in pages 109–145.

4.–We then high­light the deep pol­i­tics of Mob involve­ment in the assas­si­na­tion and the killing of RFK. Top­ics dis­cussed include: John­ny Rosel­li work­ing with William Har­vey to kill Cas­tro (RFK alert­ed to this by FBI); CIA assur­ing RFK—wrongly—that the plots had stopped); RFK, Jr.’s atten­u­at­ed dis­cus­sion of his father’s killing; Our pre­vi­ous dis­cus­sion from the 25-hour series on Des­tiny Betrayed about RFK wait­ing ‘til he acced­ed to White House to reopen his brother’s mur­der; Roselli’s fate pri­or to Church Com­mit­tee hear­ings (found dis­mem­bered in steel drum float­ing in Bis­cayne Bay); Sirhan’s attor­ney (Grant Coop­er) also rep­re­sent­ing Rosel­li at the time he rail­roads Sirhan into jail—an obvi­ous con­flict of inter­est.  

4.–Next, we dis­cuss the Alliance for Progress: What JFK intend­ed with the pol­i­cy and LBJ’s steer­ing of the pro­gram in a dia­met­ri­cal­ly oppo­site direc­tion.

5.–We con­clude with analy­sis of JFK’s attempts at estab­lish­ing a more bal­anced pol­i­cy toward the Israeli/Palestinian con­flict. Top­ics cov­ered include; JFK’s diplo­mat­ic over­ture to Nass­er, to which the Egypt­ian pres­i­dent was recep­tive; Kennedy’s dis­cus­sions with Israel seek­ing to gain assur­ance that the Dimona nuclear reac­tor was for peace­ful pur­pos­es only.


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