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FTR#‘s 1325 and 1326 “Chokeholds” and the Oswald Impersonators, Parts 1 and 2

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FTR#1325 This pro­gram was record­ed in one, 60-minute seg­ment.

FTR#1326 This pro­gram was record­ed in one, 60-minute seg­ment.

Intro­duc­tion: These pro­grams con­tin­ue pre­sen­ta­tion the legal con­cept of “Choke­holds” on the JFK assassination–dynamics that prove, legal­ly, that there was a con­spir­a­cy.

These do not nec­es­sar­i­ly res­onate pre­cise­ly with aspects of the his­tor­i­cal record, which embraces, but does not delin­eate, prin­ci­ples of law.

In these broad­casts, Jim DiEu­ge­nio, Paul Bleau and Mr. Emory are joined by Matt Crump­ton, one of the con­trib­u­tors to the book, a lawyer and author of a bril­liant chap­ter of the vol­ume deal­ing with the Oswald imper­son­ators.

We con­clude the first broad­cast with a trib­ute to the recent­ly-deceased Cyril Wecht and Dr. William F. Pep­per.

Key Points of Analy­sis and Dis­cus­sion Include: A detailed unpack­ing of the Ralph Yates inci­dent; Yates pick­ing up a hitch­hik­er with “cur­tain rods;” Drops off hitch­hik­er near NTSB; Hitch­hik­er dis­cuss­es pos­si­bil­i­ty of killing Pres­i­dent from a high-rise build­ing; Asked Yates if he knew the President’s motor­cade route; Yates tells FBI; Yates sticks to his sto­ry; FBI com­mits him to men­tal insti­tu­tion; Numer­ous shock ther­a­py treat­ments; He dies eleven years lat­er; Con­tention about the “cur­tain rods”—there was already a sto­ry about how Oswald got the “cur­tain rods/rifle” into the TSBD; Oswald seen run­ning down the back of the TBSD at a time when Oswald was sup­pos­ed­ly on a bus; Sev­er­al wit­ness­es saw this, includ­ing Roger Craig; A “Latin-look­ing” per­son in the car; Oswald often seen in com­pa­ny of Latin; Craig’s “sui­cide;” An “Oswald” seen at the Dobbs House; Exchanged glances with J/D. Tip­pitt; Same man seen by Yates?; Seen at Sports Drome prac­tic­ing shoot­ing; One sight­ing saw him driving—Oswald sup­pos­ed­ly didn’t dri­ve; Once again, some saw “Oswald” in the com­pa­ny of a Latin; ”Oswald” at shoot­ing range near Dal­las con­flicts with WC said Oswald was doing; Dewey Brad­ford saw “LHO” at Morgan’s Gun Store; WC doesn’t inves­ti­gate; At a car deal­er­ship; “LHO” drove very fast; LHO didn’t dri­ve; “LHO” talked about get­ting a car in Rus­sia; Marina’s tes­ti­mo­ny to WC con­flicts with reports of “LHO” at car deal­er­ship; Sergeant Vinson’s account; Plane lands at a dirt airstrip; “LHO” boards plane with a Latin; No dis­cus­sion with oth­er pas­sen­gers; Plane stops at Roswell AFB; Sees air­craft with CIA logo; FBI ask­ing ques­tions about Vin­sons; Vin­son then gets job with SR71 project; Was that so CIA could keep an eye on him?; While Oswald was in USSR, “LHO” buy­ing trucks for Friends of Demo­c­ra­t­ic Cuba; Guy Ban­is­ter co-founds orga­ni­za­tion; Oth­er incor­po­ra­tor of the group also employed Oswald at one point; “LHO” at Red­bird Air­port try­ing to char­ter a pri­vate plane; “LHO” at Texas Employ­ment Com­mis­sion; “LHO” in El Chico restau­rant after real Oswald arrest­ed; License plate trace­able to Carl Math­er; Math­er a nation­al secu­ri­ty oper­a­tive who installed radio on Air Force Two; Math­er tight with J.D. Tip­pitt; “LHO” exit­ing rear of Texas The­ater? “LHO” buy­ing beer and can­dy (!) in Dealey Plaza; “LHO” at Leonard Hutchinson’s gro­cery store try­ing to cash a check; “LHO” chang­ing postal for­ward­ing order in New Orleans; “LHO” apply­ing for job at South­land Hotel garage; Unhinged “LHO” in Wash­ing­ton D.C.; Dis­cus­sion of the pos­si­ble mean­ing of the “unhinged” LHO imper­son­ators; Con­clud­ing with legal analy­sis of why this was a “Choke­hold.”


3 comments for “FTR#‘s 1325 and 1326 “Chokeholds” and the Oswald Impersonators, Parts 1 and 2”

  1. Great work here by Jim and Paul. Won­der­ing if you’ve checked out the extreme­ly detailed research by John Arm­strong? He makes the con­vinc­ing argu­ment that there were at least two men going by the name Lee Har­vey Oswald and that this was like­ly a CIA project dat­ing from the ear­ly 1950s. The two Oswald the­o­ry is men­tioned in detail in Stone’s JFK and made a big impres­sion on me as a kid watch­ing that film. Har­vey and Lee ties up a lot of those loose ends.

    One of Arm­strong’s most impres­sive dis­cov­er­ies is how Ruby got him­self into the DPD garage base­ment just in time to pump bul­lets into Oswald.

    Any­way, your spir­i­tu­al coun­ter­part Len Osan­ic has had John on for extend­ed inter­views so there is no short­age of those, but it would be neat to hear Dave dis­cuss his work with him.

    Posted by Hugh | June 4, 2024, 1:50 pm
  2. @Hugh–

    I have not read the book, which, accord­ing to report, is as good as it is long.

    I cov­er more than the JFK assas­si­na­tion, although that event is inex­tri­ca­bly linked with the larg­er deep polit­i­cal land­scape.

    I have no imme­di­ate plans to cov­er the Arm­strong book.

    I do plan to have Jim and Paul on my Patre­on plat­form at some point in the not too dis­tant future.

    Per­haps they can address the Arm­strong book at greater length.



    Posted by Dave Emory | June 4, 2024, 3:39 pm
  3. ....how many years, pior to Dal­las would be need­ed to make all this happen?....it means a con­spir­a­cy to take JFK or any­one out of need be...after oss and the war, the coun­try was being primed of ussr fear..... I think we have been had from the end of the war....thanks again Dave and all guests of this show....pax

    Posted by Rease Warfield | July 2, 2024, 10:20 am

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