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The Guns of November  

The Guns of November G‑2: The Assassination

Part 1 44:14 (10.2MB) | Part 2 44:42 (10.3MB) | Part 3 43:33 (10MB)
Record­ed Novem­ber 8, 1983 (Approx­i­mate­ly 140 min­utes)

In deal­ing with the actu­al event of Pres­i­dent Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion, Mr. Emory chose to deal pri­mar­i­ly with the cov­er-up of the killing, a crime more dam­ag­ing to our nation­al insti­tu­tions than the actu­al killing itself. The per­ver­sion and/or degra­da­tion of our judi­cial, jour­nal­is­tic, mil­i­tary, eco­nom­ic and intel­li­gence estab­lish­ments that arose out of Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion con­tin­ue to haunt this coun­try.

The pro­gram begins with the sin­gle bul­let the­o­ry, or “mag­ic bul­let the­o­ry,” as crit­ics have termed it. Mid­wived by Arlen Specter (then a War­ren Com­mis­sion Coun­sel, now a Repub­li­can Sen­a­tor from Penn­syl­va­nia), this the­sis main­tains that all the numer­ous non-fatal wounds in Kennedy and Texas Gov­er­nor John Con­nal­ly were made by one bul­let. Cen­tral to the “lone-nut Oswald” find­ing of the War­ren Com­mis­sion, this is not only wrong, but phys­i­cal­ly impos­si­ble.

The pro­gram presents tes­ti­mo­ny from numer­ous eye wit­ness­es describ­ing a shot from the famous “grassy knoll” and sus­pi­cious peo­ple oper­at­ing in that area.

The broad­cast presents accounts from Park­land Hos­pi­tal doc­tors and med­ical per­son­nel which con­trast marked­ly with the offi­cial find­ing. The War­ren Com­mis­sion’s con­tention that Oswald shot Dal­las Police­man J.D. Tip­pit falls apart under scruti­ny. Eye­wit­ness accounts dif­fer with the find­ing of the Com­mis­sion, and there are dis­crep­an­cies in the bal­lis­tic evi­dence, as well.

Next, the pro­gram focus­es on the dis­turb­ing num­ber of sus­pi­cious deaths of peo­ple impor­tant to the inves­ti­ga­tion of Kennedy’s mur­der.

The pro­gram high­lights the role of then Cal­i­for­nia Gov­er­nor Ronald Rea­gan in cov­er­ing up Kennedy’s assas­si­na­tion. The final sec­tion of the broad­cast high­lights the com­plic­i­ty of major media voic­es in dis­sem­i­nat­ing the offi­cial lie con­cern­ing the assas­si­na­tion.

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