Spitfire List Web site and blog of anti-fascist researcher and radio personality Dave Emory.

Using This Web Site

These hints might help you find your way around the materials quickly and easily.

If you have a question not covered here, please contact Spitfire List.

If you know the program number, don’t bother searching for it!

url image

To view a ‘For The Record’ article by program number, the original 1990s naming formula for URLs still works.

Some examples:


You can even leave off the “.html” and the redirect still works.


Other categories:

The Guns of November: http://spitfirelist.com/guns2.html
Anti-fascist Archives (formerly RFA, Radio Free America): http://spitfirelist.com/afa2.html
Miscellaneous Archives: http://spitfirelist.com/misc2.html
Lectures: http://spitfirelist.com/l2.html (That’s a lower case “L” in there.)

There are thousands of links on other sites to articles on SpitfireList using these old URLs, so it was a conscious decision to preserve them.

Browsing Archives

Category MenuOn the Home page, archives for each category are viewable by selecting the appropriate name under the pull-down menu labeled “Departments.”

(FTR archives can also be viewed by clicking the main nav “Posts” link.)

Searching within Categories

In a category archive, there is a “Search this category” field in the right sidebar.

This category search is a great tool.

Audio archive pages

Those long lists of audio links were auto-generated, and then clumped into groups when the big MP3 archive was generously made available by KFJC.

We are still in the process of integrating individual MP3 audio links into each individual post. This is slow going, which is one reason the admittedly cumbersome audio archive pages are there to compensate.

Flash Audio vs RealAudio

In July, 2009, the making of new RealAudio archives was discontinued by WFMU, but they continue to host RealAudio streams for a large number of past Dave Emory programs.

The Flash Audio pop-up is also a WFMU creation, replacing the RealAudio method. These archives are of much better quality than RealAudio and even MP3, but require the Flash plugin for your browser.