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Repost: Interview with Keyenne Brussell About The Mae Brussell Research Center

MP3 Part 1 [1] | Part 2 [2]

In recent years, con­sid­er­able inter­est has devel­oped in the work of Mr. Emory’s friend and col­league, the late Mae Brus­sell.

For the bet­ter part of a decade, Mr. Emory played Mae’s tapes four times a week on KFJC-FM [3] and KKUP-FM [4]–twice a week on each sta­tion. The time slots were specif­i­cal­ly select­ed to be acces­si­ble to work­ing people–a week­day evening and a week­end morn­ing or after­noon. The com­bined sig­nal radii of the two sta­tions stretched from Mon­terey to Berke­ley [Cal­i­for­nia], with the Sil­i­con Val­ley being the main lis­ten­ing area.

She was also a very, very close friend and research col­league of Mr. Emory’s.

This inter­view, con­duct­ed on Decem­ber 15, 1991, is the only pub­lic pro­nounce­ment by the Brus­sell fam­i­ly on the sub­ject of the Mae Brus­sell Research Cen­ter, con­ceived of, and admin­is­tered, by one John Judge, and is their offi­cial stance on the mat­ter. Note that Keyenne was, and is, the sole mem­ber of the Brus­sell fam­i­ly deal­ing with this unfor­tu­nate affair.

Rumors that oth­er mem­bers of the fam­i­ly endorsed Judge’s activ­i­ties in the dis­tant and recent past have been spread by asso­ciates of Mr. Judge and are with­out basis. Judge appar­ent­ly claimed this in an e‑mail he craft­ed before his pass­ing.

Note that this inter­view was part of a longer pro­gram record­ed on that date. 

Since there appears to be con­tin­ued inter­est in some quar­ters about the events in and around the Mae Brus­sell Cen­ter, we present the bal­ance of that pro­gram.

Side A [5]; Side B [6]; Side C [7]; Side D [8]; Side E [9]; Side F [10]


Boyd Rice (left) in his Nazi uni­form. Fer­al House­’s founder–the late Adam Parfrey–was a close friend of Rice’s. Rice named Fer­al House.

Sad­ly, Mae made no pro­vi­sion for man­ag­ing her estate fol­low­ing her death. The crea­tures who have set­tled upon her lega­cy are exem­pli­fied by a severe­ly dis­turbed indi­vid­ual named Dan Right­my­er [12], aka “Alex Con­stan­tine.” [13] 

Nei­ther Right­my­er [12] nor any of the oth­er vul­tures that gath­ered around Mae’s grave did any­thing to sup­port her dur­ing her life­time.

Some points of infor­ma­tion about Right­my­er [12].


Constantine/Rightmyer: “Is this a mag­net I see before me?”