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Achmed Huber on 9/11

Analy­sis: Prob­lem not solved

COMMENT: With the death of Osama bin Laden, much has (of course) been writ­ten about the event. Ana­lyz­ing what it did or did­n’t mean or what will or won’t hap­pen as a result, com­men­ta­tors have ignored some unpleas­ant truths.

A direc­tor of the Bank al-Taqwa, the late Achmed Huber func­tioned as a liai­son between Euro­pean and Amer­i­can fas­cists and Islam­ic fas­cists. In his assess­ment of 9/11 (pre­sent­ed in FTR #601), Huber says the events of, and pur­suant to, 9/11 were the par­tial result of the sym­pa­thies for al-Qae­da held by high-rank­ing Bush admin­is­tra­tion per­son­nel and oth­er well-placed Amer­i­cans.

In par­tic­u­lar, Huber feels that many in high places in this coun­try share his views on Jews and Israel. The analy­sis pre­sent­ed in these broad­casts is in con­cert with Huber’s views. In par­tic­u­lar, FTR #569 and oth­er pro­grams detail­ing the sub­ver­sion of Oper­a­tion Green Quest have revealed polit­i­cal alliances between Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Talat Oth­man and oth­er fig­ures in the Bush admin­is­tra­tion and GOP and the milieu of Bank al-Taqwa.

The point of this post is that Osama was only part of the prob­lem, and not the greater part at that. Rove, Norquist, Oth­man and all the rest are still very much alive and in busi­ness, as are oth­er, as yet unnamed co-con­spir­a­tors.

The Nazi and fas­cist ele­ments that func­tioned as assis­tants to al-Qae­da have yet to be brought to heel.

Fur­ther­more, the rot and cor­rup­tion that engen­dered these indi­vid­u­als has yet to be addressed.

HUBER: . . .  “I have my own idea about 11 Sep­tem­ber. Among Mus­lims it’s a very con­tro­ver­sial debate. Many Mus­lims still believe that the 11th of Sep­tem­ber was orga­nized by the CIA and the Mossad to bring clos­er togeth­er the rela­tion­ship between Israel and the Unit­ed States, and to help make war in the Mid­dle East, and to put under West­ern-Jew­ish con­trol the most impor­tant geo-polit­i­cal zone on earth, which is the Mid­dle East. I believe that 11 Sep­tem­ber, but I have no proof, was orga­nized by Amer­i­can patri­ots, Mus­lims and non-Mus­lims togeth­er with the help of for­eign Mus­lims resid­ing in the Unit­ed States. . . .

. . . .From 1988 to 1998, I was in Amer­i­ca every year, at Islam­ic con­fer­ences. I made big lec­ture tours through the Unit­ed States and I always met three groups of peo­ple at these con­fer­ences. There were Amer­i­can right-wing peo­ple . . . peo­ple who were rather close to the extreme right of the Repub­li­can Par­ty, or oth­er inde­pen­dent right-wing groups. Then [the sec­ond group was] Mus­lims, young Amer­i­can Mus­lim patri­ots, who came from Mus­lim coun­tries. And then [the third group was] the Nation of Islam peo­ple. And these three groups . . . always told me two things. They said, ‘We must free Amer­i­can from Jew­ish-Zion­ist rule.’ And two, ‘Then we must change the for­eign pol­i­cy of the Unit­ed States toward the nation­al inter­ests of the Amer­i­can peo­ple. . . . We must end this Jew­ish-Zion­ist rule over Amer­i­ca.’ And when I asked, them, ‘How will you do it?’ they said, ‘Well, we have friends in very high places and there will be a big bang. It will hap­pen here to wake up the Amer­i­can peo­ple, you know, like Pearl Har­bor.’ Pearl Har­bor was orga­nized by Roo­sevelt and his Jew­ish [advis­ers] to pro­voke Japan to attack Amer­i­ca. Then Hitler would imme­di­ate­ly declare war on Amer­i­ca. It was not Japan—they real­ly want­ed Amer­i­ca to go to war against Ger­many. . . . Then the way was open to make war against Ger­many. And this is what these peo­ple told me. Some­thing sim­i­lar will hap­pen here. They said, ‘You will hear a big bang.’”. . . . (The Ene­my of My Ene­my; by George Michael; Copy­right 2006 by the Uni­ver­si­ty Press of Kansas; ISBN 0–7006-1444–3; p. 236–237.)


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