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Blue Star (Excerpt)

The fol­low­ing is a glimpse into the book Blue Star.

Copy­right: Miri­am Del­i­ca­do 2007

“Most peo­ple who have had direct, phys­i­cal con­tact will choose not to speak pub­licly. They have to be con­cerned about ridicule by the gen­er­al pub­lic.”

“The aliens gave me warn­ings of a pos­si­ble future in which the plan­et and/or the human race could face destruc­tion. They asked me to share with you what role they will play if we are threat­ened as a species or if there is a threat to the Earth itself. It is a peace­ful and pos­i­tive mes­sage.”

“The Tall Blonds are here to help pro­tect the plan­et from out­side forces that may not be known to us at this time.”

“They will not allow it to be com­plete­ly destroyed by us or any oth­er means.”

“They do not claim to be God.” (They stress this point to me and I do in the book as well.)

“If we destroy the plan­et then we ulti­mate­ly change the very exis­tence of all that is.”

“They may make the deci­sion to step in and help the peo­ple of this plan­et if a glob­al event hap­pens that would threat­en the ecosys­tem here on earth.” (The Tall Blond Aliens made it clear to me that this is the only way they will make them­selves known en mass to the world.)

“Oth­ers who have had con­tact with the Tall Blonds, receive mes­sages that are geared towards prepa­ra­tions in the event of a sud­den glob­al change.”

“God, asks to be hum­ble, and claim­ing the pow­er of prophe­cy as a per­son is noth­ing more than van­i­ty. The truth can be seen by any­one who choos­es to look. It does not need to be expressed in per­son­al acclaim. Ques­tion every­thing, and everyone—especially those whose van­i­ty can be seen with your eyes as well as your heart.”

“they have expressed to me the impor­tance of nev­er fol­low­ing any one per­son or any one idea as being the only one. That includes me, and my mes­sages. I ask that you ques­tion every­thing I have told you. They ask that you ques­tion every­thing and exclude noth­ing as being the ulti­mate truth. It is only through this process you will find truth­ful answers.”

My inten­tion in shar­ing the above excerpts was to help you under­stand more of Blue Stars mes­sages. There is a large agen­da going on and you as a per­son search­ing for infor­ma­tion would be wise to edu­cate your­self on all the facts before mak­ing any con­clu­sions.

My expe­ri­ences with the Tall Blond Aliens have been pos­i­tive. I have not been tor­tured or threat­ened to nev­er tell any­one. EDUCATE YOURSELF. What and who should you believe? Your­self! Do not allow your­self to be led with­out ques­tion. This is the cor­ner­stone of the Alien mes­sages. WE, must look after ourselves…they will not be here to “take care of us.” WE must learn to look after this earth and our­selves. They are con­cerned that we are strip­ping the plan­et pf pre­cious resources and want the world to wake up and open their eyes.

May God be with us all.

Those of us who claim to have had phys­i­cal encoun­ters with the Aliens are often being groomed to be ambas­sadors to pass on their mes­sages to the world.

Although to some of you who may have found your way to this web site it may all seem some­what unbe­liev­able but I assure you we are ratio­nal peo­ple from all walks of life.

All any of us ask is for you to stop and lis­ten to our sto­ries. Lis­ten to the most impor­tant mes­sage you will ever hear. Lis­ten to the warn­ings and spir­i­tu­al knowl­edge that we have been blessed enough to receive as we pass it on to you.

If the peo­ple all over the world who claim to have had these expe­ri­ences are actu­al­ly crazy then God help us.

If every­thing we say is the truth and you choose to ignore the mes­sages then God help you.

Now is the time for mankind to unite in the belief and under­stand­ing that we are not alone. We are only guests on this great plan­et Earth. Our world is on the verge of a great change and it is time to pre­pare.


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