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Defense Minister Ishiba Considers Japan’s Options in UFO Attack

by Stu­art Big­gs

Japan’s Defense Min­is­ter Shigeru Ishi­ba is con­sid­er­ing how his Self-Defense Forces could respond to an attack by space aliens while adher­ing to lim­its on mil­i­tary action under the coun­try’s war-renounc­ing Con­sti­tu­tion.

Ishi­ba is the sec­ond Cab­i­net mem­ber to pro­fess his belief in uniden­ti­fied fly­ing objects after Chief Cab­i­net Sec­re­tary Nobu­ta­ka Machimu­ra sug­gest­ed on Dec. 18 they are the only expla­na­tion for “unex­plain­able” things like the Naz­ca Lines, pre-Columbian etch­ings in the desert south of Lima, Peru.

Ishi­ba said yes­ter­day a Japan­ese mil­i­tary response, such as those in the Godzil­la movie series, would require legal review and said he is study­ing ways Japan could deal with an attack. Ishi­ba said his com­ments rep­re­sent a “per­son­al view,” and not Defense Min­istry pol­i­cy, accord­ing to the tran­script of the press con­fer­ence pub­lished on the min­istry’s Web Site.

“There are no grounds for us to deny there are uniden­ti­fied fly­ing objects and some life-form that con­trols them,” Ishi­ba said. “Few dis­cus­sions have been held on what the legal grounds are” for a mil­i­tary response.

Ishi­ba said that, if the aliens arrived in Japan in peace, a mil­i­tary response would not be legal under the terms of Japan’s paci­fist Con­sti­tu­tion. He also said he was con­cerned about com­mu­ni­ca­tion dif­fi­cul­ties if a UFO land­ed.

“If they descend­ed, say­ing ‘Peo­ple of the Earth, let’s make friends,’ it would not be con­sid­ered an urgent, unjust attack on our coun­try,” he said. “How can we con­vey our inten­tions if they don’t under­stand what we are say­ing?”

Japan­ese politi­cians, and the local medi­a’s, recent inter­est in UFOs stems from a par­lia­men­tary ques­tion from oppo­si­tion law­mak­er Ryu­ji Yamane about the gov­ern­men­t’s pol­i­cy on UFOs. The gov­ern­ment is not doing any UFO research or prepar­ing for a response if UFOs fly over Japan, accord­ing to a report by Kyo­do News on Dec 18.

“I haven’t seen one myself,” Japan’s Prime Min­is­ter Yasuo Fuku­da said when asked by reporters about UFOs on Dec. 18.


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