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Gehlen Org Role in 1953 East Berlin Uprising?

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COMMENT: An episode of the ear­ly Cold War (I) was an upris­ing in East Berlin in 1953. At least part of the revolt may have been spurred by Nazi (and CIA) spy­mas­ter Rein­hard Gehlen, about whom we have spo­ken and writ­ten so often.

 The Broth­ers: John Fos­ter Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War by Stephen Kinz­er; St. Mar­t­in’s Grif­fin [SC]; Copy­right 2013 by Stephen Kinz­er; ISBN 978–0‑8050–9497‑9; pp. 141–142.

. . . . Sovi­et offi­cials were most unhap­py at hav­ing had to face this upris­ing. A radio report from East Berlin fixed blame: “The fas­cist putsch was staged on the direct instruc­tion, and under the guid­ance, of Allen Dulles.” There was at least some truth to this.

“Some of the provo­ca­teurs cap­tured by the Com­mu­nist author­i­ties were too well equipped with blue­prints for sab­o­tage to have man­aged the busi­ness alone,” the intel­li­gence his­to­ri­an Andrew Tul­ly has writ­ten.

“Riot­ers had in their pock­ets plans for blow­ing up rail­road bridges and rail­way ter­mi­nals, and detailed floor plans of gov­ern­men­tal build­ings. They had forged food stamps and fake bank drafts to be used to spread con­fu­sion in the food-rationing sys­tem and to dis­rupt East Ger­man bank cred­its. It seemed indis­putable that they were get­ting their espi­onage pay checks from the CIA’s top Ger­man spy . . . Rein­hard Gehlen.” . . . .



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