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German Intelligence, The National Socialist Underground and 9/11


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COMMENT: We’ve cov­ered the neo-Nazi group The Nation­al Social­ist Under­ground and its links to Ger­man intel­li­gence for months.

One of the most sig­nif­i­cant aspects of the case is the fact that pow­er­ful ele­ments with­in the Ger­man gov­ern­ment are going to extra­or­di­nary lengths to eclipse the insti­tu­tion­al con­nec­tions of the group.

Turk­ish media were exclud­ed from being seat­ed at the tri­al of the group, many of whose vic­tims were Turks. In addi­tion, lead­ing Ger­man media were left out of a “raf­fle” to award seat­ing at the tri­al. 

For more than a decade, we’ve exam­ined the 9/11 attacks, the Nazi and fas­cist con­nec­tions to that attack, in par­tic­u­lar.

In our vis­its with Daniel Hop­sick­er, we have not­ed that Mohamed Atta was frat­er­niz­ing with Ger­mans and Aus­tri­ans in South Flori­da, hav­ing been brought into the Unit­ed States (from Ger­many) by the Carl Duis­berg Soci­ety.

Now, Ger­many Watch has pub­lished an intrigu­ing hypoth­e­sis con­cern­ing the mur­ders com­mit­ted by the group and the 9/11 attacks.

Against the back­ground of Ger­man intel­li­gence con­nec­tions to the 9/11 attacks, the sto­ry below notes that mur­ders 2, 3 and 4 occurred in the imme­di­ate run-up to 9/11, the fourth less than two weeks before. 

The Nation­al Social­ist Union then dis­ap­peared from pub­lic view for two years.

The pres­ence of a Ger­man intel­li­gence offi­cer at the scene of one of the mur­ders (who pos­sessed Third Reich doc­u­ments as well as oth­er Nazi para­pher­na­lia) also is worth not­ing, as is the use­ful “amne­sia” (mind con­trol?) of one of the Ger­man police offi­cers shot by the group. 

Of course there are oth­er pos­si­bil­i­ties for the duplic­i­ty on the part of the author­i­ties, how­ev­er the work­ing hypoth­e­sis pre­sent­ed by the Ger­many Watch folks is more than a lit­tle intrigu­ing.

In this con­text, a num­ber 0f things come to mind: 

  • The sup­pos­ed­ly “mod­ern,” “demo­c­ra­t­ic” gov­ern­ment of Mr. Erdo­gan in Turkey is nei­ther, hav­ing evolved from the Al-Taqwa milieu, inex­tri­ca­bly linked with the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, the Under­ground Reich and  9/11.
  • The Turk­ish nation­al­i­ty of many of the vic­tims (includ­ing those killed in the run-up to 9/11) would, there­fore, not exclude the pos­si­bil­i­ty of links with Atta and com­pa­ny.
  • The Atta milieu was inex­tri­ca­bly-linked with “pro­tect­ed” drug-traf­fick­ing net­works. 
  • In FTR #‘s 498 & 499, we exam­ined the links of SICO to 9/11, which are fun­da­men­tal.
  • SICO, in turn, over­laps the Shakarchie A.G. case, a pro­tect­ed drug-traf­fick­ing oper­a­tion involv­ing the use of Turk­ish oper­a­tives and ele­ments of West­ern intel­li­gence. (Shakarchie A.G. over­laps the milieu impli­cat­ed in the shoot­ing of the Pope in May of 1981.)
  • In this con­text, we note that as dis­cussed in FTR #‘s 498 & 499, SICO’s avi­a­tion sub­sidiary trained its pilots at the same air­port served by Rudi Dekkers’ crew–the same drug-smug­gling nexus through which Mohamed Atta and his Ger­man asso­ciates infil­trat­ed the U.S. 
  • We also note the mur­der of a Ger­man intel­li­gence offi­cer (and expert on Islam­ic rad­i­cals and ter­ror­ists ) in Libya in 1994. Sil­van Beck­er had been trans­ferred to research­ing Tamil extrem­ists and had been in Libya, where he and his wife Vera were mur­dered. The war­rant for the arrest of their alleged killer was the first legal war­rant issued for an al-Qae­da oper­a­tive. His alleged killer had the same name as a sus­pect in the first World Trade Cen­ter attack. (The mur­der of Sil­van Beck­er is dis­cussed in FTR#336 as well as FTR #337.) Was Beck­er inves­ti­gat­ing and/or had he come across some of the Ger­man intel­li­gence links to the Locker­bie bomb­ing? Had he not­ed Ger­man intel­li­gence spon­sor­ship of Islamist ter­ror­ists in Ger­many? (We would note in pass­ing, that activ­i­ties such as those engaged in by the 9/11 con­spir­a­tors were LEGAL under Ger­man law at the time, as not­ed in FTR #336.)
  • Beck­er’s mur­der also brings to mind a “back sto­ry” about the 9/11 attacks and the bomb­ing of Pan Am 102 over Locker­bie. In AFA #35, we ana­lyzed the Pan Am 103 bomb­ing, its links to the Iran-Con­tra affair and com­plic­i­ty on the part of ele­ments of the Rea­gan and George H.W. Bush admin­is­tra­tions, as well as their asso­ci­at­ed intel­li­gence offi­cers. The hypoth­e­sis pre­sent­ed there is a com­plex one and the pro­gram was record­ed incre­men­tal­ly before the inter­net age. Lis­ten­ers should be aware that it is a long, detailed analy­sis.
  • One of the ele­ments of note for our pur­pos­es is the report that one or more sus­pects in the Pan Am 103 bomb­ing were oper­at­ing on behalf of the Ver­fas­sung­shutz, Ger­many’s domes­tic intel­li­gence ser­vice. (Again, this is dis­cussed in AFA #35.)
  • As dis­cussed in FTR #336, 9/11 hijack­er Ziad Jar­rah had an uncle who report­ed­ly worked for the Libyan secret ser­vice and was inves­ti­gat­ed for “Stasi” links. (Nat­u­ral­ly, the Wall Street Jour­nal had to bring in the “Com­mie” angle. The Cold War was years over at this point in time.) In this con­text, one should not lose sight of the fact that the Libyan secret ser­vice was put togeth­er by the sup­pos­ed­ly-dead Hein­rich Mueller, using the same SS and Gestapo vet­er­ans whom the CIA/Gehlen nexus had employed to assem­ble the Egypt­ian intel­li­gence ser­vice under Nass­er.) 
  • Return­ing to the sub­ject of Pan Am 103, we not­ed in our analy­sis that the plan­ners of the bomb­ing uti­lized one of U.S. intel­li­gence’s con­trolled drug net­works, know­ing that such a net­work might be an excel­lent way of bring­ing the bomb safe­ly aboard the air­craft.
  • We have come to believe that the Pan Am 103 bomb­ing may very well have been the “oper­a­tional tem­plate” for the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attack­ers were able to uti­lize one of this coun­try’s intel­li­gence-spon­sored drug impor­ta­tion net­works to mask their activ­i­ties. Did the plan­ers of the attack ref­er­ence the Pan Am 103 bomb­ing in this con­text? 
  • In FTR #310, we not­ed that act­ing FBI direc­tor Robert Mueller had proved “less than vig­or­ous” in his pur­suit of the BCCI scan­dal. Not­ing that prop­er inves­ti­ga­tion of the BCCI case would have led to the Bush/Bin Laden fam­i­ly con­nec­tions, we opined that cov­er­ing up that con­nec­tion was of para­mount impor­tance, man­dat­ing the appoint­ment of some­one with a com­pro­mised resume to head the FBI. (We should note that this pro­gram was sev­er­al months BEFORE the 9/11 attacks.)
  • In that same con­text, Robert Mueller also proved “less than vig­or­ous” in his pur­suit of the Pan Am 103 inves­ti­ga­tion. Did his per­for­mance in that case also “assist” in his appoint­ment?
  • We note  in clos­ing that there is a Ger­man link to most of this coun­try’s recent ter­ror­ist inci­dents: the first World Trade Cen­ter attack (the financ­ing came from Ger­man accounts); the Okla­homa City bomb­ing (McVeigh/Nichols’ men­tor appears to have been Andreas Strass­meir, son of Hel­mut Kohl’s chief of staff and grand­son of one of the founders of the NSDAP under Hitler. Check out the resem­blance between “John Doe #2” and Strass­meir); the 9/11 attacks.
  • In turn, these inci­dents have oper­a­tional links with oth­er ter­ror­ist inci­dents, such as the AMIA bomb­ings.

“The Neo-Nazi Show Tri­al And The Tim­ing Of The Mur­ders”; Ger­many Watch; 5/5/2013.

ENTIRE TEXT: The Ger­man show tri­al for the Nation­al Social­ist Under­ground begins this week, after sev­er­al false starts due to the Bavar­i­an Court not want­i­ng inter­est­ed press at the hear­ings (see here).

There is a strange coin­ci­dence to the dates and places;

Mur­ders num­ber 2, 3, 4, and 5;

Mur­der of Abdur­rahim Özü­doğru
On 13 June 2001, Abdur­rahim Özü­doğru was killed by two shots in the head with the same silenced CZ 83 already used in the mur­der of Enver Şimşek. Özü­doğru, who worked as a machin­ist for a big com­pa­ny in Nurem­berg (which com­pa­ny?) had been help­ing out in a tai­lor’s shop; the mur­der was dis­cov­ered by a pass­er-by who looked through the shop win­dow and saw the body sit­ting in the back of the shop, cov­ered in blood.

Mur­der of Süley­man Taşköprü
On 27 June 2001 between 10:45 and 11:15 a.m, Süley­man Taşköprü, aged 31, died in his green­gro­cer’s shop in Ham­burg-Bahren­feld after being shot in the head three times. This was two weeks after the sec­ond mur­der, and the same guns as in the first case were used, a CZ 83 and a 6.35 mm gun.

Mur­der of Habil Kılıç
On 29 August 2001 Habil Kılıç became the fourth vic­tim. Kılıç, aged 38, who was mar­ried and had a daugh­ter, was shot at point-blank range in his green­gro­cer’s shop in Munich-Ramers­dorf. This was the first of two mur­ders in Munich.

The The­o­ry

Are these linked to the 9/11 Ham­burg cell? They all worked shop fronts, which are per­fect for low lev­el intel­li­gence mes­sen­gers, they may have been sup­ply­ing some­thing along the lines of fake ID/paperwork or weapons, or per­haps they were just messengers/couriers for Ger­man intelligence/ the Ham­burg Cell Jihadis. The Ham­burg Cell also fre­quent­ed an extrem­ist mosque in Munich.

Once the 9/11 oper­a­tion was under­way, Ger­man intel­li­gence cleaned house. The “NSU” van­ished for 2 years just a lit­tle over a week before 9/11, with no more linked mur­ders in that 2 year peri­od. Repeat — the last mur­der was just over a week before 9/11, whilst one mur­der was Ham­burg and one was Munich. If the NSU mur­ders were nor­mal far right extrem­ists send­ing a mes­sage to asy­lum seek­ers, where’s the mes­sage? There was none.

So, then two and a half years lat­er in Ros­tock-Toiten­winkel, 25 Feb­ru­ary 2004, between 10:10 and 10:20, Mehmet Turgut was shot three times in the head and neck with a silenced CZ 83 and died instan­ta­neous­ly. Turgut, who had been liv­ing ille­gal­ly in Ham­burg, was in Ros­tock on a vis­it and had been asked by an acquain­tance to open up a don­er kebab shop that day. He was clear­ly tar­get­ed and enticed to be there that day and time. That is NOT a ran­dom far right killing.

Because of Turgut’s link to Ham­burg, Ros­tock police made the con­nec­tion to the third vic­tim, Süley­man Taşköprü, thus estab­lish­ing the term don­er mur­ders. 

On 6 April 2006, just two days after the mur­der of Mehmet Kubaşık, Halit Yoz­gat became the last vic­tim of the mur­der series. Yoz­gat, who ran an inter­net café in Kas­sel, Hesse, was also shot in the head with a silenced gun. On the occa­sion of this mur­der an agent of the Hes­s­ian Office for the BfV Pro­tec­tion of the Con­sti­tu­tion was present. The agent claimed first to have left the premis­es short­ly before the mur­der, but lat­er changed his state­ment when pre­sent­ed with evi­dence of wit­ness­es who had seen him present when the mur­der hap­pened. His involve­ment with the case gave rise to sus­pi­cions that a Ger­man agency might be linked to the mur­ders.

When this BfV offi­cer was inves­ti­gat­ed, var­i­ous Nazi para­pher­na­lia was present in his apart­ment, includ­ing some doc­u­ments from the Third Reich, though it is not pub­licly known what these docs referred to. Is he real­ly a Nazi, or is that being used to make out he is an extrem­ist infil­tra­tor of Ger­man intel­li­gence — that he was linked to the mur­der through his Nazi affil­i­ates, rather than being present at the mur­der BECAUSE he was work­ing for Ger­man intel­li­gence??

Either way, it looks an awful lot like these mur­ders are Ger­man intel­li­gence clean­ing house, and the places and dates may sug­gest it is because the mur­der vic­tims were involved in the organisation/recruitment/planning of 9/11 with the Ham­burg Cell — know­ing­ly or unknow­ing­ly (think­ing they were doing their duty for Ger­man intel­li­gence?).

On 25 April 2007 Police offi­cer Michèle Kiesewet­ter and her duty-part­ner were attacked dur­ing their lunch break. Kiesewet­ter was killed and her part­ner was crit­i­cal­ly wound­ed but sur­vived with no mem­o­ry of the attack (of course). While in the oth­er cas­es the motive is assumed to be xeno­pho­bia and/or racism, it is unclear why Kiesewet­ter and her part­ner were attacked; the­o­ries include a vari­ety of motives, such as a per­son­al link between Kiesewet­ter and the alleged per­pe­tra­tors who all came from Thuringia, or the acqui­si­tion of firearms. The duty-pis­tols of Kiesewet­ter and her part­ner were found on 4 Novem­ber 2011 at the car­a­van where Böhn­hardt and Mund­los were sui­cid­ed, giv­ing rise to the belief that this attack was linked to the NSU.

Of course, its more like­ly that as the motive in the Police mur­der was not xeno­pho­bia, the pre­vi­ous mur­ders were not either. In which case, did these cops stum­ble on some­thing they should­n’t have in a seem­ing­ly unre­lat­ed inves­ti­ga­tion?

They had to be silenced.

The whole way through, this has been cov­ered up, until Beate is the last woman stand­ing, with every­one else dead or suf­fer­ing amne­sia. This is clas­sic house clean­ing, and Ger­man intel­li­gence have tak­en such a risk with it, that it can only be cov­er­ing some­thing mas­sive — like the Ham­burg Cell link back to Ger­man intel­li­gence.

Could these peo­ple have sup­plied evi­dence point­ing at Ger­many being the hand behind 9/11?


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  1. And here is a pro­file of “The last Woman Stand­ing”–

    I won­der what her defense team found in “dis­cov­ery”. Con­sid­er­ing the sup­pres­sion of Turks and jour­nal­ists in the lead-up to the tri­al, it’s unlike­ly that intel­li­gence con­nec­tions will come out:


    ‘Nazi Bride’ case high­lights ris­ing influ­ence of women in Ger­many’s far-right move­ment
    By Andy Eckardt, Pro­duc­er, NBC News


    Ger­man Police via Reuters Beate Zschaepe, 38, is accused of com­plic­i­ty in the mur­der of eight eth­nic Turks, a Greek and a police­woman, two bomb­ings and 15 bank rob­beries. She has been described as “Ger­many’s most dan­ger­ous neo-Nazi.“MAINZ, Ger­many — Dubbed the “Nazi Bride,” Beate Zschaepe has become the face of right-wing mil­i­tan­cy in Ger­many.

    The 38-year-old woman is alleged­ly the sole sur­viv­ing mem­ber of the Nation­al Social­ist Under­ground, a neo-Nazi ter­ror cell accused of a sev­en-year racist killing spree.

    On Mon­day, Zschaepe will go on tri­al accused of com­plic­i­ty in the mur­der of eight eth­nic Turks, a Greek and a police­woman, two bomb­ings and 15 bank rob­beries.

    But she is alleged to be far more than just the taga­long lover of the far-right gang’s leader.

    Ger­man fed­er­al pros­e­cu­tor Wolf­gang Range alleges that Zschaepe gave the ter­ror cell “the appear­ance of legal­i­ty and nor­mal­cy towards the out­side.”

    Ger­man Police via Reuters Nation­al Social­ist Under­ground mem­ber Uwe Boehn­hardt was found dead after a bun­gled armed rob­bery in Novem­ber 2011.Speaking to Der Spiegel mag­a­zine, Range added: “I am con­vinced that she was­n’t just an acces­so­ry or mere­ly a com­pan­ion, but was in fact act­ing on the same lev­el as the oth­ers.”

    Zschaepe and two alleged accom­plices, who took their own lives, have been described by Range as a “uni­fied killing com­man­do” respon­si­ble for a series of exe­cu­tion-style mur­ders.

    Zschaepe’s case will spot­light the increas­ing­ly promi­nent role that women are play­ing in the neo-Nazi scene. In par­tic­u­lar, they have been gain­ing influ­ence in Ger­man far-right pol­i­tics.

    Sta­tis­tics sug­gest near­ly 20 per­cent of exec­u­tives in Ger­many’s extrem­ist NPD par­ty are women, which is a high­er per­cent­age than in many small­er main­stream par­ties.

    “Women are increas­ing­ly tak­ing cen­ter stage in the far-right scene,” said Michaela Koet­tig, a pro­fes­sor for social work at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sci­ences in Frank­furt. “They are fill­ing impor­tant posi­tions after being ful­ly social­ized by the scene.”

    Up to 40 far-right wom­en’s orga­ni­za­tions alone have been estab­lished since 2000, accord­ing to Koet­tig.

    “Like their male com­rades, women from the extreme right are also vio­lent and ful­ly polit­i­cal­ly moti­vat­ed in their actions,” said Koet­tig, who has been con­duct­ing research on far-right extrem­ism for the past 20 years.

    Over­all, the Ger­man gov­ern­men­t’s domes­tic intel­li­gence agency esti­mates that there are more than 22,000 active mem­bers in the coun­try’s right-wing scene, includ­ing 9,800 vio­lent extrem­ists. Sta­tis­tics on the exact num­ber of female sup­port­ers do not exist.

    Zschaepe, who has been brand­ed “Ger­many’s most dan­ger­ous neo-Nazi,” has so far kept silent. Pros­e­cu­tors hope that she will tes­ti­fy dur­ing her tri­al, which could run for more than a year in Munich.

    If found guilty, Zschaepe faces life in prison.

    Zschaepe’s alleged accom­plices, Uwe Mund­los and Uwe Boen­hardt, were found dead fol­low­ing a bun­gled armed rob­bery in Novem­ber 2011. Zschaepe turned her­self in to police three days lat­er.

    The Ger­man intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty came under fire for fail­ing to detect the group and was accused of being blind on the “right eye,” sug­gest­ing that the agen­cies had ded­i­cat­ed too much of their atten­tion to left-wing extrem­ism and Islamists instead.

    Ger­man Police via Reuters Uwe Mund­los was the third mem­ber of the Nation­al Social­ist Under­ground, accord­ing to Ger­man authorities.Investigators had focused on the vic­tims’ poten­tial links to the local crime scene and to for­eign crim­i­nal orga­ni­za­tions, while neglect­ing a pos­si­ble far-right motive in the killings, which occurred between 2000 and 2007.

    Chan­cel­lor Angela Merkel has pub­licly apol­o­gized to the fam­i­lies of the mur­der vic­tims.

    Ger­man offi­cials now warn that right-wing extrem­ists are try­ing to con­ceal their true iden­ti­ties in order to gain a foothold in Ger­man soci­ety.

    In its annu­al report, the Bavar­i­an Office for the Pro­tec­tion of the Con­sti­tu­tion, an intel­li­gence agency in this south­ern Ger­man state, high­light­ed that neo-Nazi groups are dis­guis­ing their orga­ni­za­tions to recruit new mem­bers and spread right-wing ide­ol­o­gy.

    “We do not see a wide­spread infil­tra­tion into civ­il soci­ety yet, but right-wing groups and the far-right NPD par­ty are invest­ing a lot of time and mon­ey to mask their ide­ol­o­gy, to set up a facade,” said Markus Schae­fert, spokesman for the Bavar­i­an intel­li­gence ser­vice.

    In the city of Fuerth, neo-Nazis this year launched a so-called “cit­i­zens’ ini­tia­tive” called “Soziales Fuerth” — or “social Fuerth” — which is aimed at cre­at­ing the image of an orga­ni­za­tion that cares for the needs and con­cerns of local res­i­dents.

    The web­site promi­nent­ly dis­plays the face of a young blond-haired child with blue eyes. Its logo fea­tures the slo­gan “out of love for the peo­ple and the home­land.”

    Accord­ing to the lat­est intel­li­gence report, these new so-called “social ini­tia­tives” are fol­low­ing “the strat­e­gy to draw atten­tion to issues on the lev­el of local pol­i­tics and to present them­selves as an elec­table alter­na­tive.”

    Such groups are turn­ing to social media and sites such as Face­book to mask their ide­olo­gies.

    But even more wor­ry­ing are the groups’ strate­gies to influ­ence young peo­ple as ear­ly as pos­si­ble, experts say.

    “As there is mount­ing polit­i­cal and social pres­sure towards the neo-Nazi scene and the right-wing NPD par­ty, the extrem­ists, who them­selves are often par­ents with young chil­dren, are try­ing to ingrain [them­selves] in soci­ety,” said Win­friede Scheiber, head of the intel­li­gence ser­vice in the east­ern Ger­man state of Bran­den­burg.

    Experts say that neo-Nazis are using com­mu­ni­ty facil­i­ties to reach ado­les­cents and young chil­dren, seek­ing to influ­ence their think­ing at an ear­ly stage in life, or to even recruit them.

    “We are wor­ried about the devel­op­ment that moms and dads with right-wing ide­olo­gies are increas­ing­ly tak­ing up duties in kinder­gartens, nurs­ing homes or sports clubs,” Schreiber added.

    Koet­tig, the social work pro­fes­sor, said such extrem­ists “stay incon­spic­u­ous at first and then, once they play a lead­ing role in sports clubs or have become mem­bers of their school’s par­ents’ asso­ci­a­tion, grad­u­al­ly intro­duce their ide­ol­o­gy.”

    Reuters con­tributed to this report.

    Posted by Swamp | May 10, 2013, 9:11 am
  2. “In the best case the com­pre­hen­sive fail­ure of many of those involved result­ed from sim­ple lack of inter­est,” the pan­el said in its 1,895-page report. But so many mis­takes were made that one might even be jus­ti­fied in sus­pect­ing “delib­er­ate sab­o­tage.”:

    Hunt for Ger­man neo-Nazis was ‘com­plete dis­as­ter’
    Asso­ci­at­ed Press
    By FRANK JORDANS August 21, 2014 1:38 PM

    BERLIN (AP) — Police and secu­ri­ty ser­vices in Ger­many’s east­ern state of Thuringia bun­gled the hunt for three neo-Nazis, who years lat­er turned out to be the main sus­pects in a far-right mur­der spree, accord­ing to an offi­cial report pub­lished Thurs­day.

    A pan­el of law­mak­ers in the state assem­bly exam­ined thou­sands of case files and inter­viewed dozens of for­mer inves­ti­ga­tors, con­clud­ing that efforts to find the fugi­tive trio between 1998 and 2003 were a “com­plete dis­as­ter.”

    “In the best case the com­pre­hen­sive fail­ure of many of those involved result­ed from sim­ple lack of inter­est,” the pan­el said in its 1,895-page report. But so many mis­takes were made that one might even be jus­ti­fied in sus­pect­ing “delib­er­ate sab­o­tage.”

    The neo-Nazi group, call­ing itself Nation­al Social­ist Under­ground, alleged­ly killed eight Turks, a Greek and a police­woman between 2000 and 2007. It is also believed to be behind two bomb­ings and 15 bank rob­beries. The group’s sole sur­vivor, Beate Zschaepe, and four alleged sup­port­ers are cur­rent­ly on tri­al in Munich.

    Zschaepe and her erst­while accom­plices, Uwe Mund­los and Uwe Boen­hardt, grew up in Thuringia and first came into con­tact with the far-right scene there.

    The report lists a string of errors by inves­ti­ga­tors who failed to fol­low up leads that could have led to their arrest, begin­ning with the fact that police did­n’t start search­ing for the trio until six hours after find­ing explo­sives in a garage rent­ed by Zschaepe in the Thuringian city of Jena in Jan­u­ary 1998.

    Oth­er mis­takes includ­ed not prop­er­ly inves­ti­gat­ing a list found in the garage that con­tained the names and phone num­bers of the group’s con­tacts — as well as police infor­mants.


    Posted by Pterrafractyl | August 25, 2014, 12:27 pm

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