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GMO’s, The Underground Reich, Genetic Engineering and the Lessons of the AIDS Epidemic


COMMENT: Look­ing ahead to what fig­ures to be a very, very dark future, we feel com­pelled to revis­it some key aspects of the AIDS epi­dem­ic, in light of the alarm­ing pro­lif­er­a­tion of genet­i­cal­ly-mod­i­fied organ­isms. Human­i­ty has failed bad­ly in its approach to the dis­ease, ignor­ing the evi­dence that it was delib­er­ate­ly cre­at­ed.

In FTR #606, we encap­su­lat­ed infor­ma­tion about AIDS [2] col­lat­ed over more than a quar­ter of a cen­tu­ry, dove­tail­ing that with indi­ca­tions that the boil­er-plate research on the dis­ease may track back to the Third Reich and its min­ions hired by the U.S. under Project Paper­clip. We sup­ple­ment­ed this in FTR #682 [3].

In that pro­gram, we made a num­ber of key points that should be revis­it­ed in the con­text of genet­i­cal­ly-mod­i­fied organ­isms and their rapid pro­lif­er­a­tion:

 “Top US Health­care Giant: GMOs Are Dev­as­tat­ing Health” by Antho­ny Guc­cia­r­di [Nat­u­ral­So­ci­ety]; Read­er Sup­port­ed News; 11/28/2012. [10]

Just days after a lead­ing genet­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied organ­ism (GMO) researcher spoke out against GMOs and how many pro-GMO ‘sci­en­tists’ are in bed with Mon­san­to or car­ry their own GMO patents, the largest man­aged health­care provider in the Unit­ed States is now pub­licly speak­ing out against GMOs. In a recent newslet­ter, the Kaiser Per­ma­nente com­pa­ny dis­cussed the numer­ous dan­gers of GMOs in a recent newslet­ter and how to avoid them.

Explain­ing how GM ingre­di­ents have been linked to tumors and organ dam­age in rats in the only life­long rat study avail­able, the newslet­ter high­light­ed how the only real long- term research indi­cates that GMOs are a seri­ous health dan­ger. The newslet­ter, which you can view here, states:

“Despite what the biotech indus­try might say, there is lit­tle research on the long-term effects of GMOs on human health. Inde­pen­dent research has found sev­er­al vari­eties of GMO corn caused organ dam­age in rats. Oth­er stud­ies have found that GMOs may lead to an inabil­i­ty in ani­mals to repro­duce.” . . .