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Golden Lily Veterans Involved with 1965 Indonesian Coup

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“A nation of sheep will beget a gov­ern­ment of wolves.”–Edward R. Mur­row

COMMENT: The “Deep Pol­i­tics” detailed by the bril­liant Berke­ley pro­fes­sor Peter Dale Scott in his opus Amer­i­can War Machine  set forth the involve­ment Japan­ese war crim­i­nals Sasakawa Ryoichi and Kodama Yoshio in the Indone­sian coup of 1965. That epic blood­let­ting saw the engi­neers of the event kill a mil­lion peo­ple (some put the toll as high as three mil­lion.)

Per­haps the most com­pre­hen­sive of Scot­t’s analy­ses of the deep polit­i­cal forces dri­ving this coun­try and the world, Amer­i­can War Machine cleans­es the per­cep­tion of 20th and 21st cen­tu­ry U.S. machi­na­tions, reveal­ing deeply dis­turb­ing pat­terns of over­lap­ping law-break­ing and war mak­ing gam­bits dri­ving nation­al pol­i­cy.

In addi­tion to being prime movers behind the Uni­fi­ca­tion Church, Sasakawa Ryoichi and Kodama Yoshio were lynch­pins of the per­pet­u­a­tion of the oper­a­tional foun­da­tion of Japan­ese fas­cism under the aus­pices of the LDP in the post­war peri­od.

(The activ­i­ties of Sasakawa Ryoichi and Kodama Yoshio are chron­i­cled in–among oth­er pro­grams–FTR#‘s 428451, 1142, and 1175.)

Amer­i­can War Machine: Deep Pol­i­tics, the CIA Glob­al Drug Con­nec­tion, and the Road to Afghanistan by Peter Dale Scott; Row­man & Lit­tle­field [HC]; Copy­right 2010 by Row­man & Lit­tle­field; ISBN 978–0‑7425–5594‑5; p. 170.

. . . . The over­throw of demo­c­ra­t­i­cal­ly elect­ed Indone­sian Pres­i­dent Sukarno in 1965 was achieved in part by covert assis­tance through Lock­heed Cor­po­ra­tion pay­offs and in part by the inter­ven­tion of Sasakawa Ryoichi, a CIA agent of influ­ence, along with his friend Kodama Yoshio, with the yakuza of Japan. Sasakawa and Kodama were also recip­i­ents of Lock­heed pay­offs facil­i­tat­ed part­ly by Deak & Com­pa­ny and part­ly on the scene by Shig Kataya­ma, whose ID Corp. in the Cay­man Islands con­duct­ed mys­te­ri­ous busi­ness trans­ac­tions with [OSS and CIA offi­cer Paul] Helliwell’s Cas­tle Bank. . . .


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