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Good Evening Mr. Bush! I’ll Be Your Server Tonight!

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Good Evening, Mr. Bush! I’ll Be Your Server Tonight!

COMMENT: Exemplifying the grotesque, orgiastic hagiography to which the media have been subjecting us since George H.W. Bush died is a reputed conversation between the dying George H.W. Bush and Dubya, as reported by James Baker. After speaking to other offspring and relatives, the dying Poppy reportedly spoke with Shrub, who allegedly said: “I’ll see you in Heaven, Dad!” Supposedly, Poppy spoke no more before going on to his Eternal Reward.

If, in fact, such a rendezvous does take place, we do not expect it to occur in the Celestial Hereafter.

We have extensively covered not only George H.W. Bush but the entire blood-soaked family, from Poppy’s Nazi-backing progenitors to Dubya, who bequeathed us two wars and a depression.

This benighted society’s obsessive mantra decrying what it labels “conspiracy theory” has blinded us to the decisive reality of covert operations as a pivotal element of society, as well as sanctioning the categorizing of various fascist conspiracy theories alongside established historical events.

In connection with the late, departed George H.W. Bush, we noted many things, in many posts and programs over the years including:

  • In FTR #’s 361 and 370 we highlighted that he came from a family inextricably linked with the financing of Adolf Hitler.
  • In FTR #’s 273, and 435, we highlighted the relationship between the Bush family and the fundamental elements of the remarkable and deadly Bormann flight capital organization.
  • In numerous programs and posts, we have chronicled George H.W. Bush’s profound relationship with the Nazi wing of the GOP.
  • “Poppy’s” exploits also include his apparent involvement in the assassination of J.F.K. and its cover-up. He was the head of CIA when the House Select Committee on Assassinations operational.
  • CIA headquarters is named for him.
  • In FTR #244, among other programs, we highlighted his role in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.
  • In AFA #19, we noted Bush’s involvement with the assassination of Orlando Letelier and Operation Condor. ” . . . . In addition to discussion of Skorzeny’s weapons deals, the program highlights Skorzeny’s creation of an ‘International Fascista.’ Joining together European and Latin American fascists, this Fascist International is the milieu within which Gelli, Delle Chiaie and their ilk existed and operated. Particular emphasis is on ‘Operation Condor,’ an international assassination consortium among Latin American fascist dictatorships. Aided by elements of U.S. intelligence, Operation Condor claimed, among other victims, Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier, assassinated in Washington D.C. with the apparent connivance of George Bush’s CIA. Operation Condor was distinguished by attempts at blaming the killings on the left, much like the provocations of the Strategy of Tension. . . .”
  • In FTR #’s 896, 897, 898 and 899–among other programs–we highlighted Bush’s involvement in the setting up of the Iranian mullahs to succeed the Shah, thereby helping to destabilize Jimmy Carter’s presidency, setting up an anti-Communist government on the U.S.S.R.’s Southern flank.
  • In FTR #214–among other programs–we chronicled how George H.W. Bush and the CIA concocted the phony oil shortage, helping to destabilize Jimmy Carter and providing the pretext for the Reagan military build-up. That military build-up was supposedly necessary to counteract an impending (and in fact nonexistent) Soviet invasion of the Middle East. It ultimately led to a tripling of the national debt.
  • In FTR #715, among other programs, we underscored George H.W. Bush’s installation of Team B, to inflate the alleged Soviet military threat in direct contradiction of the CIA’s own analysis. 
  • The overlapping Iran-Contra scandal and the Iraqgate scandal illuminate “the real George Bush.” In FTR #248, among other programs, we noted that both operations were realized by the networks set up to counter terrorism, which became the Vice President’s personal intelligence service.
  • In AFA programs #’s 29-34, we highlighted the Iran-Contra affair and Bush’s participation in same. Having headed a task force allegedly formed to combat terrorism, there is evidence that he instead used his position to assist drug trafficking. The Bush/Iran-Contra drug trafficking has been discussed in numerous other shows, including FTR #503.
  • Bush’s Vice President’s Task Force on Financial Deregulation led directly to the savings and loan debacle, and part of that affair appears to have been a deliberate attempt to loot the S & L’s in order to channel funds to the Contra support effort. This was highlighted in Miscellaneous Archive Show M43, and Pete Brewton’s remarkable book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.
  • Bush and his son are inextricably linked with the Saudi intelligence and power establishments, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and the financial milieu of the Bin Laden family. Poppy ran the Afghan mujahadin, which morphed directly into Al-Qaeda. As discussed in FTR #465, among other programs: “ . . . . More to the point, now, in the Afghanistan War, Vice President Bush’s interests and Osama bin Laden’s converged. In using bin Laden’s Arab Afghans as proxy warriors against the Soviets, Bush advocated a policy that was fully in line with American interests at that time. But he did not consider the long-term implications of supporting a network of Islamic fundamentalist rebels. . . . . Specifically, as Vice President in the mid-eighties, Bush supported aiding the mujahideen in Afghanistan through the Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK) or Services Offices, which sent money and fighters to the Afghan resistance in Peshawar. ‘Bush was in charge of the covert operations that supported the MAK,’ says John Loftus, a Justice Department official in the eighties. ‘They were essentially hiring a terrorist to fight terrorism. . . . Cofounded by Osama bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam, the MAK was the precursor to bin Laden’s global terrorist network, Al Qaeda. It sent money and fighters to the Afghan resistance in Peshawar, Pakistan, and even the United States to bring thousands of warriors to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union. The MAK was later linked to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York through an office in Brooklyn known as the Al-Kifah Refugee Center. It is not clear how much contact he had with bin Laden, but Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheikh,’ who masterminded the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, also appeared in Peshawar on occasion. . . . ”



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